Kubota L3301 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota L3301

Intro – The  Kubota L3301 was first manufactured some six or seven years ago, but has proved highly popular in today’s agricultural market, and are still regarded as one of the strongest performers that Kubota have in its range of agricultural machines.

Whilst it can be described as a compact utility tractor, when first manufactured it was regarded as setting new standards of professionalism in how tractors could work. It offers a combination of great power with great versatility. This is a combination not easily achieved, but something that Kubota specialise in.

This tractor is regarded as a perfect all-rounder for both relatively small acreages of land, and larger agricultural farms and smallholdings.

It can approach and deal with demanding tasks with a relative amount of ease, given its build and power specifications. It works as well what would be considered tough field or land conditions, as well as in pleasant surroundings.

It is what is known as a service friendly agricultural tractor. This means that the performance of the tractor is matched with a really good level of fuel economy, and a servicing and maintenance schedule and regime that is as slender as one can get.

Kubota L3301 specs

Year produced 2014 – present

Compact Utility Tractor

The Kubota L3301 has a standard Kubota engine, which has a worldwide reputation for its reliability, durability and levels of power and output. This contributes to its unique ability to combine high-level performance with maximum levels of output.

It employs state of the art technology in its engine,as well as throughout all the mechanical and structural systems of the tractor.

It employs the most appropriate technology to make the engine as quiet as possible, and the ride is smooth and pleasant as possible for the operators of the tractor. All these Kubota L3301 engines allow for additional power reserves that maximise all areas of its performance.

The transmission and hydraulic system of the Kubota L3301 means that there is a smooth level of operation under all conditions of land, and different types of work. It’s different powershift speeds allow for maximum efficiency under all conditions, and under all different types of load and different weights of attachments or implements.

The hydraulic system offers a massive lifting capacity, and is specifically matched lifting gear to make sure its performance is as strong as it can be.

The Cabin of the Kubota L3301 is specifically designed to be what Kubota referr to as an ideal command centre. It has a surprisingly large amount of room, and is surprisingly quiet as well.

The specific design of the seat, and the layout of the instrument panel allow for level of ease-of-use that means the operator of the tractor can remain productive focus for long periods of time.

There is also a large safety element to this level of production, as the more attractive the environment of the cabin, more alert and attentive the driver of the tractor will be any sign of external risks that may need managing.

The Kubota L3301 has a 1.8 L three cylinder diesel engine, with a fuel capacity of around 11 gallons of just over 40 L. It has a three point hitch at the rear, with a lift of between 1400lbs and approx 2000 lbs this.

It has a rear power takeoff transmission system, it will base of approximately 60 inches, and weighs somewhere between 2500 lbs and 2800 lbs costs.

There are two types of Kubota L3301 Available, one that is a 4 x 2, two wheel drive, and now that is a 4×4, four-wheel-drive. Both have power steering and a mechanical wet this braking system.

The Kubota L3301 comes with a standard to post folding ROPS, and it is possible to buy attachments which act as a roof covering if needed, although it should be noted that the recovering but not really provide much additional safety support.

Kubota L3301 for sale / prices

Manufacturers and dealers are often quite quiet about the list price for a new tractor, as they want you to call for a price, which they can then use as a lead for a sale. One of the advantages of looking at online auction sites is that they often missed a number of new all roads of the new tractors as well.

There are a significant number of new Kubota L3301 tractors available online, and prices range from between US dollars 22,000/23,000 up to 25/27,000.

The reason there is such a discrepancy in price is often because the dealership has wide discretion as to the list price, as well as extras such as additional warranties, implements or attachments, trading on other models, credit arrangements etc.

Kubota L3301 – craigslist

Many people like to look for a used Kubota L3301 on sites such as craigslist. The main reason is that they offer a very specific geographical area within which to search products, which given the shipping costs and need to inspect mechanics can be a real issue when buying a used tractor.

The disadvantage is that it obviously limits the number of characters available to the specific geographical area that the individual was looking at. With a new tractor this is not such an issue, as many deals will make allowances for shipping when negotiating a sale. Many dealerships have specific Internet sales teams who focus on out-of-state or out of city sales, and make the delivery process relatively straightforward.

Kubota L3301 attachments

there are a number of significant attachments that can be used with this tractor, although the most common ones of the front loader and rear backhoe. More possible options are listed below.

The standard loader has a height of approximately 90 inches, a dump reach of approximately 25 to 30 inches, a dump angle of approximately 40° and a rollback angle of approximately 31°.

The backhoe has a 2 foot flat leaking depth of approximately 90 inches, a lady height of approximately just under 70 inches and a reach from pivot of approximately hundred and 20 inches as well.

Front End Loader – height, clearance, dump reach, bucket width


Mower Deck

All purpose seeder

Pallett Forks

Box Blade

Grooming Mower

Finishing Mower

Fertilizer Spreader

Rotary Tiller

Rotary Cutter

Rear Blade

Wood Chopper

landscapr Trailer

Kubota L3301 parts

parts for the Kubota L3301 are widely available, both through dealerships and a number of special sites online. Most of the parts that are needed for different systems identified below. If buying aftermarket parts and online or from a dealer, it is worth bearing in mind that this may possibly breach any warranty comes with a tractor.

The wording of the warranty needs to be checked carefully as quite often will stipulate that all parts need to be manufacture based, and all servicing needs to be done through a registered dealer.

There have been anecdotal cases of people challenging this in law, but it would prove a very expensive way to make a point about the outcome.

Accessories and service parts

Brake parts

Cooling water system

Electrical system


Front axle

Fuel system

Kubota L3301 – manuals

Service manuals for the Kubota L3301 can usually be obtained as downloadable PDFs on a number of websites. These are usually free, but there are some sites that charge for them. Otherwise, manuals can often be obtainedfrom sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Kubota L3301 reviews / problems – common questions

Some of the most common problems and questions are listed below :

How much does a Kubota L3301 cost

what horsepower is a Kubota L3301

Does the Kubota L3301 have enough power

Is Kubota L3301 Worth the money

How long do engines on the Kubota L3301 last

The answers to the above questions depend to an extent on the individual, how much they pay for the tractor and what they intend to use it for. A good dealership will spend time with a potential customer specifically identifying what type of work they want to use the track before, and what type of land it is to be used on.

This then should lead much more clearly onto a recently clear understanding of what would be the most appropriate tractor in terms of cost and its power output.

With a tractor is not just its speed manoeuvrability that is the issue, it is how well it handles implements and attachments that tend to define the type of work that it will be used for. factors are designed to be used in a variety of settings, but ultimately their effectivenessdepends on the type of work that they will be engaged in.

On the whole, kubota had a very strong reputation in terms of a brand, and are very popular sticky in the United States, where they have established a niche market has been very small compact tractors, but can nevertheless deliver powerful levels of performance in all types of conditions.