Kubota Tractor – Clutch or Brake?

When using or operating a Kubota tractor, it is important to familiarise yourself with the layout of the instrument or control panel and know what the various colour controls indicate and what the various mechanisms operating the tractor actually do.

There are a number of controls of the Kubota tractor that determines how to start and stop and drive the tractor, and the operator or driver should be aware of these prior to commencement of the use of the Kubota tractor.

This is important from a safety point of view, because in the event of the driver operator of the Kubota tractor having to make judgements in a fast moving or hazardous situation, they need to be able to react by instinct to an extent. To be able to do this they need to know what the various instruments on the Kubota tractor actually do.

Controls on the Kubota tractor will be colour-coded if the tractor is relatively new. Older models of a Kubota tractor may not be colour-coded in which case the operator will need to familiarise themselves more carefully with what they actually do.

It is also helpful to talk in a general way about the direction in which the controls move when operating a Kubota tractor.

As a general rule, similar to most automobiles, when engaging a break in the Kubota tractor there are two options. When engaging a foot break, the pedal is pushed down. When engaging a handbrake, the lever is pulled.

If there is a foot clutch, this may be unfamiliar to people who are used to driving an automobile or other type of vehicle which will be automatic. As such special care they need to be taken of a Kubota tractor. A clutch is disengaged when it is pushed down, and engaged when the foot is released and the pedal let up.

The other important area of direction of controls on a Kubota tractor concerns the various controls that operate any attachment or implement that may be part of the tractors operating mechanism. In this event it is important to refer to the specific model of Kubota tractor, as well as the type of attachment or implement that is to be used.

The driver or operator of the Kubota tractor should be fully aware of the direction the control needed in order to lift or lower a particular attachment, as well as the direction needed to pull up or push away any movement of the implement.

An understanding of the direction needed for the controls on a Kubota tractor is important, as much of it will be done by instinct wanted becomes established in the mind of the driver or operator of the Kubota tractor.