Kubota Air Conditioning Parts

Kubota Air Conditioning parts

Many Kubota tractors have a sealed cab, which is a key element in keeping the operator safe and secure during the work the tractor is doing.

What is equally important, is that the interior of the cab is kept well ventilated, with some type of Kubota Air Conditioning.

The cab should have some type of air conditioning in order for the operator to be kept fully alert and awake during all operations.

It is fairly obvious that if the driver becomes drowsy or sleepy because of a lack of proper air then you can present real dangers to themselves and other people.

Whatever type of air conditioning there is in any Kubota tractor, there is a fair chance that some parts will need replacing at some point.

Kubota Air Conditioning parts

Kubota air conditioning parts can be found online, either through dedicated tractor parts websites, or on eBay or similar auction sites. It may be possible to find them on Amazon as well.

Some of the most common Kubota air conditioning parts are

Condenser for Kubota – Kubota part number T2055 – 72220

Flare type Expansion Valve for Kubota – Kubota part numberT0070 – 94120

Filter dryer for KubotaKubota part number – 33770 – 56810, 3F999 – 01740

Evaporator for Kubota – Kubota part number T0270 – 87340

There are a wide range of different air conditioning condensers, air conditioning expansion fouls, air conditioning filter dryers and air – con evaporators that can be used on a wide range of different models of Kubota tractors.

Some of these models include the Kubota L3240, the L3600, the L3710, the M105 and the M5040.