Kubota L2501 – Specs, Reviews and Accessories

The Kubota l2501 is one of the most popular and powerful tractors on the market today.Kubota combine a solid reputation for versatile machines with impressive specifications. This tractor has a number of special features designed to enhance it’s performance .

Kubota has always had fuel-efficient engines, and the l2501 is it cleanest engine yet, and makes maintenance easier with a gas strut hood opener .

Kubota have always placed great emphasis on the comfort of the operators cab, and in the l2501 there is a specific ergonomic design to make the interior more comfortable. given that the operator spends a lot of time in the cab. This is both a practical and a safety issue . The operative is likely to feel less tired, and is likely to perform their job better, with less risk of them making a mistake .

The deck has been specifically redesigned, so that it is almost flat. This means getting in and out of the cab is much easier and safer. The Kubota L2501 also has HST transmission with four-wheel-drive. This offers a simple process of being able to go forward and reverse with three range shifting making movement much easier. There is also an option to install cruise control if wanted.

Kubota L2501 Specs

The specifications of the L2501 are as follows. It has an overall length of approximately 110 inches, the width of the outside frame is approximately 4.6 feet. The height to the top of the card is 7.65 feet, it has a wheelbase of approximately 60 inches and its ground clearance is just over one foot.

The engine has three cylinders, and is a direct injection, vertical, water cooled 4 cycle diesel engine. It also has a PTO power of 20 hp.

It has a fuel capacity of just over 10 gallons, and a cooling system fluid capacity of 1 1/2 gallons. It has a category one three-point hitch type control, and a turning radius of just over 8 feet

The transmission consists of disk type bricks, an integral type power steering, a dry type single stage clutch and a gearshift manual transmission.

Kubota L2501 Reviews

When looking for reviews of any tractor, you should bear a few things in mind. Some of the reviews can be quite old, and may make reference to things like the specifications being hard to find. That may have been true at the time, but it’s less likely to be the case nowadays.

Most reviews tend to be put online by Kubota dealerships and these are quite often video reviews. These can be good in terms of giving you a good overall picture of the tractor and how it should work. Reviews on sites like Tractor by Net are more likely to be really practical.

They will not be specific reviews in the same way that sites like Amazon have reviews, but will be about practical issues, both good and bad, which will be flagged up by genuine users of these tractors.

Problems that people raise should get specific answers, and are most likely to either show a pattern regarding a particular issue, and often practical advice about how it can be dealt with.

Kubota L2501 Problems

When are talking about problems with the Kubota l2501, it is important to distinguish between problems that people have because the tractor did not meet their needs, and problems that are inherent in the mechanical or structural workings of the tractor.

Anyone buying a Kubota L2501 one is likely to have weighed up the benefits of the tractor against other models, and possibly other manufacturers as well, and made a decision that the L501 is the best tractor for them. This is a judgement call they make, and one that may or may not prove to be correct.

An example would be someone who buys a kubota L2501 and has a gear drive instead of a kubota l2501 HST.

Other people have reported problems with trying to start it up with the battery seemingly dead.

Kubota L2501 Accessories

When talking about accessories, it is important to distinguish between accessories and implements.

The Kubota L2501 has an available front loader, and backhoe. Other accessories tend to revolve around things like chemicals and cleaners, lubrication products, fuel products, electronics, track, hay and grain technology, radios, batteries, cargo nets, sprayers, tools storage, pressure washers, lifting equipment and, never forgetting toys.

Kubota Dealer Guide

Finding a Kubota dealer is relatively easy, either through an Internet search or through a dealer locator on the main website. The real trick is to find a Kubota dealer who can give you what you want at the best possible price.

The Internet has changed the whole landscape of how to buy any type of Kubota tractor, generator,  mower or UTV. Most Kubota dealers will offer significant deals, both on the machinery itself, on parts and servicing, on credit and will hope to build a long-term relationship with the client.

Kubota Dealer

A Kubota dealer is a representative of the manufacturer, in this case, but is at the same time an independent business. This means that they are in competition with other Kubota dealers, both local to you and more far afield.

This means that when you have decided what type of Kubota tractor or other machinery you want to buy, you can approach several Kubota dealers independently of each other, either online or by phone, and obtain the best possible deal before even entering a showroom.

This is really significant because it puts you in a much stronger buying position than if you were simply to enter a Kubota showroom, or visit a Kubota dealership before having made any negotiating plays.

If you are willing to travel, then it is likely that you can widen your range of Kubota dealerships who are willing to negotiate with you. Some will even agree to shipping the tractor to your home location as part of a purchasing deal.

Kubota Dealer Near Me

Many people assume that it makes sense to go to the nearest Kubota dealer to where you live. When buying the tractor this is not necessarily the case, as outlined above.

It should be remembered that whereever the tractor is bought from, the servicing and maintenance and any repairs under a warranty can be done at the Kubota dealership nearest where you live.

They will be more than happy to establish some type of relationship with you, but as a way of obtaining business, and of building up long-term contracts.

Kubota Parts Dealer

A Kubota dealer will also be able to obtain manufacturers parts, which they should use a standard in any work they do on a tractor, either as part of a normal maintenance routine, or in the event of a breakdown or accident that the Kubota tractor may have been involved in.

If you wish to use aftermarket parts, this is something that should be discussed with the Kubota dealership as they may not be open to doing this. It is also worth checking if using aftermarket parts affect any warranty that may be in operation on the tractor.

Kubota Dealer Locator

Locating a dealer can be done either online, or through personal contact  or information. If done online, the easiest way is either through an Internet search, going to the main Kubota website, or through a personal recommendation on an Internet forum.

Internet forums may have died out in popularity to a degree, but they are a hugely popular and good resource for tractors.

If buying a used Kubota tractor, it is worth bearing in mind that many other dealerships are also likely to sell them, and a personal recommendation from someone on a forum may be a really good way of establishing contact.

Kubota Tractor Dealer

Any Kubota dealer is likely to offer a wide range of tractors, but may also have special offers on certain tractors that they either need to shift because of inventory problems, or which they are trying to sell because a new model is coming through.

Kubota Dealerships in certain areas of the country may also have strong links to certain types of tractor or agricultural machinery, which may well benefit you by way of advice and knowledge as to which is the best type of tractor to use in your particular situation.

Kubota Generator Dealer

Kubota make a number of generators that are widely used throughout industry and business, including hospitals and other types of care facilities. Buying or renting a generator can often be done through a number of different types of dealership, including Kubota dealers.

It is well worth doing a degree of research online to find out the best source of buying such a generator that is local to you, you can visit and inspect the generator, and where you can return it for regular servicing and maintenance,  or return it. if any manufacturing problems


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Used Kubota Dealers

Buying a new or used Kubota tractor is an investment that is worth taking a bit of time and trouble over, and doing some research into, in order to reduce risk, and maximize benefits .

Used Kubota Tractor – Why Kubota

Kubota is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of agricultural machinery around today.

That matters quite a lot when you are buying any tractor, but especially a used Kubota tractor. Most people buy thing by brand loyalty. Kubota has established itself as a major player over time by the quality of its machinery, and its wide network of dealerships across the world, as well as it reputation for quality servicing and maintenance of a used Kubota Tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota dealers.

Virtually any company need agents to sell its products, whether its toothpaste or tractors.

Kubota as a company pretty much survives on its network of dealers, so it is in everyones interest to make sure that the dealership is effective in attracting and retaining a loyal customer basewhen buying a used Kubota tractor

This should apply both to the quality of used Kubota tractors and other machinery sold , and also to the after sales service that will hopefully look after you once you have bought the used Kubota Tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor – Network of Kubota dealers

Finding a Kubota dealer shouldn’t be a problem in todays age.

If you type in Kubota to any search engine you should be able to find a network of Kubota dealers from the company website that is applicable to your countryfrom whom you can buy a used Kubota tractor

That is a really good starting point. Any dealer will inevitably offer deals either on the price of a tractor, and or possibly deals on servicing and maintenance once you have bought the tractor from them.

A Kubota dealer should also offer a decent warranty, dependent on the age and condition of the used Kubota tractor itself.

Bear in mind that Kubota offer a lot of other machinery than just tractors, and a Kubota dealer will have access to much of that and be in a really good place to offer advice and guidance if you want information on or are looking to buy another used Kubota tractor.

Used Kubota Parts

Kubota make a wide range of tractors, the majority of which are designed to last for many many years, meaning as such there is a big market for used Kubota parts, both in terms of buying used Kubota parts for a Kubota tractor.

There is also a big market in terms of people who have a Kubota tractor and effectively use it to sell used Kubota parts, because they do not wish to use the Kubota tractor any more.

Used Kubota Parts – Kubota BX tractors

Kubota tractors start with the popular BX series

Kubota BX1870

Kubota BX2370

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2360

Kubota BX1860

Kubota BX 25

Kubota BX 25D

Used Kubota Parts – Products and support

When looking at used K parts, there are a number of products that tend to be classified under the used Kubota part banner. These are used Kubota parts – lubricants, used Kubota parts – filters, used Kubota parts – paints, used Kubota parts – batteries, used Kubota parts – belts, used Kubota parts – rubber tracks and used Kubota parts – workshop tools.

Used Kubota parts – Lubricants

The area of lubricants when referring to used Kubota parts is in the main referring to all types of oil and fluid that are used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

These in the main refer to hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease and brake fluid. Kubota recommend that only official Kubota oils and fluids be used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

In the main these fluids will be used when either servicing a tractor or doing regular maintenance work. If such work is being done by a recognised Kubota dealer, very his good to ensure that they use Kubota parts.

Used Kubota parts – warranty

Every new Kubota tractor and other piece of Kubota agricultural machinery will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, possibly an extended warranty and possibly a dealership warranty of some description.

It is likely to be a condition of any warranty that only recognised manufacturers parts and products are used in the servicing and maintenance of the Kubota tractor. This is certainly true in the event of any replacement parts that need to be used.

It is worth checking with the terms of the warranty to see if used Kubota parts are specifically excluded or not. If in doubt it is worth checking with a Kubota dealer to see if they will use K parts, and whether or not they specifically include or exclude used Kubota parts as being in violation or not of any warranty.

Used Kubota parts – buying

The availability of used Kubota parts has increased considerably with the advent of the Internet, and it is now possible to buy virtually any used K part anywhere in the world.

With most types of day-to-day Kubota products such as filters and paints this is unlikely to be much of an issue.

Where it becomes an issue with buying a used Kubota part is when it relates to something like an engine rebuild, where the cost of the used Kubota part is an important feature in the cost of the repair or maintenance work.

In this instance the cost of the used Kubota part could determine whether the work is done left and a new Kubota tractor purchased.

If you are doing the work yourself, then you need to be aware that used Kubota parts, whatever you buy them from need to be specific to your make and model and year of manufacture of your Kubota tractor.

This information will be key to your knowing that the used Kubota part that you are buying is appropriate to your tractor.

If you buy used Kubota parts online either via an auction such as eBay, or some other site, you might well have serious problems if it turned out to be not appropriate for your particular Kubota tractor, especially if you have failed to recognise or not identify correctly your make and model.

This information can be obtained by looking at the relevant place on the tractor itself, or if necessary by contacting your local Kubota dealer and asking their advice.

Used Kubota Tractor Guide

Kubota is one of the oldest and most respected industrial companies in Japan, and has had a significant presence in the west, selling used used kubota tractors for many many years as well.

This is particularly important when buying any machinery that has a long term usage,used or new. This is because of issues about reliability and also issues about having a network of dealers who will be around for a long time, and also the availability of parts for servicing and repair work for a used kubota tractor

Obviously reliability is probably the main factor for everyone, and whilst this comes down to the individual used kubota tractor, the reputation of the company is also really important.

Used Kubota Tractor – Range of Kubota Tractors

Kubota classify their used kubota tractors into four main categories, sub compact, compact, mid range and agricultural. As you might expect, compact means small, or smaller tractor. The classifications are helpful in designating usage for a particular used Kubota tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor – Sub Compact Kubota Tractors

The mainused Kubota tractor in this range is the used Kubota BX2350, a 3 cylinder liquids cooled diesel engine, with HST transmission, independent mid and rear PTO and power steering.

Hydraulic power steering makes moving around and carrying loads much easier, but also much safer as well because it is much easier to concentrate on what you are doing.

Used Kubota Tractor – Compact Kubota Tractors

The used Kubota tractor in this category cover three main series, the used Kubota B20 series, the used Kubota B30 series and the used Kubota STV series, all pretty much designed for use in largish gardens, small nurseries, and small agricultural work.

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota B20 series.

This consists of four tractors, the used Kubota B1220, the used Kubota B1620, the used Kubota B1820 and the used Kubota B2420. These four models offer between 12 and 24 hp, 4wd and a range of extras that make them really fun and easy to use.

They are easy to maintain because they have lift up hoods, detachable side covers and a removable front grille. They also have a built in air cleaner. All the used kubota tractor B20 series tractors are powered by the E- TVCS engine.

This stands for Three Vortex combustion system, and is basically a liquid cooled combustion engine, designed to provide more power whilst emitting less pollutants and using less fuel. A lot of tractors used to be built with a fairly rugged sense of basic needs in mind.

Todays used kubota tractors are built with comfort for the driver as a key selling point.

The used Kubota B20 series has a fully rubber covered operator deck, backlit instrument panel, large color coded levers, a really comfortable seat, power steering on two of the models and what Kubota refer to as ‘ a vibration dampening mechanism ‘ which apparently helps the driver to not feel so tired during long periods of use.

Not quite sure how it works, presumably a bit like a massage in some way !

Used Kubota Tractor -Kubota B30 series.

This again consists of four models, the used kubota B1830, the used kubota B2530, the used kubota B2230 and the used kubota B3030.

These range from 18 to 30hp, and also offer a range of air conditioned cabs for those long hot days ! That may sound a bit of a novelty, but can actually make a huge difference to driver performance, and therefore safety and productivity as well.

These used kubota tractors can be used for a range of different tasks, including spraying, mowing and front loader work. The B30 series models all have a hydraulic independent PTO system, as well as power steering, really important for a lot of different types of agricultural work.

These used kubota tractors are powered by a Super 05 Series ETVCS diesel engine. Aside from the air conditioned cabs, comfort has been built into the design and layout of the seating and operating controls for all models. All B30 series models have an original 2 year manufacturers parts and labor warranty.

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota STV series.

Three tractors, the STV32, the STV36 and the STV40. All really powerful, ranging from 32 to 40 hp, they have a 4 cycle, 3 cylinder ETVCS water cooled diesel engine. Really powerful and designed fot really efficient usage in lots of different types of terrain.

Used Kubota Tractor – Mid Range Kubota tractors.

This range consists of two series, the used Kubota L series and the used Kubota GL40 series.

The used Kubota L series consist of three tractors, the used kubota tractor L3200, the used kubota tractor L4100 and the used kubota tractor L4100HST.These range from 32hp to 41 hp.These are described as no frills, basic but powerful tractors.

They are available with a ROPS, a roll over protection structure, and include a four wheel drive, a dual clutch, 540rpm rear power take off and power steering.The used Kubota GL40 series consists of a number of really powerful machines, ranging from the used kubota L3540 with 37 hp, through to the used kubota tractor L5740 with a 59hp!

They really need to be sen to be appreciated, but look really impressive, both in terms of actual looks, as well as technological features. Check out the IntelliPanel information system. The used Kubota agricultural tractors are mean machines.

They range from the M6040, a 60hp 4cylinderc-cdis engine, through to the M130X, a 130hp monster. They are designed for heavy agricultural or industrial work, aimed at farmers and all types of building and land based contractors.

They are powered by a Tier III compliant, 4 cylinder E-CDIS diesel engine, and have an impressive range of high end tech and mechanical specs.

Buying a used Kubota tractor can be a more difficult decision than you might at first think, and a lot of people effectively buy by brand, in the same way they buy an auto by brand as well.

Kubota is a well established company that has a strong reputation for building reliable sturdy products that last , and generally have a good resale value.

Kubota have a range of different used Kubota  tractor models, most of which have been around for a long time and are well established in the marketplace.

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota BX Series

The used Kubota tractor Kubota BX series is at the lower end of their product range, with machines ranging from 18 – 25.5 hp

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota B series

The used Kubota tractor Kubota B series has a range of tractors from 18 – 32 hp

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota TLB Series

The used Kubota tractor Kubota TLB series has some heavy machines, weighing in from 21 – 59 hp

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota L series

The used Kubota tractor  Kubota L series have a range of tractors from 30 to 59 hp

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota M series

The used Kubota tractorKubota M series is the top of their range, with tractors ranging from 43 hp to a whopping 136 hp.

The other consideration when buying a used Kubota tractor, or any used tractor when it comes to that is the availability and quality of buying used parts, products, and what level of support there is.

Partsfor aused Kubota tractor is probably less of an issue, as factory made Kubota parts should be of a fairly high quality, and if not for any reason will be replaceable.

Support , where available , should also be good , simply because of Kubota’s network of dealers, and their reputation, based on their experience as a company, worldwide.

The specifics of support will of course depend where you live, and here the person or dealer you will be buying the used kubota tractor from will be your best bet.

They will know who is best placed to offer support after sales , and for how long.

Also, when buying a used Kubota tractor, or any used tractor, do check out what it was used for and where it has been used both in terms of type of terrain, and physically where it has been used.

Both these factors should give you a really good indication of the state of the used Kubota tractor.

The Kubota website has a really good section on maintenance, giving a checklist of daily maintenance check points, as well as as more general advice and guidance on a number of different check points, and after how many hours each needs doing when working on a used Kubota tractor

Each Kubota webiste for the country you live in should have a dealer locator as well, so finding one or not, should be relatively easy.

There are a number of obvious advantages and disadvantages to buying a used Kubota tractor or in fact any piece of used Kubota machinery.

The most important thing to remember in the buying process is research. If you have access to the internet, then research is made a lot easier.

Here we look at the principles of research that will make the whole process of buying a used Kubota tractor much easier and simpler.

Used Kubota Tractor – Researching Kubota used tractors.

The first thing is to be clear about which type of used  Kubota tractor you are interested in buying, and here there are two important factors.

One is the type of land and type of work that you want your used kubota tractor to do, and secondly is the level of comfort and safety that you want when using your tractor.

These two are not necessarily the same, as you may want to mix and match. The second thing is about where you look, and what to look out for when buying a used Kubota tractor that has already been used.

Used Kubota Tractor – Where to buy a used Kubota

The easiest way to think of this is similar to buying a used car, although it should be a much safer process ! –

The internet has certainly made things much easier, and probably more of a buyers market for any used tractor or other piece of used Kubota tractor or machinery.

There are numerous websites and discussion boards about tractors and agricultural machinery, that are genuine and real, and give you a vital amount of practical information about manufacturers of tractors, and the different models available of a used Kubota tractor.

Traditional ways of buying a tractor ,or used car, apply such as local papers,, word of mouth, local ads in stores and shops,and simply going to a main Kubota dealer and having a chat about what to buy in terms of aused Kubota tractor

Used Kubota Tractor – Things to look out for when buying a used Kubota tractor

Again principles of buying a used car apply.

Details of who has owned the used Kubota tractor are really important, as well as info on where it has been used, both in terms of geographical are, and the type of land it has been used on.

This will give you a fairly good picture about its age and condition, and therefore its future prospects. Check out its maintenance schedule, and where the used Kubota tractor has been serviced , and by whom.

Check whether or not original Kubota parts were used. Its alo important to check the availability of Kubota dealers and Kubota parts in your area, or where you live, as this will impact on your own maintenance schedule and servicing requirements.

Buying a used Kubota tractor may well be a significant investment, and a decision that you will not take lightly.

The first and most obvious thing is to decide on the make and model you want to buy. There area variety of used  Kubota tractors available, ranging in size from those that are designed for gardens and large lawns, through to heavy duty industrial machines.

To an extent, the type of used kubota tractor you buy from Kubota or another manufacturer will depend to an extent on where you want to use it, by way of how big the land is that you want to use it on.

That isn’t the only consideration, as certain models of a used Kubota tractor will have certain safety features , or a certain level of comfort that appeal to you, even if the used Kubota tractor itself may seem slightly bigger than you need.

The other question that will arise is where to buy it from, and essentially there are three options available.

Used Kubota Tractor – Used Tractors

Buying from a used Kubota tractor dealer, buying from a dealer with a lot of different manufacturers available, and buying privately from an a individual, either via a local paper, or via website or other medium.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and in many ways its quite similar to buying a used or second hand car, but hopefully less stressful. Buying a used tractor from a Kubota dealer has many obvious advantages.

Depending on age and model of a used Kubota tractor it may well come with a warranty, which will give you peace of mind, and possible a service history as well, also possibly information about where the used Kubota tractor has been used , both geographically as well as with what types of terrain.

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota Dealers

Buying a used Kubota tractor from an official Kubota dealer also has the advantage of continuity when it comes to maintenance and servicing the used tractor, which can be a really important issue.

The same issues can apply when buying a used tractor from a dealer who isn’t an official Kubota dealer, but there may be more practical problems with things like warranties and maintenance servicing. Buying from an individual may well be really good option. It is likely to cost less than from a dealer,but you are obviously taking a risk  buying a used Kubota tractor, as you would buying a used car.

The advantage of buying from an individual depends to an extent how long s/he has owned it, but you might well be able to get a clearer sense of its condition based on where the person lives, and where the tractor has been used.Its also worth finding out why the person is selling if you can.

It may be because they are upgrading their used Kubota tractor to a better/bigger model of tractor, or changing the type of work they do. Or it could be because they have used the Kubota tractor for along period of time and they want a replacement.

That could tell you that either the used Kubota tractor is really reliable, or has been worked into the ground and should be steered well clear of. Either way the more information you have from local sources will help you make a better judgment.