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Is a Kubota zero turn safe ?

A Kubota zero turn mower can be used very safely and very effectively in many types of situation where a small garden tractor is an essential part of a rural lifestyle, either for mowing a residential piece of land, or for landscaping or some type of estate management.

Safety of a Kubota zero turn mower is extremely important, and there are many factors to be considered both prior to using a Kubota zero turn mower, during operation of a Kubota, as well as safety issues concerning maintenance, transportation and storage.

When operating a Kubota, it is important to read the operator’s manual and the various instruction booklets that come with the Kubota. If buying a new Kubota, then these manuals and instruction booklets should come with the Kubota.

If buying a used or second-hand Kubota, then this might be more of a problem. In any event it is normally possible to acquire Kubota manuals either via a Kubota dealer, or from a number of websites online.

If purchasing a manual for a used or second-hand Kubota, make sure that you buy the most up-to-manual that is available as this will contain the most relevant and recent safety information.


kubota zero turn,

One of the reasons it is important to read a manual for a Kubota, is that it will give diagrams and instructions for the various controls of the Kubota, what they mean and what they do.

Even if you have used another kind of Kubota tractor, it is important to familiarise yourself with the controls and instrument panel of the Kubota prior to using it. It is normally a fairly simple and easy procedure to identify the different controls and what they do on the Kubota.

Having this information to hand can be extremely important in the event of needing to stop the Kubota quickly, or make any other type of emergency decision. Having this information in advance will also generate a level of confidence which will make operating the Kubota safer.

Kubota recall

Kubota is recalling a number of zero turn mowers because of a problem with the fuel tank which could potentially pose a fire risk.

The affected models are :

ZG 123S – 12505 and below

ZG 127S – 12959 and below

ZG 124E – 12179 and below

ZG 127E 11574 and below


Owners of these models are advised to stop using them immediately and contact their local Kubota Dealer. Apparently the problem concerns the fuel tanks pressure relief valve, which can malfunction, causing wear of the fuel tank, obviously a major safety issue.


Further info : Kubota Corp USA

US Consumer Product Safety Commission