Kubota Tractor Safety – Tractor Hazards

It is important to realise, given that most tractors are used on some type of farm or agricultural or industrial land that could be classified under the term farm, that a farm is a workplace and is very susceptible to workplace related injuries for a wide variety of reasons.

Farms are notoriously difficult to regulate in terms of health and safety legislation and procedures, simply by nature of the type of environment and the type of work that is done on a farm.

For this reason it is important to realise that understanding Kubota tractor hazards are an important feature of keeping a farm environment safe, and protecting both the operative of the Kubota tractor and other people who may be in a position whereby to be affected by any accident or incident involving a Kubota tractor.

It is estimated in the United States, that nearly one third of all fatalities and accidents that occur on farms relate to tractors generally. There are four main areas of hazard that can apply to any type of tractor, and Kubota tractors are well placed to be used in a safe and productive manner.

The four main types of tractor hazard are overturns, run overs, Power takeoff entanglements, and the dangers associated with older Kubota tractors, and generally older tractors including antique tractors.

Kubota tractor safety issues

Overturning a Kubota tractor is perhaps the most common and major hazard that can be faced by anyone driving or using a Kubota tractor.

It is estimated that about half of all fatalities connected with tractors on farms generally come from overturning. This can involve a tractor turning on its side, or falling or turning backwards.

Most of these accidents are preventable with a number of basic safety protocols are carried out when driving a Kubota tractor, most of which are really common sense.

It is also important to stress when driving a Kubota tractor that the operator or operative should never be under the influence of any alcohol or any type of drug, prescribed or otherwise.

Whilst this may seem obvious, there might be pressures that might make someone cut corners on this type of protocol.

If the driver or operator of a Kubota tractor is under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, then their judgement is likely to be impaired, often significantl,

This will inevitably affect their judgement in certain areas, and this could significantly impact on their safe driving or not of a Kubota tractor.