Kubota BX 2360

The Kubota BX 2360 is a tractor in the BX series that Kubota make and is one of their smaller tractor is, but mother tractor in the category normally associated with gardenor small tractors.Kubota described its usage is described in kubotakubota.net as being for a rural lifestyle.

This can mean a number of things but is aimed primarily at people who have small farms and possibly larger grounds maintenance. People who need a tractor to do general agricultural duties but don’t need a heavy duty industrial machines. The Kubota BX 2360 comes with a number of standard Kubota appliances and features.

The Kubota BX 2360 is powered by Kubota as standard diesel engine debuts with all their tractors. Diesel engines recognise as generally being more powerful and Kubota estimates that there diesel engines use on average between 20 and 30% less fuel than typical gas engine.

The other advantage of a Kubota diesel engine is that they are on the whole require less maintenance. It is also not necessary to remove fuel when the tractor isn’t being used for long periods of time stop this is especially useful when the tractors individually used at certain times of year and stored at other times of the year.

This means that the fuel tank doesn’t have to be drained when it isn’t going to be used and can be left. The Kubota BX 2360 is a 23 hp engine, and comes as standard four-wheel drive. Being a four-wheel-drive tractor is pretty essential for most types of work and gives the Kubota BX 2360 a distinct edge on other competitors.

The Kubota BX 2360 comes with a number of implements that have to be bought as optional extras. The tractor itself has a three-point each which is hydraulically controlled and allows these implements to be fitted in a relatively easy and safe manner.

The operator control unit has access to a quarter inch fouls which means it has increments of a quarter of an inch at the lower link end which allowances implements to be controlled much more easily. Often when attaching and detaching implements they need to be done very slowly and very carefully and this quarter inch valve allows very small movements to be controlled.

BX 2060 has a reverse air flow radiator situated in the middle of the tractor rather than at the front of the tractor. This is standard on most Kubota BX tractors. It has two main advantages. One is that it keeps the area in the middle of the tractor much cooler, which is where the driver or operator of the tractor situated.

The other advantage is that the air is drawn to the front of the engine and as such helps to stop the engine from overheating.

As already mentioned the 2360 is power steered and its power steering is hydrostatic. This makes the driving and manoeuvring of the tractor much easier especially in fairly tight or small spaces. This is actually really important because it helps prevent fatigue and tiredness with the operator. Using a tractor will normally involve a fair level of stress, and the operator is quite likely to be in the tractor for a reasonable period of time, normally longer than you were so shaped with simple garden maintenance work.

Kubotakubota.net writes about the importance of having comfort and manoeuvrability both inside the tractor and outside is really important. The BX 2360 has a well thought out and designed interior operator control, with a high level of comfort and space. It has a fairly sturdy reclining high back seat.. 2360 also comes with cruise control as standard.