Kubota Parts Guide – New and Used

Kubota make a huge range of tractors and agricultural machinery, including garden mowers and UTV’s, and as such replacement Kubota parts are a huge part of both the buying and maintenance of these tractors and other machinery.

Many people need replacement Kubota parts either because of a default in the original tractor, because the tractor is quite old, because it has been in a collision or simply a replacement part is needed as part of a normal maintenance service.

Many people who own a Kubota tractor look after it themselves, and as such to buy Kubota parts themselves, and fits the part themselves. This is fine if the person knows what they are doing, and are able to make sure they obtain the right part the best possible price.

There are various routes to obtaining new and used Kubota parts. If dealing with a Kubota dealer, then it is fairly safe to assume they will obtain the correct and necessary part from the manufacturer, if they servicing or repairing the tractor themselves.

The  tricky part comes if they are looking to buy and fit the Kubota part themselves. There are a few things that are important to be aware of.

Firstly is to make sure that you have the correct year and model of the tractor or vehicle you are intending to buy the part for. Next to make  decide whether or not you want to buy a new or  aftertmarket part. An aftermarket part  may be used or new, and for many tractors and vehicles is an ideal replacement at a slightly lower cost than buying from the original manufacturer.

Once you have identified the correct tractor or vehicle, it is worth doing a bit of research before actually buying the part. It is normally possible now to obtain a parts manual as a PDF document  from many online sites, and a few discussion forumst.

This parts manual should act as a guide as to how the part fits into the tractor and its correct installation and location. It should contain significant information both  about the part itself, and a diagram of how it should be fitted.

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Kubota Parts – How to Get Best Deals

Kubota parts and their availability, as well as costs, are an integral part of understanding the process of buying a new or used Kubota tractor or Kubota mower or Kubota RTV.

Many people will think about the issue of Kubota parts as simply being the cost or availability of spare parts in the event of the tractor or mower going wrong or needing regular servicing or maintenance.

To some extent this is true. Kubota tractors have a long life, and many people will see the buying of a tractor as a long-term investment, whether they buy it as a personal or commercial activity.

If you are purchasing a new Kubota tractor or Kubota mower, then it is a good idea to have some idea of the availability of parts, what they are likely to cost and what parts are likely to need replacing and at what intervals.

Much of this information can be gleaned from noticeboards and discussion forums online, as well as looking through what is for sale on eBay and other online auction sites.

Whilst Kubota may change their models and lines of tractors and mowers over time, the need for parts will continue for long after the particular model has been discontinued.

A lot of the ability to purchase spare parts for a new or discontinued Kubota tractor will depend on how easy they are to get hold of.

If Kubota has a commitment by way of factories and investment in the area or the country you live in, then it is very likely that they will be making tractors there for a while and there should not be much of a problem getting hold of parts.

Kubota Parts

If you are buying or purchasing a used Kubota tractor or Kubota mower, then it is a good idea to check up on available parts if needed.

This can mean parts in relation to mechanical and engineering parts of the tractor that may need replacing or renewing or routine servicing and maintenance.

It can also mean the availability of certain add-ons or attachments that can greatly enhance the usage of the particular tractor you think you’re buying.

Various tractor attachments and add-ons that Kubota make and are treated as Kubota parts are likely to only work on certain models of tractor, and this is something that should be taken into account when thinking of buying said tractor.

The other consideration regarding Kubota parts, is that if you are buying a new tractor or a new Kubota mower, then it is likely that the warranty and possibly the extended warranty will require you to always use manufacturers parts for all regular servicing or maintenance work.

If you do not use regular manufactured parts I.e Kubota, then it is likely to invalidate the warranty and possibly any extended warranty as well.

Used Kubota Parts

Kubota make a wide range of tractors, the majority of which are designed to last for many many years, meaning as such there is a big market for used Kubota parts, both in terms of buying used Kubota parts for a Kubota tractor.

There is also a big market in terms of people who have a Kubota tractor and effectively use it to sell used Kubota parts, because they do not wish to use the Kubota tractor any more.

Used Kubota Parts – Kubota BX tractors

Kubota tractors start with the popular BX series

Kubota BX1870

Kubota BX2370

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2360

Kubota BX1860

Kubota BX 25

Kubota BX 25D

Used Kubota Parts – Products and support

When looking at used K parts, there are a number of products that tend to be classified under the used Kubota part banner. These are used Kubota parts – lubricants, used Kubota parts – filters, used Kubota parts – paints, used Kubota parts – batteries, used Kubota parts – belts, used Kubota parts – rubber tracks and used Kubota parts – workshop tools.

Used Kubota parts – Lubricants

The area of lubricants when referring to used Kubota parts is in the main referring to all types of oil and fluid that are used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

These in the main refer to hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease and brake fluid. Kubota recommend that only official Kubota oils and fluids be used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

In the main these fluids will be used when either servicing a tractor or doing regular maintenance work. If such work is being done by a recognised Kubota dealer, very his good to ensure that they use Kubota parts.

Used Kubota parts – warranty

Every new Kubota tractor and other piece of Kubota agricultural machinery will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, possibly an extended warranty and possibly a dealership warranty of some description.

It is likely to be a condition of any warranty that only recognised manufacturers parts and products are used in the servicing and maintenance of the Kubota tractor. This is certainly true in the event of any replacement parts that need to be used.

It is worth checking with the terms of the warranty to see if used Kubota parts are specifically excluded or not. If in doubt it is worth checking with a Kubota dealer to see if they will use K parts, and whether or not they specifically include or exclude used Kubota parts as being in violation or not of any warranty.

Used Kubota parts – buying

The availability of used Kubota parts has increased considerably with the advent of the Internet, and it is now possible to buy virtually any used K part anywhere in the world.

With most types of day-to-day Kubota products such as filters and paints this is unlikely to be much of an issue.

Where it becomes an issue with buying a used Kubota part is when it relates to something like an engine rebuild, where the cost of the used Kubota part is an important feature in the cost of the repair or maintenance work.

In this instance the cost of the used Kubota part could determine whether the work is done left and a new Kubota tractor purchased.

If you are doing the work yourself, then you need to be aware that used Kubota parts, whatever you buy them from need to be specific to your make and model and year of manufacture of your Kubota tractor.

This information will be key to your knowing that the used Kubota part that you are buying is appropriate to your tractor.

If you buy used Kubota parts online either via an auction such as eBay, or some other site, you might well have serious problems if it turned out to be not appropriate for your particular Kubota tractor, especially if you have failed to recognise or not identify correctly your make and model.

This information can be obtained by looking at the relevant place on the tractor itself, or if necessary by contacting your local Kubota dealer and asking their advice.


Being aware of both the price and availability of Kubota parts should be an important  part of the process of buying or leasing  a Kubota tractor, either with Kubota credit or with another financial institution, such as a bank or a credit union.

The reason it is important to check out availability and pricing of Kubota parts refers both to the  financial and practical implications of owning and running a Kubota tractor.

For many people a Kubota tractor is used as part of a business, as well as being used for large residential or smallholding operations.

This means that in the event of any mechanical breakdown it is not simply a question of waiting for the tractor to be repaired, it is the case that while the tractor is out of use the business or smallholding is either losing money, or not able to do vital maintenance work that is needed.

Availability and costing of Kubota parts has a direct impact on such a scenario.


Buying a Kubota tractor means that it will come some type of warranty, either a new warranty or a used warranty depending upon the age and condition of the tractor itself, if buying a used Kubota.

The value of a warranty is  self  explanatory in many ways, and can be thought of at similar to that of an auto warranty.

The main difference is in the usage of the tractor.

As mentioned above, went a Kubota tractor is being used for this this or commercial purposes, when it is out of action for any reason this can have serious financial and operational consequences.

Having a warranty to some extent can cover this eventuality, and it is normally a condition of any warranty that standard Kubotsa parts  are used when any servicing or maintenance is done on the tractor.

It can also be a valuable negotiating point when initially purchasing or leasing the Kubota tractor to establish with the Kubota dealership  what practical arrangements can be made concerning an alternative tractor in the event of a serious delay in obtaining Kubota parts any particular reason.

It is worth remembering also at another location condition regarding the purchase or lease of the Kubota tractor and Kubota parts is actually the physical practicalities of returning the the Kubota tractor to the dealer  in order to have any servicing or maintenance work done. R

Kubota Garden Tractor Parts

Kubota Garden Tractor – Parts

If you are buying a new Kubota garden tractor, you are unlikely to give much consideration to the issue of Kubota parts. whether it be an issue of Kubota parts prices or Kubota parts availability.

If you are buying a used Kubota garden tractor, then you are more likely to give some thought to this issue, as well as where you are likely to buy Kubota garden tractor parts from.

In any event whether you’re buying a new or a used Kubota garden tractor, it is a sound idea have some idea of the types of parts that generally need replacing, either as a result of an accident or mechanical failure or general wear and tear.

Kubota Garden Tractors – Dealers

It is also important to consider whether Kubota parts that need to be replaced can be bought online, and installed safely and satisfactorily by yourself, or whether you effectively need to take the Kubota garden tractor back to a Kubota dealer in order to have the part fitted and checked.

This may be an issue about safety, or it may be a condition of the Kubota warranty on the garden tractor that all parts and maintenance and servicing done by a recognised Kubota dealer.

Kubota garden tractor parts can be either standard parts fitted to the tractor, or can be relating to various attachments that can be added to the Kubota garden tractor to enhance its capabilities or give it a different variety of usages on small farms, or landholdings.

Kubota Garden Tractor – Buying Options

There are a number of options when considering buying parts for a Kubota garden tractor.

The most obvious is to buy them directly from Kubota, either direct from the company or from a Kubota dealer.

There are also many places where it is possible to buy parts for a Kubota garden tractor online, either through sites such as eBay, or various other online auction sites.

There are also many discussion forums for Kubota tractors and Kubota garden tractors generally, where there is much discussion about different types of parts available, and how to fit them.

This can be especially important when considering how and where to buy and install Kubota parts for a Kubota garden tractor has either been discontinued or is no longer serviced and maintained by Kubota.

This is in part to the credit of Kubota that Kubota tractors, with garden and lawn tractors as well as their entire range can last a long period of time.


Used Kubota parts

When buying a Kubota tractor, there are a number of considerations concerning what type of tractor to buy. Kubota make a wide range of tractors, and an important consideration when buying one concerns the range of Kubota dealerships.

Also the cost of servicing a Kubota tractor, the availability of Kubota parts,new and used kubota parts, the cost of Kubota parts and general servicing and maintenance costs of any Kubota tractor or other type of kubota product, such as a Kubota RTV.

Kubota parts tend to fall into a number of categories, mainly covering lubricants, filters, paints, batteries, belts, rubber tracks and workshop tools.

There are also an enormous number of different parts needed for a Kubota tractor, depending on the series, model, engine model and deck model.

The Kubota website will give a breakdown of the type of parts needed for a number of tractors. Kubota will provide the number of the owners manual, the parts manual, the maintenance chart number and the shop manual number.

Kubota will provide the fluid capacity is for the different types of fluid required in a Kubota tractor.

The Kubota website will provide the information required for the fuel capacity, the cooling capacity, the crankcase capacity, the transmission capacity, the hydraulic capacity and the axle capacity for all Kubota tractors and other Kubota machines.

The Kubota website will also provide the fluid types required for Kubota tractors such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil and the fuel type, normally diesel.

The Kubota website also provide the engine component parts information for the Kubota tractor. This will cover the air filter single, air filter out, the air filter in/element, the engine oil filter, engine oil gasket, the drive belt, the auxiliary belt and the mower PTO belt.

Kubota also provide a lot of information about the various hydraulic components parts needed for a Kubota tractor.

This information will cover the hydraulic oil filter, the oil filter gasket, the hydraulic suction filter, the suction filtered gasket, the hydraulic return fitter, the return fitter gasket, the HST filter and the HST told the gasket if appropriate make a kubota tractor.

A Kubota tractor will require information concerning the fuel system components, namely the fuel filter element and the fuel filter gaskets. When buying parts whether new or used for a kubota tractor, some of the information required will be the battery number, the starter number, the alternator number and the block heater number.

If buying used Kubota parts or new Kubota parts for a kubota Lawnmower, it will be necessary to know the blade quantity, the kit blade number, the blade built quantity and the deck V – Belt number.

Buying used Kubota parts or new Kubota parts can be a dramatic area if care is not taken to make sure that the Kubota parts bought the correct parts needed for the Kubota tractor that is being serviced.

Buying used Kubota parts for any Kubota tractor is virtually always done as an economy. Sometimes it is done because of the unavailability of Kubota parts either due to the discontinuation of Kubota tractors that the parts are needed for, or because there is a problem with Kubota dealership or simply an inability to find the relevant Kubota part needed.

Sometimes antique or grey market Kubota tractors are targeted as being a source of availability of used Kubota parts, but much care needs to be taken when this whole process is being done.