Used kubota tractors – what to look for

Kubota are probably best known for their range of sub compact and compact tractors, such as the Kubota BX series of tractors and the Kubota B series.

They also make ta5ctors for the larger industrial and agricultural end of the market , such as the Kubota L series of tractors, and the Kubota M series of tractors.

The reason this matters is because before you even begin to think of what type of used Kubota tractor you want to buy, you want to decide want you want to use it for.

The type of work and the type of land will pretty much determine what type of used Kubota tractor or agricultural machinery you want to buy.

Its not always a perfect fit, and different tractors can often do the same work, but Kubota categorizes its tractor and rtv range by the type of work they do, so its a good place to start.

Risks of buying a used Kubota tractor

Its sensible to acknowledge that there are risks when buying a used tractor, just as there are actually when buying a new tractor, but they are different risks.

Knowing what they are allows you to make a valued judgment as to what is involved in buying such a tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor warranties

Any new used Kubota tractor will have a warranty, and possibly additional benefits from a dealership, like free servicing etc.

When buying a used Kubota , its really important to check what the terms and conditions of the original warranty were as well as the dealership terms and conditions.

Once you have that information you can check if the warranty is transferable when sold.

The dealership warranty of a Used Kubota tractor, may be transferable, bot possible not, so worth checking.

The original Kubota warranty should be transferable, so long as it is still valid, and the Kubota tractor has been serviced and maintained in line with the terms of the warranty.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to have been serviced by a Kubota dealer, but it will probably mean that newer used Kubota tractor parts and spares will have had to be used.

This is more difficult to check with a non Kubota dealership, but is still possible.

Beware of what is called the grey market, where a Kubota tractor is imported from another country, possibly Japan, to the United States, where its unlikely the original warranty would still be valid.

Used Kubota Tractors and safety regulations and requirements

Used Kubota tractors certainly have an anecdotal record of being pretty safe, and they are certainly built to fairly exacting standards.

When buying a used Kubota tractor, check that it complies with whatever regulations are in existence at the time you are buying it, both in terms of state and/or country.

If the Kubota tractor has been imported, then it may not fully comply, or if the regulations have changed in between the years it was built and resale, then that could invalidate it.

This is necessary for your own safety, but also for any potential employers or public liability concerns or issues that may arise.