Kubota RTV and Utility Vehicle Guide

A Kubota RTV is what Kubota refer to as a utility vehicle, and can be thought of as a very small type of truck that can be used in addition to a Kubota tractor or Kubota construction vehicle, that can benefit a wide range of individuals and individual users.

A Kubota RTV will be available from any Kubota dealer, and it is a good idea to consider combining the negotiation of purchasing a Kubota tractor with any Kubota RTV that you may be thinking of buying at the same time.

The current range of Kubota RTV vehicles is as follows

RTV 400Ci

RTV 500



Aside from the purchase price of the Kubota RTV, there is likely to be consideration in terms of what it can be used for and why it is needed. A lot of this will depend upon the type of work that anyone thinking of buying one is considering using a Kubota tractor for as well.


The type of work that any type of tractor is normally used for can be thought of in a variety of settings, that tend to go from small holdings such as small farms through to large agricultural or industrial developments.

Kubota RTVs can be used for the development of a rural lifestyle, and can have many functions for the benefit of people running any type of gardening or land center, or any type of grounds maintenance in either a home or a small farm.

In addition Kubota RTV’s are often used for a wide variety of estate management tasks, that can include towing and material handling, gardening, landscaping and working a vegetable garden.

It is best to think of a Kubota RTV in terms of how it is referred to as a utility vehicle.

Its usage will be in addition to effectively as a companion to a type of Kubota tractor that will be used in a variety of work or commercial settings.