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Kubota L4600 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota L4600

The Kubota L4600 is one of Kubota’s most popular compact tractors. It offers exceptional versatility, power and all-round capabilities. This actor is a smart choice for a number of farming and agricultural professionals, require a powerful yet economical tractor to work in a wide variety of markets.

The Kubota L4600 is capable of doing a number of tough commercial jobs, as well as a wide variety of different chores. It has excellent lifting power, and additional power reserves for maximum performance.

It embraces state-of-the-art technology that makes it environmentally friendly, and it ideally suited for modern-day precision farming. It is both economical and practical, and is designed to need minimal amount of servicing and maintenance, adding to its economic and workplace benefits.

Kubota L4600 specs

Year produced 2011 – 2014/15

Compact Utility Tractor


The Kubota L4600 engine one of the most efficient yet powerful engines available in any tractor on the market today. It is specifically designed to be efficient and quiet, making it ideal for both high-performance and load-bearing tasks.

Its hydraulics and lifting gear are finely tuned so that each complement each otherand can produce a maximum level of performance of the highest calibre. there is specific focus on PTO shaft speeds, that allow the maximum possible benefitto the operative when working with all different attachments.

The Kubota L4600it was billed with three different models available, a two wheel drive gear tractor, a four-wheel-drive year tractor and a four-wheel-drive hydrostatic based. It has a fuel capacity of just under 13 gallons, a three point ray type hitch, and a 2 L four-cylinder diesel engine.

It has an independent rear power takeoff system, with a hydraulic wet disc clutch. It has a real standard differential lock, a hydrostatic power steering system and a mechanical wet disc braking system.

The cabin of the Kubota L4600 has it to post ROPS that is foldable, and can have a covering attached as a separate purchase.

Kubota L4600 for sale / prices

The price of a used Kubota L4600 will vary significantly depending on the number of hours it has been unused for, the type of work has been used for and how well-kept it servicing and maintenance schedule has been adhered to.

As an indication, as of June 2020, several models available at the following prices, at machinerypete.com. A 2012 Kubota L4600 with 383 hours so at US dollars 21,500. A 2012 Kubota L4600 with 490 hours for sale at US dollars 19,900. A 2012 Kubota L4600 with 231 hours sale at US dollars 17,500.

Kubota L4600 attachments

There are a wide number of attachments and implement that are available, some directly from the manufacturer, and some available as aftermarket parts/attachments. Before purchasing any attachment or implement it is worth checking that the implement being bought will fit and work with the specific model of tractor is intended for. Below are some of the most common attachments used on the Kubota L4600

Front End Loader – height, clearance, dump reach, bucket width


Mower Deck

All purpose seeder

Pallett Forks

Box Blade

Grooming Mower

Finishing Mower

Fertilizer Spreader

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Cutter

Rear Blade

Wood Chopper

landscapr Trailer

Kubota L4600 parts

Obtaining parts for any used tractor is normally fairly straightforward, but a degree of caution does need to be taken. Although parts are widely available, it is really important that before purchase you specify the exact part number needed, if this is not adhered to, then it is also common for the wrong part to be brought and endless to-ing and fro-ing with the website or dealership in order to correct it.

Below are some of the most common parts that are needed and bought for the Kubota L4600.

Accessories and service parts

Brake parts

Cooling water system

Electrical system


Front axle

Fuel system

Kubota L4600 reviews / problems – common questions

Reviews of the Kubota L4600 are most likely to be found on sites such as YouTube, and often done by enthusiasts wanted to show off their pride and joy. With a tractor of this age it is worth bearing in mind that there are likely to be both good and bad points about it.

The good thing about buying a second-hand tractor, is that it is quite easy to get good general straightforward unbiased views. Normally the best place is a discussion group, such as tracked by net.

Most people who post and subscribe to discussion groups and discussion forums tend to be owners of tractors, who genuinely want to share their experience in an unbiased but helpful way.

This normally means they will flag up any inherent problems in the tractor, as well solutions they have found. They may also play up issues or concerns that had not occurred the perspective purchaser. With a used tractor, they should also be able to give some fairly good guidance on what is a reasonable second-hand price, and any specific issues to look out for.

Kubota L4600 – service manuals

Manuals for the Kubota L4600 can normally be found relatively easily online. There are a number of websites that offer manuals for free as a PDF download. There are other sitesthat will make a nominal charge.

Manuals can normally also be obtained from sites such as Amazon and eBay, although it is often tend to be hard copy annuals which may be more useful to some people and a download.

The real value of manuals in many ways is that they should have diagrams of where various parts in the engine and transmission system needs to be placed. This can be a lifesaver for people who may not know their way around the mechanics of a tractor

it is proving really difficult to find a manual, and posting a request on a discussion group such as tracked by net will normally lead either to an individual offering to get hold of one, or offering advice and guidance in relation to a particular problem that the manual would have been useful in solving.

Kubota L4600 – craigslist

Many people turn to craigslistas a source of buying second-hand agricultural equipment. One of its main advantages is that it can specify by location precisely where the track is for sale. With second-hand tractors this can be especially useful, as it is a really good idea to physically inspect the tractor before purchase possible. This means that when looking for a used Kubota L4600 the prospective purchaser can specify a geographical area near to where they live in order to make sure they can physically visited before purchase.

When buying a new factor this is less of an issue as it is possible to negotiate wide terms and conditions with a dealership, even one that is often some miles away.

Some other considerations when looking to buy a Kubota L4600 can include

Kubota L4600 package deals

Kubota L4600 hst

Kubota L4600 cylinder head

Kubota L4600 rear remote kit

Kubota L4600 oil filter and oil capacity

Kubota L4600 double acting remote hydraulic control

Kubota L4600 front pivot shaft removal.