Kubota V1903 Engine Specs

Kubota V1903 Parts – New and Aftermarket

The Kubota V1903 engine is a vertical, liquid cooled, 4 stroke, 4 cylinder diesel engine, with a displacement of 85 cu in. It has a gross power ouput of 41 hp, and a net of 39 hp, with a maximum speed of 3000 rpm. Its dimensions are : length 25.7 in, width 19.8 in, height 26.7 in,, with a net weight of approx 397 lbs.

The main parts of the V1903 engine that may need replacing at some time are listed below. They may need replacing either through some type of mechanical breakdown or damage, or simply as part of routine maintenance over a period of time.

With all Kubota Engines it is important to check what emission regulation thet comply with, normally either Tier 4 or Tier 2. It is also important to check its intake system – many are naturally aspirated.

Parts can normally be obtained either from Kubota itself, or from a third party supplier.

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