Kubota D1703 Parts

Kubota D1703 parts

The Kubota D1703 was a widely used diesel engine, and is still actively used in many Kubota agricultural machines. There are an extensive number of parts available online, either at specialist Kubota Part stores, or on sites such as eBay or AliBaba.

Kubota D1703 Water pumps

Water pump failures can normally because by something such as a bearing failure, a mechanical CU failure or a poor flowrate that causes the engine to overheat.

Kubota D1703 Thermostat

A thermostat can fail to work properly because it is sticking in either a closed or a partially open position, causing the engine to overheat, over cool fluctuates between the two.

Kubota D1703 Fuel Pumps

A fuel pump failure can normally be seen by poor starting, excessive smoke coming from the engine, a lack of power or water in the fuel department. It can also be activated to 2 using the incorrect type of fuel or if any type of dirt or other contaminants has got into the fuel line itself.

Kubota D1703 parts guide

Below are listed some of the main types of spare parts that can be needed as replacement parts for a Kubota D1703 diesel engine.

Air cleaner




Cylinder head

Cylinder head cover

Double air cleaner

Engine stop level

Exhaust manifold muffler



Fuel camshaft

Fuel filter components

Fuel type.

Fuel tank

Here case


Injection pump

Injection pump components

Inlet manifold

k kit

Main bearing case

Nozzle holder glow plug

Nozzle holder components

Oil pan

Piston crankshaft


Reserve tank

Speed control


Starter components

Q kit

Valve rocker arm


Water pump

It is also possible to buy an engine rebuild kit for a Kubota D1703 engine excavator aftermarket kit diesel engine parts, which would cost in the region of between US $600 – US $300

it is also possible to buy an engine rebuild kit Kubota D1703 engine excavator aftermarket diesel engine parts. This should cost in the region of US $1 50 – US $70/75.