Kubota V 1305 parts

Kubota V 1305 parts

Finding spare parts for the Kubota 05 series diesel engine may require a bit of research, but there is a huge stack of information available online, and a wide range of different parts for the Kubota V1305 engine and associated sets.

Apart from the engine spare parts, parts are available for the cylinder head gasket, turbochargers, water pumps, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel lines, filters, bearings and seals, belts, starters, automated as and senders and switches

Kubota V1305 engine


V1505 -T-E3B-KEA-1FP Engine

Many people choose to replace the engine completely, which can come at a cost of around US$ 6000.

The rated power for this V1305 engine is 33.0kw @3000rpm. Some of its key features are that the emissions comply with all EPA interim tier4 emission regulations, and with EU stage 3A requirements. There is the addition of a closed breather system which helps the power output to be cleaner and quieter than it otherwise would be.

The V1305 engine has an emission regulation of interim tier 4/stage 3A, and is a vertical for cycle liquid cooled diesel engine. It has four cylinders and its combustion system is that of IDI. The intake system is turbocharged, and has a maximum speed of 3000rpm.

Kubota V1305 Parts – Water Pump

KU – 16259 -73032

The water pump is another popular part that often needs to be replaced on a wide range of Kubota tractors, and can normally be obtained for around US $200