kubota excavator


A Kubota excavator is a highly complex agricultural machine, and is normally used in situations and environments where there is a high risk element both to the operative using the excavator, and to any people or animals/livestock in the area where the excavator is being used.

The very fact that a Kubota excavator is being used should alert people to the fact that the environment will contain a number of potential hazards that need to be managed safely, in ways that may not be normal or viewed as being standard health and safety provisions.

A Kubota excavator is likely to be used in an environment where there are both very young and very old people who are quite possibly part of the workforce.

This is because a Kubota excavator is likely to be used either in a farm type environment, or on significant areas of land that are run as a commercial operation similar to that of a farm or large agricultural complex.


The very nature of a farm type environment, whatever its actual size, is that there is a significant likelihood that young children and teenagers will be part of the workforce.

This is because the ownership of the farm is very often a family led business, and in that event all members of the family tend to spend some time helping out, doing chores and generally making sure the business runs effectively.

Similarly there are likely to be more elderly members of the family who are also fully involved most of the time with the business.

Whilst these two groups of people may not be directly involved with a Kubota excavator, there is a fair chance that they will be physically on the land or in the buildings where such an excavator is being used.

This means that much greater care must be taken to ensure their safety, and the safety of any animals or pets who may also be in the vicinity.

It also means that given the nature of a family said business and the physical environment emanating from that, that there is a chance of what could be termed household debris such as toys, furniture etc being on the land, and in effect posing a risk to the Kubota excavator as it is being used and potentially to its operatives as well. I

Kubota World of Concrete Excitement

The World of Concrete may not be the most exciting title for an exhibition, but interesting article in Better Roads magazine, slightly more inspiring title, about three new Kubota compact excavators that have been relaesed – main focus seems to be on improvement in drivers cabs and facilities

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