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Kubota B8200 : Specs, Parts, Attachments, Reviews

The Kubota B8200 was one of the bestselling compact utility tractors in its day, first manufactured in 1983 and continued into the mid-90s.

There were a number of variants of it as a tractor, the most notable being the Kubota B8200F, Kubota B8200 DT, Kubota B8200E and Kubota B8200D.

These variants were tractors that were two wheel drive gear based, and four-wheel-drive gear based. There were also two variants of the tractor that tried to wheel drive and four-wheel-drive with a hydrostatic based system.

Kubota B8200 specs

The Kubota B8200 had a standard Kubota  0.9 L three cylinder diesel engine, which had a strong reputation as a powerful yet economical engine.

It had a fuel capacity of just over 5 gallons, and its hydraulic system had a capacity of just over 18 L.

The engine had a power output of 19/20 hp, a gear PTO of roughly 15 hp, Andy hydrostatic the show approximately 14/15.

The Kubota B8200 as a three-point which at the rear, with a rear lift of between 1000 and 1300 lbs approx. It has a wheelbase of just over 60 inches, and weighs between 1400 and 1600 lbs.

As mentioned above, could come as either a four-wheel-drive in two wheel drive, normally with manual steering, although power steering is optional on some models of tractor. It has a two post ROPS in place which offers the minimum safety protection.

Kubota B8200 for sale / prices

It is worth noting, that the Kubota B8200was mostly manufactured in Japan, unlike later models which are manufactured in the USA. This probably made slightly more expensive at the time of sale, where its list price was somewhere around US dollars 11,000.

Second-hand and used models of the Kubota B8200can be quite hard to find. Given the age of the tractor, careful attention should be paid to its mechanical condition.

As much detail should be gathered as possible as to its service history, as well as what type of land has been used on, and what type of work has been used for.

Kubota B8200 attachments

As with many Kubota tractors, the Kubota B8200has a wide range of attachments can be used with it, making it a very versatile agricultural machine.

The most common attachments include a mowing deck, a snow blower, a front end loader and a backhoe.

There are a number of other attachments, often made by third parties which can also add to its usefulness. these can include different types of backhoes, as well as different types and sizes of buckets.

Kubota B8200 parts

Parts for the Kubota B8200 are an important issue when buying any type of second-hand tractor. most common parts required normally relate to the clutch and transmission, the water system, the electrical system, the engine and the hydraulic system.

There are a wide range of manufacturer and aftermarket parts available, both from Kubota dealers and from aftermarket parts.

The important thing,is to know precisely which part is required before purchase, ideally to also know the part number.

This may take a bit of research, but is an essential part of making sure that the correct Kubota B8200 partis obtained and fitted correctly.

Kubota B8200 reviews / problems

With a tractor of this age, there are inevitably going to be a number of mechanical and maintenance issues that arise. Anyone buying a second-hand or used Kubota B8200 it is likely to be aware of these.

Most problems can normally be anticipated by doing some research online.

The best prices tractor forums and discussion groups on social media, and discussion forums such as tractor by net. There are normally a lot of very experienced and helpful people who are part of these followings, and are usually very keen to help.

Kubota B8200 manuals

Finding a manual for a Kubota B8200 should in theory be relatively easy, even allowing the age of the tractor. There are a number of very specific sites with available kubota manuals can be downloaded as a PDF.

There are also a number of sites that offer paid versions, and sites such as Amazon and eBay also often carry kubota manuals.

The other alternative is to check with a Kubota dealer as to what is the nearest tractor in terms of specifications and size that is currently available for sale, and use the manual for that tractor instead.

Although a slightly hybrid solution, it is possible to work this although it might be an idea to check any specific problems or issues with social media groups or discussion groups as mentioned above.

Kubota B8200 craigslist

Craigslist is a popular marketplace for a wide range of Kubota tractors, and is certainly well worth checking out.

Its main advantage and disadvantage is the same thing, that it covers a wide geographical area. this means is possible to search by area, which can both limit and expand the scope.

As with all second-hand mechanical equipment, remember that most of the sales are likely to be from private individuals, and all necessary checks should be done beforehand wherever possible.