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Kubota B2150 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota B2150

The Kubota B2150 is a B series compact utility tractor, first produced in about 1998, and was in production for roughly eight or nine years.

It has a 1.2 litre, 4 cylinder diesel engine, with a power output of 24 hp, and  a PTO of approx 18/20 hp. It has a fuel capacity of just under 7.5 gallons.

It has hydrostatic transmission, power steering and a wet disc braking sysytem.

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A Kubota bx 2360 is one of a wide range of Kubota tractors that Kubota make that have a wide range of capabilities and different types of usage.

The type of work, and the type of land that the Kubota bx 2360 is to be used for very quite widely.

However there are a number of safety precautions that can be taken that can significantly enhance the safety of the K.ubota bx 2360.

Much of the safety operation concerning a Kubota bx 2360 is based on real-life experience concerning accidents and occurrences with tractors generally and an understanding of what the main risks are when using a Kubota bx 2360.

It is important for the operator of a Kubota bx 2360 to familiarise themselves with the layout of the control panel and instrument panel. This is true whether they have used this make and model of Kubota bx 2360 tractor or whether or not they are new to it. This more than anything is an issue about confidence.

Kubota BX 2360

However experienced the operator of a Kubota bx 2360 is, it is important that they feel comfortable when using the specific type of tractor that they are driving.

It is important for the operator of any tractor to be able to instinctively know what controls are available to them, where the controls are, and especially to do in order to stop the machine or Kubota bx 2360 tractor in the event of an emergency.

It is also important when using a Kubota bx 2360 to have an awareness of the environment outside the Kubota bx 2360 tractor. The target environment refers both to people and to materials that could effectively be discharged towards other people within any environment, or could potentially damage the operation or machinery of the Kubota bx 2360 tractor itself.

It is also important that all Kubota tractors have an ROPS fitted as standard. Virtually all new Kubota bx 2360 tractors will have one fitted, but it may be that some older models do not.

If any reason you have a Kubota bx 2360 that does not have an ROPS fitted as standard then make sure that you have your tractor modified by a valid Kubota bx 2360 dealer to ensure that one is fitted.It is probably, along with having a seatbelt fitted to the tractor, the most important piece of safety advice that can be given.

The other important piece of safety advice when operating or driving a Kubota bx 2360 tractor is to be very cautious when using the tractor on uneven ground especially on slopes.

There is a real danger that is often not fully appreciated when using a tractor, of the Kubota bx 2360 tractor tilting over backwards because it is being used on uneven ground or land. It is also inadvisable to drive a Kubota bx 2360 tractor backwards for any reason.


A Kubota service manual refers to one of three possible manuals that will be accompany the purchase of a new Kubota tractor or piece of agricultural machinery. The three Kubota manuals relate to the operation of the tractor, the maintenance of the tractor and the service of the tractor.

The Kubota service manual may come as a separate manual in its own right, or as part of a combined manual with the other two. If you buy a new Kubota tractor from a Kubota dealer and sometimes when purchasing a used Kubota tractor from a Kubota dealer, the Kubota dealer should be able to provide you with a current or up-to-date Kubota service manual for the make and model of the Kubota tractor that you’re buying.I

f you are purchasing a used Kubota tractor or a second-hand Kubota tractor then it is much more hit and miss whether you will get a copy of the Kubota service manual with the tractor when you buy it. If you buy a used Kubota tractor and it comes with a Kubota service manual, depending on the age of the tractor, the Kubota service manual is likely to be older than a current version.

Kubota service manual

It is always a good idea to use the most up-to-date version of the Kubota service manual that is available. In this event it is always a good idea to contact a Kubota dealer or go online to the Kubota website for the country where you live and see if you can obtain the most current up-to-date version of the Kubota service manual.If you purchase a Kubota tractor online via a site such as eBay, then it is much more difficult to tell about the state of the tractor, and the type of work and the type of land that the Kubota tractor has been used in.

In this event having access to a Kubota service manual is even more important.The logistics of servicing and maintaining a Kubota service tractor vary widely depending upon who uses it, whether you will be doing your own servicing and maintenance, or whether it will needed to be transported back to a Kubota dealer have servicing and maintenance work done.

In any event a Kubota service will recommend a wide range of standardised and recommended procedures from Kubota regarding both standard maintenance and recommended practices for dealing with any problems that may occur.

A Kubota service manual should also have a troubleshooting section as well as a section devoted to any problems that may occur. If you are unable to obtain a current Kubota service manual, it is was a good idea go online to a tractor forum and either see if you can obtain a Kubota service manual there, and ask for any specific advice that you may require regarding your situation.

Kubota Compact Tractors : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota make a wide range of different size tractors and agricultural machines, and have an established reputation for their tractors being known as compact tractors.

The idea of a compact tractor was in many ways symbolised by Kubota owing to their need to produce powerful but small tractors for use in Japan, where Kubota originated as a company.

Kubota compact tractors can refer to their series of Kubota B tractors, Kubota BX tractors.

There are a number of important safety protocols to observe when operating any of the range of Kubota compact tractors, to do with the operation of the Kubota compact tractor itself as well as the awareness and behaviour of the operative of the tractor as well.

When operating a Kubota it is important to read the operator’s manual and the instructions concerning any attachments that might be used or fitted to Kubota compact tractor.

Kubota Compact Tractors

The operative of any Kubota compact tractor should make sure that their clothing is appropriate when driving or operating tractor. This is primarily that they should wear clothing that is well fitted and belted, such as a boiler suit or similar apparel.

The operative of a Kubota compact tractor should avoid wearing any loose clothing or ill fitting clothing. The reason for this is very simple.

Any operative of a Kubota compact tractor that is wearing inappropriate clothing could get it caught in the machinery of the Kubota compact tractor and risked serious or even fatal damage to themselves as an individual as well as potentially damaging the operation of the Kubota compact tractor unit they manage to avoid damaging themselves.

When operating a Kubota compact tractor it is also important to recognise the safety of the environment where the Kubota compact tractor is to be used.

This primarily means making sure that there are no children or pets or other animals in the vicinity at all. Children especially, can be very inquisitive, and there are a number of reported accidents occurring where children have simply wandered into the vicinity where a tractor is being used, and the operator has failed to see them and subsequently injured the children or other people.

It is also important when using a Kubota compact tractor to make sure that the land that the Kubota compact tractor is to be used on is as clear as possible from any type of rubbish or debris could injure a passerby, or cause damage to the Kubota compact tractor itself.

This is not always possible, but the ground should be cleared of things that can be seen such as wires, rocks, bottles, cans etc.


Kubota dealers are the primary source of buying a new and sometimes second-hand Kubota tractor or garden tractor or Kubota garden mower or other type of Kubota piece of agricultural equipment or excavator.

Having a sense of trust in a Kubota dealer is really important as buying a piece of Kubota agricultural equipment or Kubota tractor is a long-term investment.

A Kubota dealer will be involved both in the initial purchase of the Kubota tractor or digger, and will also be involved in issues concerning servicing, maintenance, transportation, possibly Kubota credit etc.

There should not be any particular reason to distrust the Kubota dealer, but often the mindset of buying a piece of agricultural equipment or a tractor is similar to that of buying a new or used automobile, or car.

There can sometimes be a natural suspicion that either you are not getting the best possible deal, or that there is something wrong with the Kubota tractor if you’re buying a used or second-hand one.

Kubota dealer

A Kubota dealer will have a vested interest in helping a potential client feel safe and comfortable with the purchase of the Kubota tractor that they are making. In one sense this is true of any type of dealership of any vehicle.

Perhaps the difference with a Kubota dealer, is that the nature of the relationship between the Kubota dealer and the client is much more of a long-term process. There is a real incentive for a Kubota dealer to build a degree of trust with the client concerning the potential purchase the Kubota tractor.

A Kubota dealer will however be looking to optimise their profit whilst at the same time retaining the business of the potential client. This is true of any dealership for any manufacturer, and Kubota dealers on a different.

One of the advantages of buying a Kubota tractor is that there is a wide amount of information available both on Kubota websites and online via discussion forums and tractor sites. This allows a potential purchaser to be well briefed prior to buying a Kubota tractor or digger from a Kubota dealer.

How does Kubota credit work ?

When people make enquiries about Kubota credit, there are a number of different factors that need to be considered.

Quite often Kubota credit refers to the wide range of finance options that Kubota themselves offer in a certain number of countries, via their website and their range of dealerships.Assuming that Kubota credit is available in the country where you live, the Kubota website will have a number of credit options available to you.

These can easily be accessed and studied. It is important to bear in mind that these are credit arrangements, in the same way that a loan from a bank or a mortgage company is also a loan, and that standard provisions will apply as they would do to any loan or hire agreement.

The cost of a Kubota tractor can be considerable, and should be viewed as a long-term investment. Kubota credit is often a loan agreement with a standard down payment and a fixed promotional rate for a number of months, quite often years.

Kubota credit

Kubota credit can also refer to leasing arrangements which a local Kubota dealer can give you more information about. If you arrange Kubota credit direct with Kubota credit Corporation, then you will be sharing a high of personal information with a credit Corporation. It is important to realise that the information you give to a credit company may be shared with other companies either for commercial purposes or to combat issues concerning fraud or money laundering.

A typical Kubota credit application form will require you to provide information concerning your name, address, employer or previous employer information as well as a significant amount of data relating to income.

Kubota credit may also be available for used or second-hand Kubota tractors or garden mowers, either from a dealer or from a local bank or similar financial institution. Kubota credit should be viewed as similar to any other type of loan or hire arrangement that you might enter into with any bank finance company.

Great caution should be taken prior to entering any type of loan agreement, and care taken that the repayment options are clear and concise and affordable. If in any doubt about any part of the proposed arrangement with Kubota credit, it is worth consulting professional advice before proceeding.

Kubota credit can be advantageous in terms of purchasing Kubota equipment such as tractors, Kubota mowers and Kubota attachments.