Kubota Insurance – What Credit Score Is Needed ?

Any type of Kubota credit, whether it be finance or leasing, will be offered to an individual or not depending upon whether the credit agency involved and in this case Kubota as well deem the individual to be a suitable credit risk or not.

The process involved in establishing this is quite a complex one, although the end result often makes it seem slightly over simplistic.

This means that anyone who applies for credit of any type with any institution is effectively checked by a credit agency, of which nationally there are normally two or three.

They will do a thorough background check on the individual and their financial commitments and obligations and produce a report that assesses the credit agencies view of their financial suitability for credit.

The credit agency initially undertakes what is known as a credit report on the individual.

This involves collating a large amount of information relating to the individual’s personal history and their credit history.

The information collected with regard to their personal and life history relates to information such as their name, date of birth, their current and previous addresses, their current and previous telephone numbers.

Also collected information relates to their Social Insurance Number or their Social Security number, their drivers license and their passport. Information will also be collected concerning their current employment and all previous employment and any financial information that may stem from that area.

The credit agency will also collect information on the individual’s credit history.


This relates to a scan of public records for things such as bankruptcy.

Their banking history also be analysed including their level of overdrafts and whether they were authorised or not, whether any bank accounts have been closed due to lack of funds or overdrawn checks.

Any current and previous loans and mortgages will also be checked, specifically with a view to see how much was lined on whether it was appropriate and whether there were or are any problems regarding repayment terms.

Lines of credit will also be analysed to see what type of credit has been granted and in which specific areas. Also all types of credit cards and any store cards also be looked at along the same terms as well as any telephone or Internet payment problems.

Specifically there will also be a focus on what are known as pay day loan applications, which anecdotally are known to have an adverse affect on an individual’s credit score.

Once the credit agency has assembled this information relating to an individual’s personal life and their credit history they use the information to evaluate the individual and work out what they deem to be a credit score.

This credit score is essentially a single number, although it may be a triple digit number, that is set as a value between a range of two other numbers or values.

As an example, an individual may have a credit score of 50, set between a range of 1 and 100. this would indicate that the individual has an average credit rating.

In practice credit agencies use a much greater range of values as this gives them a much greater specificity of where to put the individuals credit score and accurately reflect their credit rating.

Credit agencies work out a credit score specifically on the basis of the history of the individual.

This applies to their payment history on all credit loans mortgages has been taken out, they use of available credit, their length of credit histories and what types of credit they had used.

A credit agency will also take into account the number of enquiries or credit applications that have been made and when they have been made.

After this process has been gone through, the credit agency will come up with a specific number that indicates their view of the creditworthiness of the individual.

This number will then be used by Kubota to decide whether or not to offer credit by way of finance and leasing to an individual, and if so on what terms and conditions.

Kubota may decide to offer credit to someone with a poor credit history but by increasing the size of the down payment and the interest rate charged to reflect a greater risk. Alternatively they may decide to deny credit, and suggest the individual seeks help elsewhere.

Many dealerships will also offer advice for people with poor or bad credit histories and some will have links to specific financial institutions who may be able to help.

A good dealer will go the extra mile to help an individual get credit when Kubota itself not able to offer credit because they view the individual to be a bad risk, but still want to sell them a tractor.

How to Dispute a Credit Report

When thinking about how to dispute a credit report it is important to realise that if there are errors or inaccuracies in a credit report then the credit bureau involved is in theory likely to be willing to work with you to remove them.

It is not in the interest of the credit bureau to rely on inaccurate or misleading or wrong information when producing its report.

The reputation and standing of all the major credit bureaus depends to a large extent on their reliability and accuracy, and most of the inaccuracies in most credit reports are in a sense inadvertant.

It is also worth understanding the process how a credit report is produced.

Any lender that you approach such as Kubota credit either for a loan or to enter into a lease agreement is likely to approach one of the three main credit bureaus and get their assistance in producing a credit report and subsequent credit score.

The credit report will be a compilation of personal and financial information, racing to the individual, possibly their family, possibly that business colleagues if the  application is a commercial one.


A lot of the information that is used to produce a credit report also relates to prior credit history, inflation credit bureau will acquire from other sources including public records.

This can relate to things such as bankruptcies, previous and prior loans and mortgages, lines of credit, store cards and credit cards and one thing that everyone really doesn’t like, payday loans.

Some of this information is in the public domain may by law be time limited how life can be included in a credit report, and this is one of the things that should be checked.

The individual should obtain a copy of their credit report and check everything in it for its accuracy and truth.

If there are areas that are clearly wrong.

Then approaching the credit bureau directly is probably the best first step.

Providing specific evidence that it is wrong is also very helpful, and this may necessitate going back over original credit card or store card all lines of credit history yourself to prove that certain items were all are not relevant or true.

The credit bureau should be open to correcting any areas that are wrong. They are unduly defensive or not forthcoming then it may be time to consider other avenues to force them to listen.


What is a Lowest Credit score for Kubota Credit

The whole system of a credit score and credit report process inevitably throws up what are perceived to be winners and losers.

Is often thought of in terms of a very high credit score or a very low credit score. This can sometimes be quite confusing as a low credit score may not actually be that low a number relative to the scale that it is set upon.

It is worth understanding the process of how credit scores operate in order to understand what is a good or bad credit score and what can be done to improve it.

A credit score is simply a number that is set upon a scale between two of the numbers to reflect the perceived credit reliability of the individual concerned.

The idea of a credit score is of course a bit simple one, and the simplicity is designed to produce clarity for the lender rather than the individual.

It is important to realise that a number on a scale may be a relatively high number, but may also be a low credit score relative to what is perceived a high credit score.


This means, that number itself has to be taken in context as to how the credit score scale is being used and read both by the credit bureau and by the lender.

Anyone looking to find out more about their credit score and credit report is normally entitled by law to obtain a copy of the credit report, but not necessarily of the credit score itself. The credit report will provide information that the individual can check to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date.

This information is used as a basis for producing the credit score itself.

The best thing the individual can do is to make sure that all the information is accurate and correct, and if they are concerned that they are being given a credit score that is resulting in adverse terms and conditions of the loan to talk to the initial lender i.e. to Kubota credit in this case.

Failing any joy to approach the credit bureau that produce the credit report and asked that input as to how they have modelled and obtained a credit score.

Sometimes it is possible to get hold of a copy of the credit score itself, but whereas people are normally entitled to a free copy of their credit report, on obtaining a credit score itself morning requires a charge or payment. L


Anyone looking to buy or lease a Kubota tractor or other piece of agricultural machinery is likely to require some type of finance, either from Kubota credit or some other lenders.

This is going to require filling out of an application form with a significant amount of personal and financial information.

This information is then used as the basis for producing a credit report, which in turn is modelled to produce a credit score which is then used as a basis for determining whether or not to lend the applicant any money, and if so on what terms and conditions.

Anyone with poor or bad credit, or for various reasons no credit history at all is going to face a slight challenge in terms of getting either a reasonable rate of interest or decent terms and conditions on any loan they may be offered.

As such many people look to see what they can and do to improve their credit history and thereby improve their credit score and any loan terms and conditions.


The first thing to do when looking to improve your credit score it get a copy of your credit report, and check that the information in it is accurate and up-to-date.

Given that most of the information is compiled electronically it is quite possible that our errors at our working against you.

There are numerous items within your credit report that need to be checked concerning not just your personal information but also your credit history.

This can include items such as your payment history on any prior loans or credit cards or utility bills, and any problems that may have occurred therein.

If there were specific problems it is worth noting what they were as a possible basis of asking the credit bureau to adjust accordingly.

It is also important to check that any items on your credit report have been removed that are not allowed to be the oft a fixed period of time.

Depending upon where you live, there are time limits as to how long certain things that are in the public domain such as bankruptcies and be counted towards adverse the affecting your credit report.

If they are still on the report and exceed finance credit bureau has a legal obligation to remove them.


People are sometimes surprised when they realise they have three credit scores, and that potentially they are all slightly different.

Anyone applying for Kubota credit will need  to fill out an application form, which will contain a significant amount of personal and financial information.

This information will then be used as a basis for producing a credit report, which will then be used as a basis for producing a credit score.

This credit score will then be used as a basis for deciding whether or not to lend every individual any money, and if so on what terms and conditions.

The credit score will also be used as a basis for deciding whether or not to enter into a Kubota lease agreement with a potential customer and if so on what terms and conditions.

A credit score can also affect an individual’s insurance, bit on that house business, farm etc.


The reason that someone can have three credit scores is simply that there are three major credit bureaus that Kubota Credit or any other lender might approach in order to acquire a credit report.

These bureaus are old and well-established and use the majority of the reports for all the major financial institutions.

This means that when you approach any lender, they will in turn approach one of these three bureaus who will use the information provided to them plus other information about you that is publicly available and to which they have access to produce a credit report.

The reason that any one of the three credit scores could be slightly different is that whilst the bureaus have access to the same information, they will also each have slightly different access to different pieces of information, which they will model in a slightly different way in order to produce a credit score.

Each bureau may put a slightly different emphasis on certain aspects of your credit history, which is the main reason why there is a variant in individual’s credit scores.



Equifax is one of the three leading credit bureaus who produce credit reports on individuals, that are used as a basis for creating a credit score, and as such determining the suitability of lending to an individual and on what terms and conditions.

Anyone intending to approach Kubota Credit or any other lender would do well to obtain a copy of their credit report and check it for accuracy.

Depending upon where you live, you should be entitled by law to  at least one free copy of your Equifax credit report per year.

Your credit report will contain a significant amount of personal information that you have disclosed on an application form for credit, including items such as your date of birth, your Social Security number or social insurance number, drivers licence and passport.

The credit report will also contain information pertaining to any public records of things such as bankruptcy, your banking and checking details and any loans or mortgages or lines of credit that have been or are currently operative.

The value of obtaining a credit report is that it allows you to check that the information that is being used is accurate and up-to-date.


One of the most important reasons to check this is because not only is it important to make sure that the information that is held is accurate.

Again depending upon where you live, certain items that may adversely affect your credit report such as a bankruptcy or normally only able to be used in such a report for a certain period of years.

This means that after that time period this item must be removed from the credit report and cannot be used as a basis for your credit score.

Many companies who offer credit lending and use Equifax as a credit bureau, although there are others.

It is often advisable to get your free credit report from the other credit bureaus as well as they may hold different information, or be used different loan applications.


Understanding how credit scores work is a fairly crucial element of being able to obtain credit, either from Kubota Credit or some other lender such as a bank or credit union.

Any financial institution offering to lend money will properly use and the three main credit bureaus to produce a credit report on  you, which will then be used as a basis for creating a credit score.

This credit score is essentially a number, that is pitched on a sliding scale between two of the numbers, used as a basis for being able to show you where your credit sits in relation to both the high and low points of the score.

As an example, if you had a credit score of 350 on a sliding scale to 0 and 700, your credit score would be deemed average.

In reality the sizing scales are slightly different, but the principle is the same. What is important is to understand where your credits Sits in relation to what the credit bureau consider a high or low rating, and what the reasons for it.


This is why it is important to look at your credit score in relation to your credit report, and also the credit bureau who produced it and the racing fact they apply.

There are three different credit bureaus, all of which will use slightly different methods to analyse their credit report, and possibly slightly different information as well.

If you feel your credit score is low and as such you are receiving adverse offers on credit applications you are making, then it is worth analysing the various factors that make up your credit report, and see which ones could be giving you what is in effect a low credit score.

When thinking in terms of high and low credit scores is not specifically about the number, but when the number sits in the context of what is deemed an excellent credit rating and what is deemed a bad credit rating. This should be taken from the credit bureau itself and understood with the reasons attached to it.


Understanding what is a good credit score as opposed to a poor bad credit score is important but understanding the numerical system is used to produce a credit score, but also to understand the basis of the credit report that underpins the basis of the whole system.

Anyone approaching Kubota Credit or any bank or lending institution will fill out an application form on the basis of applying for a loan or credit.

This application form will contain a significant amount of personal information, about the individual themselves, possibly  their families and possibly their work colleagues as well if it is a business  loan application.

Whilst the business of applying for Kubota credit is essentially the same as applying for any type of credit application or loan, given the nature of Kubota tractors and the agricultural industry they are used in, the Nation is likely to be considered in the context of a business loan.

This means that while a number of questions and information required be the same as that for a personal loan, there will be additional information required both about the business itself, and any partners or staff who work for the business as well.


The credit score system is designed to try and give the lender died as to the individual’s suitability in terms of being able to lend the money, and the ability to pay back.

Some of this will be based on the part credit history, and some will be based on the information concerning the individual and their personal/business life as well.

Things such as a criminal record, or a past bankruptcy can weigh heavily, even if these are rated to someone who works in the business as opposed to the applicant themselves.

A business loan application is inevitably slightly more completed than a personal loan application, because it covers a wider spectrum of people who may be applicable to the production of a credit score.


The term credit reference is often used as a general one  cover the whole process of whether or not an individual has a sufficiently good credit reference  or rating to apply for a loan, either from Kubota Credit, or a bank or a credit union.

A credit reference normally covers the process of the production of a credit report, and the subsequent credit score that comes from the credit report that is used as a basis for determining whether or not to lend the individual money, and if so on what terms and conditions.

Anyone applying for any type of credit loan application needs to disclose a significant amount of both personal and financial history. Such information, a high degree of unique information about that individual such as a date of birth, Social Security number, driving licence etc.

The individuals credit history also be fully examined. This will be on the basis of any public records that are available disclosing things such as a bankruptcy or a serious loan default, as well as an analysis of current and previous mortgages or loans or lines of credit.


The credit bureau that is producing the credit report will look simply not at how the loans were managed in terms of payment history, but also to what extent and how credit has been used.

What the credit bureau is essentially looking for is how well the individual manages the various lines of credit they have in their life. This will not only cover things such as late payments or missed payments on a loan, but also things such as always paying the minimum payment on a credit card and never pay off the full balance. Also if there have been multiple applications for credit within a particular time frame this could be seen in a negative light.

When looking to apply for any type of credit loan for Kubota Tractors, it is important and was a good idea to obtain a copy of your credit report and check the nation in it to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Depending upon where you live, you should be entitled by law to at least one free copy of your credit report every year, and it is well worthwhile taking advantage of this entitlement. F

Kubota Credit Corporation Guide

Kubota Credit is the lending arm of Kubota Finance which can offer finance, credit and leasing options on new and used Kubota tractors and other agricultural machinery, both through its website and through its dealer networks.

This applies to Kubota snowblowers, garden mowers, tractors, construction equipment and Kubota RTV’s

Kubota Credit Corporation is effectively a finance company owned by Kubota, and anyone wanting to use it to purchase a Kubota tractor or other product should review the various deals that are available, and compare them with other loans or credit arrangements available from other banks and finance houses on a like-for-like basis.

Anyone applying to Kubota finance should be aware that the credit comments for an individual will be the same as with any other finance company.

Kubota will want to know initially whether the purchase of a Kubota tractor or other product is for commercial or private use. This will determine the type of credit checks they do on the individual, whether as a company or sole trader or private individual or all of them.

Kubota Credit Corporation Phone Number /  Mailing Address

The Kubota Credit Corporation’s is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas where all their main customer support is based. All enquiries should initially be redirected here, or to a local Kubota dealer who can probably supply additional information. Contact Details below

Kubota Credit Corporation Grapevine Texas

Kubota Credit Corporation USA,

PO BOX 2048

Grapevine, TX 76099

Phone : 888 – 465 – 8268

Open from 7.30 am – 7.30 pm, local time.

Customer support can also be obtained on 1 – 888 – GC – KUBOTA

Kubota Credit Corporation Payment Options

Kubota Finance offers a number of different payment options, the most common ones being the direct payment plan, paying online and paying by phone. Kubota make it relatively easy to do any one of the three, probably because they realise that a number of people still prefer more traditional ways of paying rather than doing everything online.

Kubota Credit Corporation –  Direct Payment

This is probably in many ways the most common and traditional form of payment of Kubota Finance, where a payment is scheduled to be taken on a regular basis from  the customers checking account, meaning that payments  do not have to be authorised every month, with the security of knowing that they will be made as required. As with most direct payment systems, they may take a few days to set up, but once up and running, are by far the easiest way of maintaining payments.

Kubota Credit Corporation Online Payment

Kubota Finance has a system called pay online, where payments can be set up to be debited directly from your account. These payments can either be a one-off payments, or regular ones. In order to set up online payments, the customer needs to register their account on the main Kubota Credit Corporation website, and once that is done they are able to access the online payment system.

Kubota Credit Corporation Payment Address

A number of customers like to mail their payment checks, and Kubota Finance has two different addresses, depending upon where you live. For those people who live in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington or Wyoming, the payment address is below.

Kubota Credit Corporation USA, PO BOX 894717, Los Angeles, California, 90189 – 4717

For anyone else living in a different state, the address is below :

Kubota Credit Corporation USA, PO Box 0559, Carol Stream, Illinois 60132 – 0559

Kubota Credit Corporation Login

Before being able to login to your account, you need to register on the main Kubota Finance website. This is a very simple process, and involves registering in the way that you would for most websites nowadays.

The only difference is that  the customer needs to supply their account number, and the last four digits of their Social Security number. Once this is done, it will be checked against Kubota’s database as an additional form of security, and then the customer will be registered and it would access the account.

They will simply need a user ID and password which they choose themselves when registering.

Kubota Credit Corporation Interest Rates

The interest rates that Kubota Credit Corporation charge customers are normally in line with the interest rates that would be charged by any other commercial lending company organisation, such as a bank or credit union.

There are a number of factors that determine what these interest rates are, but on the whole they are determined by the individual’s credit score and their credit history.

There are occasions when Kubota Finance, either nationally or through local dealerships, will offer special deals on interest rates, either zero or low fixed rates for a period of time.

These may be related to specific Kubota products, and will virtually always only be offered to customers with an exceptionally good credit history.

The main advantage of Kubota finance through Kubota Credit Corporation, is largely that it makes the process of finance and purchase much easier to negotiate, especially if there are any special offers, rather than anyone obtaining a preferential interest rate simply because they are buying a Kubota product, and financing it through Kubota Credit Corporation.

Kubota Credit Corporation Special Offers

Kubota regularly makes special offers on products, sometimes these are in conjunction with special offers through Kubota Credit Corporation.

These offers can be made either nationally, in different states, or simply through local dealerships. They can sometimes be a way of clearing inventory, or making way for a new product to market. They can sometimes be seasonal, or directed to specific target groups of customers.

What this really means is that if someone is willing to invest a degree of time in checking out what offers are likely to be made and when, which can be done by accessing the past history of offers, and are willing to be patient, then they may be able to make significant savings on buying any new tractor or agricultural products.

Kubota Credit Corporation Insurance Agency

Any finance arranged through Kubota Credit Corporation will be required to be secured by some type of insurance agreement, which can either be arranged through Kubota Credit Corporation Insurance Agency. This type of insurance can be quite complicated at times, as most agricultural machinery is used both on private land and often on public roads as well.

The insurance also needs to be done in conjunction with other insurance needs of the business, which can include home and land insurance, as well as many different types of liability insurance both employer and public.

The specific insurance required against any Kubota Finance product is likely to be a condition of sale

Kubota Credit Corporation Application and Pre-Approval

The cost of a Kubota tractor can be a significant investment, both for an individual or for a large agricultural company.

Prior to purchasing a Kubota tractor, it is worth doing a significant amount of research both around prices for new and used Kubota tractors, as well as research into issues concerning Kubota dealer networks, Kubota parts, Kubota servicing and the general life expectancy of the Kubota tractor or other product you may be thinking of purchasing or leasing.

Kubota Credit Corporation is likely to offer some type of Kubota Fnance deal depending upon the creditworthiness of the individual.

They will require a significant amount of private and personal information before making such a decision.

This will involve the individual being assessed by way of a credit check and credit report, which will give Kubota Credit Corporation the necessary information it needs to make such a decision.

If Kubota Credit Corporation decides that the individual is a good risk, financially, then they are likely to offer a finance deal that will favourably compete with other finance deals that may be available to other credit corporations or banks.

If Kubota Credit Corporation decides the individual is not a good risk, then they may still offer a finance deal, but it is likely to involve amended terms and conditions, such as a higher interest rate over the loan term, and increase deposit or a combination of both .

Kubota Credit Financing

What is important to note is that that are different rates and terms and conditions that will apply to each type of Kubota Finance deal for a tractor, and for varying amounts of time. There are likely to be differing amounts of deposit required as well, or down payment, depending on the individual’s creditworthiness.

Kubota Customer Rebates

In addition to offering differing levels of interest rates, Kubota Finance also offers what they refer to as customer rebates. These in effect simply discounts on the list price that you would otherwise pay for a new Kubota. These can seem quite substantial for some models, but remember that, as with buying a new car, any list price should be negotiable in the first place.

Kubota Credit Leasing

Kubota Finance also offers the potential option of leasing a tractor, which can have significant attractions for many people. Leasing a Kubota tractor is effectively like a long-term rental. The main advantage is often being able to afford a brand-new tractor, which you would not otherwise be able to buy. There are always a number of variables as to what type of lease applies, the main ones being listed below.

True Lease

Fixed Price Purchase Option

Lease Purchase

Full Payout Lease

Lease Line of Credit

Step Lease

Seasonal Lease

Municipal Lease

All these type of leases will vary considerably as to how much of a down payment there is, the length of the lease, the rate of interest that apply to the lease, what happens at the end of the lease in terms of purchase or cleaning costs. It is really important to clarify at the outset of the lease all these terms and conditions.

Kubota Finance – Credit Score

It is worth making the point that all of these options are discretionary by Kubota, depending upon their decision concerning an individual’s creditworthiness or not, similar to financing or leasing an auto vehicle.

Kubota will rely heavily on an individual’s credit score or credit rating to make a determination as to whether to offer Kubota credit or not, and on what terms and conditions. There are things an individual can do to improve their credit score, or to check that their credit score or credit rating is accurate. For more detailed information on how credit scores work click here.

Kubota Credit / Kubota Finance Payoff

If an individual wants to pay off a Kubota credit  / Kubota Finance arrangement early, i.e. before the end of the lease or finance arrangement has been reached, then this is known as a Kubota credit payoff.

In many ways it is in both parties interests to pay off any type of credit arrangement only, for the individual and for Kubota finance. If this an individual is leasing a Kubota tractor or other agricultural products, then there are likely to be two main issues that need to be considered.

On this at the individual they will be offered the option of buying the tractor at a reduced rate from Kubota finance, taking into account how much they have already paid under the terms of the lease, and the time remaining on the lease itself.

The other issue which will come into play, whether the individual decides to purchase the Kubota tractor simply to end the lease completely will be the condition of the tractor itself.

This is likely to involve some type of inspection of the Kubota tractor to assess its condition and general wear and tear and the effects of its usage.

There is likely to be a very specific set of criteria against which any final assessment of the Kubota tractor is likely to be judged, and the details of this assessment should be set out in the initial agreement to lease or buy the Kubota tractor.


Perhaps the most important two terms that are used in the whole credit application process, either for leasing or purchasing any type of Kubota tractor, the terms credit report and credit score.

Working backwards in a sense, a credit score is a number that is allocated to the individual, between a range of two other numbers.

As an example, an individual might be allocated a credit score of 350, between a range of o  and 700.

In this instance, the credit rating agency would-be describing the credit score as average, where as a higher or a lower credit score could indicate their opinion as to whether the individual is a good or a bad credit risk.

The credit score is allocated to the individual by a credit rating agency, who will do the work on behalf of Ford credit or any other financial institution.

The credit rating agency will initially produce what is known as a credit report, and base on this report they will use the documentation within it to come up with the number deemed to be the credit score.

The information contained within the credit report will be a significant amount of personal information about the individual, such as their name, date of birth, residency and previous residences, current or past mortgages, current and past employment history, current and past credit card debts and status etc etc.

Once the credit rating agency has produced this report, they then allocate a number, and Ford credit or other financial institutions all revenues this number as a basis for deciding whether or not to offer any type of credit or finance and on what terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions basically cover the size of any down payment, the level of interest rate charged over the period of the  loan or lease agreement, whether the interest rate is fixed or variable, and any other special conditions that may be imposed.

Kubota Credit Special Offers

Kubota will offer a range of special offers, normally consisting of special financing, customer rebates and other offers. These can be viewed via the main Kubota website, or through a local participating dealership. A Kubota dealer may offer additional deals, sometimes relating to servicing and maintenance plans or other inducements to purchase a tractor through them.

Current Kubota Special Offers, which are listed on the main Kubota website as of April 2019, and which should be taken as examples only, include:

0% interest APR, 0% down, financing for 48 months on various Kubota Zero Turn Models

Farmer Veteran Coalition Member Rebate

Kubota and/or Land Pride Implement Stand Alone Financing Instalment Program

Low Rate Financing for Rental Businesses – Tractors, Mowers, Utility Vehicles.

General Conditions

Any Kubota special offers will be subject to a number of conditions, normally that all offers will be dependent upon the individual’s credit score, and subject to approval by Kubota credit Corporation. This means that a number of customers will not qualify for these offers, and in reality, they are likely to be offered only to people with exceptionally high credit score ratings.

In addition, all Kubota special offers will be subject to being offered by participating Kubota dealerships only, meaning that some dealerships may not offer all of the deals that Kubota are offering nationally.

Kubota Credit – FAQ

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