compact tractor


Kubota have to an extent made their name with compact tractors, gaining a reputation for producing very powerful yet quite small tractors, commonly termed compact tractors.

These compact tractors are often used on farms, agricultural complexes, large gardens and large gardening businesses.

Because of the nature of these environments there are a number of safety factors that should be considered, and in some ways unique to both the environment and the type of compact tractor that is being used in that environment.

One of the most important factors is that the work environment on a farm or large garden/horticultural complex quite often consists of both a home and a work environment.

There is a real blurring of boundaries in terms of work and business that can have real safety  Implications.

Anyone using a Kubota compact tractor needs to be aware of these risks and manage them accordingly.

The most obvious risks of those of family members, or young children, or elderly relatives being at risk of not realising the significance of someone using a Kubota compact tractor and as such not taking the necessary safety precautions.


Pets are also obviously at risk, and there is a danger of normal household debris being left around a work environment which could seriously damage the tractor and all the operative of the tractor or both.

A person’s home is not a worksite, and as such people tend to think differently about the nature of risk.

Anyone using a Kubota compact tractor either for work or pleasure needs to be aware of this distinction and make allowances accordingly.

It is also worth remembering that the nature of the business means that many farms and agricultural complexes work within the extremes of different types of weather.

This means that tractors operate in extreme conditions, and extra care needs to be taken when adapting the use of a compact tractor to such conditions.

It is also important to note that given the nature of many farms that are no emergency services within easy reach, and any accident or serious incident will need to be managed by the people who work on the farm themselves, at least in the short-term.

This is important as it means training and facilities and equipment need to be on hand and readily understood in terms of usage by all people who work on the farm.

This is a very real issue as accidents can happen, both in terms of mechanical malfunction of the tractor, and misuse of the tractor albeit often unintentionally.

What is a Kubota compact tractor ?

A compact tractor is as you might expect a term for what might be referred to as a small tractor. This distinction used to be much more important than it is nowadays.

In many ways the idea of a compact tractor was popularised by Kubota, who achieved a worldwide reputation for producing physically smaller tractors that were capable of doing extensive agricultural and excavation work normally associated with physically bigger tractors.

A Kubota compact tractor can refer to one of many of their series of tractors.

Their main range of compact tractors are the Kubota BX series of tractors, the B series of tractors, and the Kubota L series of tractors.

These series of Kubota tractors are in one sense anything but compact, but are described as such by Kubota because they are relatively small.

A Kubota compact tractor can also refer to a Kubota garden tractor or a Kubota lawn tractor.

These are sometimes also referred to as Kubota ride on mowers. They are compact tractors that are designed to be used either in large residential gardens or on estate maintenance, or for landscaping or for use on small farms and equestrian centres.

Compact tractor – Kubota

A Kubota compact tractor can be used for a variety of different types of work. A Kubota compact tractor in the BX series can be used for low maintenance, various types of light material handling work, towing and excavation and for some types of snow removal work.

The variety of work that a Kubota compact tractor can undertake makes it clear the importance of deciding what type of work you want the compact tractor to do in the first place.

A Kubota compact tractor in the B series have engine sizes that range from 23 hp to 33 hp, which is a sizeable engine range.

They are designed to work with some degree of commercial use if needed, but also for different types of estate maintenance and landscaping work.

They can also be used for light construction work and are ideally suited to small farms and horticultural or equestrian centres. The nature of a compact tractor means that the nature of their work can be either residential or commercial.

Often a compact tractor will be used for what is essentially residential work done by a commercial contractor. This means that from a contractor’s point of view, it is essential that the compact tractor is reliable and capable of doing the work that it is intended to do.

A Kubota compact tractor must be both first time and at the same time small enough to accommodate all types of land and all types of different terrains. A Kubota compact tractor must be reliable, and must be able to be serviced and maintained regularly and quickly repaired if things do go wrong.

To this end it is important that there is a wide dealership of Kubota compact tractors, in order that parts can be quickly accessed, and that trained mechanics are available either to work on the Kubota compact tractor if needed, or to give advice on what work needs to be done if that is more appropriate.