Used Kubota Dealers

Buying a new or used Kubota tractor is an investment that is worth taking a bit of time and trouble over, and doing some research into, in order to reduce risk, and maximize benefits .

Used Kubota Tractor – Why Kubota

Kubota is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of agricultural machinery around today.

That matters quite a lot when you are buying any tractor, but especially a used Kubota tractor. Most people buy thing by brand loyalty. Kubota has established itself as a major player over time by the quality of its machinery, and its wide network of dealerships across the world, as well as it reputation for quality servicing and maintenance of a used Kubota Tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota dealers.

Virtually any company need agents to sell its products, whether its toothpaste or tractors.

Kubota as a company pretty much survives on its network of dealers, so it is in everyones interest to make sure that the dealership is effective in attracting and retaining a loyal customer basewhen buying a used Kubota tractor

This should apply both to the quality of used Kubota tractors and other machinery sold , and also to the after sales service that will hopefully look after you once you have bought the used Kubota Tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor – Network of Kubota dealers

Finding a Kubota dealer shouldn’t be a problem in todays age.

If you type in Kubota to any search engine you should be able to find a network of Kubota dealers from the company website that is applicable to your countryfrom whom you can buy a used Kubota tractor

That is a really good starting point. Any dealer will inevitably offer deals either on the price of a tractor, and or possibly deals on servicing and maintenance once you have bought the tractor from them.

A Kubota dealer should also offer a decent warranty, dependent on the age and condition of the used Kubota tractor itself.

Bear in mind that Kubota offer a lot of other machinery than just tractors, and a Kubota dealer will have access to much of that and be in a really good place to offer advice and guidance if you want information on or are looking to buy another used Kubota tractor.

Used Kubota Parts

Kubota make a wide range of tractors, the majority of which are designed to last for many many years, meaning as such there is a big market for used Kubota parts, both in terms of buying used Kubota parts for a Kubota tractor.

There is also a big market in terms of people who have a Kubota tractor and effectively use it to sell used Kubota parts, because they do not wish to use the Kubota tractor any more.

Used Kubota Parts – Kubota BX tractors

Kubota tractors start with the popular BX series

Kubota BX1870

Kubota BX2370

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2360

Kubota BX1860

Kubota BX 25

Kubota BX 25D

Used Kubota Parts – Products and support

When looking at used K parts, there are a number of products that tend to be classified under the used Kubota part banner. These are used Kubota parts – lubricants, used Kubota parts – filters, used Kubota parts – paints, used Kubota parts – batteries, used Kubota parts – belts, used Kubota parts – rubber tracks and used Kubota parts – workshop tools.

Used Kubota parts – Lubricants

The area of lubricants when referring to used Kubota parts is in the main referring to all types of oil and fluid that are used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

These in the main refer to hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease and brake fluid. Kubota recommend that only official Kubota oils and fluids be used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

In the main these fluids will be used when either servicing a tractor or doing regular maintenance work. If such work is being done by a recognised Kubota dealer, very his good to ensure that they use Kubota parts.

Used Kubota parts – warranty

Every new Kubota tractor and other piece of Kubota agricultural machinery will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, possibly an extended warranty and possibly a dealership warranty of some description.

It is likely to be a condition of any warranty that only recognised manufacturers parts and products are used in the servicing and maintenance of the Kubota tractor. This is certainly true in the event of any replacement parts that need to be used.

It is worth checking with the terms of the warranty to see if used Kubota parts are specifically excluded or not. If in doubt it is worth checking with a Kubota dealer to see if they will use K parts, and whether or not they specifically include or exclude used Kubota parts as being in violation or not of any warranty.

Used Kubota parts – buying

The availability of used Kubota parts has increased considerably with the advent of the Internet, and it is now possible to buy virtually any used K part anywhere in the world.

With most types of day-to-day Kubota products such as filters and paints this is unlikely to be much of an issue.

Where it becomes an issue with buying a used Kubota part is when it relates to something like an engine rebuild, where the cost of the used Kubota part is an important feature in the cost of the repair or maintenance work.

In this instance the cost of the used Kubota part could determine whether the work is done left and a new Kubota tractor purchased.

If you are doing the work yourself, then you need to be aware that used Kubota parts, whatever you buy them from need to be specific to your make and model and year of manufacture of your Kubota tractor.

This information will be key to your knowing that the used Kubota part that you are buying is appropriate to your tractor.

If you buy used Kubota parts online either via an auction such as eBay, or some other site, you might well have serious problems if it turned out to be not appropriate for your particular Kubota tractor, especially if you have failed to recognise or not identify correctly your make and model.

This information can be obtained by looking at the relevant place on the tractor itself, or if necessary by contacting your local Kubota dealer and asking their advice.


Kubota tractor packages can refer to either a package that covers the tractor in itself and a number of attachments or add-ons that  are used for the work of   The tractor in a number of different environments.

The exact nature of any such tractor package will depend to a large extent both on the number and type of Kubota tractors, but also on the environment where tractors are to be used, and the type of work at detractors are to be used for.

The majority of work where Kubota tractors are to be used can broadly be classified as that of farm work. Some people get a bit excited as to the exact definition of a farm, as opposed to a smallholding or a agricultural business similar to that of a market garden. For all intents and purposes these differences are fairly irrelevant.


The broad definition of a farm where these tractors are to be used is important that helps identify the various risks that may be involved in the use of a tractor, and helps put in place preventative measures to minimise or eradicate such risks.

Any type of farm or agricultural-based work is a very different environment to what people would normally consider a workplace, be it a factory, home, construction site etc.

The form of any description is a unique environment based in part on the fact that there is a lack of uniformity and any type of control over the workplace and work activities.

The nature of the work will vary widely, depending upon the farm and its output in terms of produce.

There is also little government regulation of work hazards and risks compared to the much stricter and more tightly controlled health and safety regulations that normally exist in most work environments.

It is also fair to say that the majority of farms have overlapping boundaries in terms of home and business sites.

This applies both to the physical environment and to the family of people who live at the home, where the nature of the work means that most family members are likely to be involved in different stages of the work cycle at different points of their lives.

Any Kubota tractor used in this environment needs to be managed and any operatives trained with particular relevance to this environment, so they have an understanding of the various risks involved and are sensitive to the different nature of the workplace involved.


A Kubota excavator is a highly complex agricultural machine, and is normally used in situations and environments where there is a high risk element both to the operative using the excavator, and to any people or animals/livestock in the area where the excavator is being used.

The very fact that a Kubota excavator is being used should alert people to the fact that the environment will contain a number of potential hazards that need to be managed safely, in ways that may not be normal or viewed as being standard health and safety provisions.

A Kubota excavator is likely to be used in an environment where there are both very young and very old people who are quite possibly part of the workforce.

This is because a Kubota excavator is likely to be used either in a farm type environment, or on significant areas of land that are run as a commercial operation similar to that of a farm or large agricultural complex.


The very nature of a farm type environment, whatever its actual size, is that there is a significant likelihood that young children and teenagers will be part of the workforce.

This is because the ownership of the farm is very often a family led business, and in that event all members of the family tend to spend some time helping out, doing chores and generally making sure the business runs effectively.

Similarly there are likely to be more elderly members of the family who are also fully involved most of the time with the business.

Whilst these two groups of people may not be directly involved with a Kubota excavator, there is a fair chance that they will be physically on the land or in the buildings where such an excavator is being used.

This means that much greater care must be taken to ensure their safety, and the safety of any animals or pets who may also be in the vicinity.

It also means that given the nature of a family said business and the physical environment emanating from that, that there is a chance of what could be termed household debris such as toys, furniture etc being on the land, and in effect posing a risk to the Kubota excavator as it is being used and potentially to its operatives as well. I


A Kubota backhoe is a piece of equipment that is fitted to a variety of different Kubota tractors, and need special care and attention as its attachment to the tractor can generate an element of risk in its usage, and also an element of risk to those in the surrounding area where it is being used.

The majority of the Kubota tractors used either on farms or in agricultural settings or in large garden/land horticultural businesses.

A lot of these businesses have both environments and workforce which are markedly different to those of a standard business, either industrial or office environments, and special care should be taken in terms of understanding the work activity factors that affect the potential risk of injury or damage to either people working on the farm or in the surrounding areas.

There are a number of factors that relate to the safety risks concerning usage of Kubota tractors and Kubota backhoes, and many relate to the type of work hours and work routine that will be found in such an agricultural land led business.

The work environment and workplace in a farm has often been described as somewhat erratic.

This is because the hours can be very long a lot of time, people often working extremely long days, with workweeks of between 60 and 90 hours a week not uncommon.


The other factor that affects the work environment is that of mother nature.

Many people moan about the weather to different reasons, but anyone who engage in any type of work that relies on Kubota tractors  notice that the weather plays a huge part in the reality and practicalities of what work can be done and when it can be done.

The nature of the work done on a farm or in an agricultural type environment means actually large extent it is led by the weather.

The other thing that affects the nature of the work significantly is that of mechanical breakdowns of machinery.

Any form or agricultural complex relies on numerous pieces of machinery, many of which is needs are interdependent.

Much of this machinery is quite old and often after a while not serviced or maintained quite as it should be.

This means that machinery  tends to break down fairly  frequently, and aside from this preventing the work being done that the piece of machinery is related to, often has a knock-on effect on the rest of the work within the farm or agricultural complex


Kubota tractor prices will vary considerably not only according to the type of tractor that has been bought or leased, but depending upon whether one buys a new kubota tractor  or a used one.

Much of the decision-making process around what type of Kubota tractor to buy will be determined in part by cost and affordability, but will also be determined or should be determined by the usage that the kubota tractor is going to be put to.

Kubota Tractor prices are also negotiable,  whether one is buying a new one or a used one.

It is worth thinking of the process of buying a new auto, and the various negotiations and factors that go into that business.

Buying or leasing a Kubota tractor is in many ways a different, except for the fact that often the prices of the Kubota tractor significantly higher, the tractor is often thought of as a long-term investment, and it is crucial to understand the operating environment within which the tractor is going to be used.


Any type of tractor is likely to be used either on a farm or in some type of agricultural/land led environment.

This means that there is a special type of environment where the tractor is going to be used that requires special thought both in terms of what type of tractor  to buy, and also a number of safety concerns that need to be taken into account where and when the tractor is going to be used.

These safety concerns are likely to be readily understood by anyone who owns or manages any type of large agricultural complex, but it is worth restating them simply because a number of people who work in such an environment on a day-to-day basis about be fully aware of the bigger picture.

Kubota tractor prices will also be reflected in use or secondhand tractors for sale, either online or in local press or media advertisements.

There is a huge market in used and second hand Kubota tractors, and the shelf life of  a lot of them is very extensive. One of the issues to be aware of the availability and cost of parts , which can come in issue the older the tractor gets, and the more difficult it becomes to either replace a part, or find one similar in nature that will do the job as well as the original.


Kubota have to an extent made their name with compact tractors, gaining a reputation for producing very powerful yet quite small tractors, commonly termed compact tractors.

These compact tractors are often used on farms, agricultural complexes, large gardens and large gardening businesses.

Because of the nature of these environments there are a number of safety factors that should be considered, and in some ways unique to both the environment and the type of compact tractor that is being used in that environment.

One of the most important factors is that the work environment on a farm or large garden/horticultural complex quite often consists of both a home and a work environment.

There is a real blurring of boundaries in terms of work and business that can have real safety  Implications.

Anyone using a Kubota compact tractor needs to be aware of these risks and manage them accordingly.

The most obvious risks of those of family members, or young children, or elderly relatives being at risk of not realising the significance of someone using a Kubota compact tractor and as such not taking the necessary safety precautions.


Pets are also obviously at risk, and there is a danger of normal household debris being left around a work environment which could seriously damage the tractor and all the operative of the tractor or both.

A person’s home is not a worksite, and as such people tend to think differently about the nature of risk.

Anyone using a Kubota compact tractor either for work or pleasure needs to be aware of this distinction and make allowances accordingly.

It is also worth remembering that the nature of the business means that many farms and agricultural complexes work within the extremes of different types of weather.

This means that tractors operate in extreme conditions, and extra care needs to be taken when adapting the use of a compact tractor to such conditions.

It is also important to note that given the nature of many farms that are no emergency services within easy reach, and any accident or serious incident will need to be managed by the people who work on the farm themselves, at least in the short-term.

This is important as it means training and facilities and equipment need to be on hand and readily understood in terms of usage by all people who work on the farm.

This is a very real issue as accidents can happen, both in terms of mechanical malfunction of the tractor, and misuse of the tractor albeit often unintentionally.


Kubota tractor prices can honestly vary significantly from tractor to tractor, from new to used, and perhaps even more significantly depending upon the decision that is taken whether to buy or lease a new tractor.

The decision whether to buy or lease a Kubota tractor is perhaps one of the most important ones to take, as there are implications on both sides of the decision.

Whatever decision is made whether to buy or lease, one of the most important things to do to begin with is to get and read a copy of your credit report.

Any application for credit, either with Kubota Credit or some other finance organisation or institution will be decided on the basis of your credit report and  subsequent credit rating.

The process of understanding a credit report and credit score is important, but is often slightly confusing.

A credit report is a document that is produced by a credit rating agency, on behalf of the lender, in this case Kubota credit, and the credit report will form the basis of a subsequent credit score.


The credit report is a dossier that compiles a significant amount of both personal and financial information about the individual, and possibly their family and /or business partners as well.

The information can be varied and wide, but will cover areas such as home address, length of residency, whether owned or rented, previous addresses, current and previous employments, length of employment’s, universities and schools etc.

The credit report will also contain detailed financial information about the individual, including credit card applications and all credit applications, any loans current or previous, any defaults or bankruptcies etc and any other financial commitments that may be relevant.

Once the credit report has been compiled, the credit rating agency will use it to produce a credit score, which is a number set within a range of two other numbers, and which effectively gives an indication of the credit rating agencies assessment of an individual’s creditworthiness.

This credit score as it is called is then used by Kubota credit to decide whether or not to give the applicant  a loan, if so how much, on what terms and conditions such as size of down payment, length of loan, interest rate charged through the period of the loan and whether or not the interest rate is fixed or variable. T


Kubota tractors for sale on credit are likely  to be offered either through a Kubota dealer, or possibly through a wide range of online tractor sales sites, or possibly still through newspaper and magazine ads etc.

Buying a new or relatively new to Kubota tractor on credit makes sense for a lot of people partly because of the various costing arrangements involved, but also because it takes up a lot of the hassle that can be involved in buying a used tractor, either from a dealer or from a private individual.

Anyone who has ever bought a second-hand or used car or auto  will be aware of things that can go wrong, as well as the fear or worry of living with what could go wrong as well.

This can also be said of any tractor, from Kubota or any other manufacturer, and in some ways has potentially as much cause for concern.

There is a very simple reason for this, being that it is very difficult to assess the amount of work that the tractor has done, and on what type of land this work has been carried out.

Both these factors hugely affect the condition of the Kubota tractor, and its subsequent value and mechanical condition.


Buying a new or used tractor does to an extent minimise this risk, for fairly obvious reasons, but also because if it is a used tractor, there’s a fair chance that the Kubota dealer will either have sold the tractor in the first place, or serviced and maintained it during its lifetime.

In any event there is a possibility or even quite a good chance that the Kubota dealer will have  a fair idea of its condition.

Even if buying from a Kubota dealer,  it is a good idea to spend as much time as possible searching the prices of new and used Kubota tractors, both online, in print and in various trade magazines.

That also a wide range of discussion boards online discussion forums where people are normally more than willing to help in terms of giving advice regarding pricing and mechanical conditions of all types of Kubota tractor, new and used.

Kubota Garden Tractors Manuals

When buying a Kubota garden tractor, it is most likely, assuming that it is a new Kubota garden tractor, you will be given a manual for it, either in hard copy and/or advised to download an electronic copy normally as a PDF document from your local Kubota website.

If you are buying a used or second-hand Kubota garden tractor it may or may not come with the original manual that was given to the owner when it was originally purchased.

In this event you are more likely to try and track down a copy of the manual and there are a number of ways of doing this.

The easiest and most effective way of obtaining a manual for a Kubota garden tractor is to go online and look at a number of websites that offer this facility.

Many of these websites offer a manual for a Kubota garden tractor for free, although this may break copyright, and you need to be aware of the legality of this when downloading one from any of these websites.

A manual for a Kubota garden tractor will often come in more than one section or as more than one manual.

That is likely to be an operator’s manual for a Kubota garden tractor, there is likely to be a parts manual for a Kubota garden tractor, and there is quite likely to be a servicing or maintenance manual for a Kubota garden tractor.

It is possible that these three manuals can be combined as one manual for a Kubota garden tractor, but that should be fairly obvious from an inspection of the manual the Kubota garden tractor itself.


Kubota Garden Tractor – Manuals

For many people the most important part of a manual for a Kubota garden tractor relates to the servicing and maintenance areas as well as a discussion or an inventory of the parts used or needed for the specific type of Kubota garden tractor being referred to.

However, whether buying a new or a used Kubota garden tractor, the owners or operators manual contains a number of important areas that should be looked at and read prior to using or letting anyone else use the Kubota garden tractor.

They will be much in the manual of the Kubota garden tractor that refers to safety, both in terms of how to operate Kubota garden tractor, safety factors relating to the Kubota garden tractor itself, and a number of suggestions or pieces of advice concerning the environment in which the Kubota tractor is to be used.

The usage of the Kubota garden tractor refers both to the actual land that it is to be used on, as well as general pieces of advice concerning the care and responsibility of people who may be in the vicinity where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used.

Whilst some of this advice may seem commonsense, it is important to realise that a Kubota garden tractor is an industrial machine, and should be treated as such in respect of recognition of safety protocols, as well as an understanding of the inherent dangers and risks.

Both to the Kubota garden tractor, the operator of the Kubota garden tractor and any children, animals, bystanders or other people who may be in the area where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used.