Buying a Kubota tractor that is a used Kubota or a second-hand Kubota can be both a risky business, but also one that can be very effective in terms of buying a reliable tractor at a much reduced cost. The cost of a new Kubota tractor can range from approximately US$20,000 through to US$60,000, depending on the model and type of Kubota tractor that is bought.

The cost of a new Kubota tractor needs to be weighed against the fact that they do last, in theory, an awfully long time. The length of time that you can keep a new Kubota tractor depends in part on the type of work that it does, the type of land that it is used on, and the level of maintenance and servicing that the Kubota tractor has.

Used Kubota tractors

Buying a used Kubota tractor can be done in a variety of ways. Traditionally, the main way of buying a used Kubota tractor would be either from a Kubota dealer, or from an ad in a local paper, or through word-of-mouth from a friend or a local contact.

Nowadays, a huge amount of the volume of used Kubota tractors and other manufacturers of tractors and agricultural equipment is done online through sites such as eBay, and tractor forums and other auction sites.

This has the advantage of letting you see a picture of the tractor before you buy it, as well as potentially getting some information about the age and condition of the Kubota tractor before you buy it. The other advantage is that there is no geographical limit as to where you can buy the used Kubota from, although the obvious disadvantage of buying it in an area that is not close to you, is one of moving the Kubota tractor, it currently is to your home business location where you intend to use it.

The disadvantage of buying a used Kubota tractor online, is that to a large extent you do not know what you are buying in terms of reliability or any mechanical problems that there may be with the tractor. There is unlikely to be a chance to inspect the used Kubota tractor prior to purchase, or to have any type of inspection done to assess its mechanical or engine state where possible.

If buying a used Kubota tractor online, it is advisable to have a practical knowledge yourself of how Kubota tractors work and should be maintained, or access to a qualified Kubota mechanic or engineer who has such knowledge and can advise you accordingly.