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Used Kubota Tractors – garden tractor or lawn tractor


Used Kubota tractors

​Used Kubota Tractors – garden tractor or lawn tractor

Research published recently in the magazine Horticulture looks at the question of what is the distinction between a lawn tractor and a garden tractor.

The research asks the question is there really a distinction, and if so is it a valid one.

The two terms have both been developed by different tractor manufactures, with Kubota emerging as one the most reliable ant trusted brands using the terms.

The reason the question is important is because both garden tractor and lawn tractor have implications in terms of how people think of their own lawn or garden, and which tractor they might subsequently buy.

Also the research looks at the question of whether the term tractor in the context of lawn tractor or a garden tractor is really helpful.

Most people identify tractors as heavy agricultural machines used on farms and for big construction work.

True as that is, compact tractors used in large gardens and home based land smallholdings are an invaluable asset to many people.

This research is particularly relevant to Kubota tractors, which have emerged as one of the leading names in compact tractors in the last few years.

People perceptions of what a garden tractor or lawn tractor is will play a big part in their own research as to what to buy, as well as their own ultimate purchasing decision.

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Weir-Jimerson Karen : Horticulture, 01/05/2006, Vol 103, Issue 4, p84/86

Garden Tractor, Lawn Tractor

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Used Kubota Tractor – Compact BX Series BX 1860

Kubota are one of the most trusted manufacturers of compact tractors on the market today, and their BX range of compact tractors are highly sought after.

The used kubots tractor BX range is sometimes described as a mix or range between a 4wd and a garden tractor.

Being a compact tractor means it is small in size but has big capabilities, depending on what you want it to do.

The secret to buying a used kubota tractor is to decide firstly what you want to do with it.

Deciding on its use will allow you to evaluate the different models available, before deciding which one is most suitable for your needs.

The used Kubota Bx series has four compact tractors in it ranging from eighteen horsepower engines to twenty five and a half horsepower engines.

Used Kubota Tractors – Compact BX Series BX1860

These models are the BX1860, the BX 2360, The BX2660 and the BX 25.

The BX1860 has an eighteen hp diesel three cylinder engine,designed to work really well for most mainstream gardening and mowing jobs.

The used Kubota tractor BX 1860 has hydrostatic power steering, standard on all the Kubota BX range of compact tractors.

Similar in away to power steering on a car, invaluable when you actually are spending a long time using the machine.

People think of the benefits from a user point of view, which are considerable, but there are also real benefits to the wear and tear of the engine, and keeping the engine in good shape.

The used Kubota BX1860 like all the BX range has a really comfortable high back seat, which is also a reclining seat.

People tend to assume tractor seats and cabins are slightly uncomfortable and stuffy, because that is how tractors were built years ago, but not true today.

Kubota used tractors especially recognize that people spend a fair while sitting in these machines and have made them as comfortable as possible.

The radiator of the used kubota tractor BX1860 is situated in the middle of the tractor, rather than at the front, which allows for the tractor as well as the person using it, to stay cooler than would otherwise be the case.

It also has the added benefit of helping to stop grass getting in the radiator grill.

The used Kubota tractor BX1860 also has bright halogen headlights which are really effective when using the tractor in poor visibility, or when the light is bad, but it also makes the tractor look really cool, which is also really important.