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Kubota Zero Turn Mowers Guide

Kubota Zero Turn Lawn Mower

A Kubota Zero Turn Mower is a fairly standard type of garden lawnmower, with the exception that it works with a turning radius that is virtually zero. This is achieved largely through a system of hydraulic transmission, which allows a high degree of manoeuvrability and freedom to use in difficult or rugged terrain.

A  Zero Turn Mower normally operates by using two levers to manoeuvre  the mower, rather than a steering wheel. This can seem a bit odd to someone who has not used one before, but it easy to get used to.

It means the mower can operate in a much smoother function, and allow the operator to get really close to things like trees and flowerbeds in a way that they probably would not be able to with a more standard garden tractor.

A Kubota Zero Turn Mower can be used for either commercial or domestic work, and this should be taken into account when deciding which model to buy. Different attachments will work with different models, and different models will have different engine sizes, by dimensions, wheelbase treads, tire sizes and deck sizes.

The usage of the zero turn mower may also have implications for the type of warranty that can apply to the tractor, and again the should be clarified at time of purchase.

Kubota Zero Turn Mowers / Kubota Zero Turn Lawn Mowers – Prices

Prices for these mowers can vary considerably, and prices listed below should be taken as an indicative range, based on the manufacturer’s recommended prices as of summer 2019 in the USA.

All Kubota Zero Turn Mowers have a manufacturers recommended price, which is the first price shown in the range, and then there are additional influence and attachments which can be added, which are reflected in the second price shown.

Any manufacturer recommended price is likely to have a significant discount built into it, similar to when buying a new auto. In addition, there are likely to be a number of nationwide Kubota special deals on offer, on certain models at certain times of year. In addition, a dealership  is likely to have a number of incentives relating both to finance, price, delivery and servicing and maintenance plans. There may also be special deals on extended warranties etc.

All in all, there are a number of areas where significant savings can be made if the customer is willing to bide their time, be willing to negotiate and sometimes be willing to travel.

Kubota Kommander Z122R – US$ 4442 –  $6488

Kubota Kommander Z121s US$5601 –  $6599

Kubota Kommander Z122E US$ 5118 – $6564

Kubota Kommander Z125E US$5976 – $7422

Kubota Kommander Z125S US$6459 -$7457

Kubota ZD1011Zero Turn Mower ( Diesel) $ 12999 / $17058

Kubota ZD1021 Zero Turn Mower (Diesel) $14599 / $18678

Kubota ZD1211 Zero Turn Mower (Diesel) $16999 / $22784

Kubota ZD1511LF-72′ Zero Turn Kubota Pro Deck Mower (Diesel) $ $22099 / $24696

Kubota ZD!511RL-60′ Zero Turn Kubota Pro Deck Mower (Diesel) $21099 / $23457

Kubota ZD1511RLF – 72′ Zero Turn Jubota Pro Deck Mower (Diesel) $22599 / $24987

KubotaZG222 Zero Turn Mower $8799 / $13756

Kubota ZG227 Zero Turn Mower $10499 / $15547

Kubota ZG327 Zero Turn Mower $11699 / $19546

Kubota Commercial Mowers / Kubota Zero turn Mowers – Prices

Kubota Z411KW – Prosumer Zero Turn US$6691 -$10406

Kubota Z421KW 54’Zero turn Commercial Mower with Kawasaki Engine $7227 / $10942

Kubota Z412KWT 60’Zero Turn Commercial Mower with Kawasaki Engine $7770 – $11495

Kubota Z723KH-2 Zero Turn Commercial Mower with Kohler Engine $8979 -$14119

Kubota Z724KH-2 Zero Turn Commercial Mower with Kohler engine $9492 -$14632

Kubota Z725KH-2 Zero Turn Commercial Mower with Kohler Engine $10005 -$15245

Kubota Z724XKW-2 Zero Turn Commercial Mower with Kawasaki Engine $9747 – $14290

Kubota Z726XKW-2 Zero Turn Commercial Mower with Kawasaki Enginre $10336 – 15036

Kubota Z751KWi–48′ Zero Turn Commercial EFI Mower with Kawasaki Engine $ 10560 / $15301

Kubota Z7881KWi-54″ Zero Turn Commercial EFI Mower with Kawasaki Engine $11297  / $16115

Kubota Z781KWTi-60″ Zero Turn Commercial EFI MOwer with Kawasaki Engine $11817 / $ 16075

Kubota Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Reviews of zero turn mowers tend to be about specific models, rather than zero turn  mowers in general. It is therefore a good idea to browse through the available Kubota models, both current and old, and see both which are suitable for your needs, and also if any particular models seem to have specific problems.

This can give quite a good indication of what zero turn mower might be best for you, at the same time being a lead in to where to look for more detailed  information.

People tend to be slightly sceptical of reviews online, often for good reason,  so finding valid impartial reviews can sometimes be quite difficult.

You Tube –  that are likely to be a number of reviews of Kubota Zero Turn Mowers on YouTube, as well as on other online video channels.

These are normally made by specific Kubota dealerships, and are very powerful and effective marketing tools. Whilst they are predominantly dealer led, and that such be viewed with that in mind, they do normally offer an in-depth analysis of what the Kubota Zero turn mower can offer and how it works.

These types of reviews are normally a good introduction to what the no can be like, and should be used as a first basis impression. Further investigation into comparisons with other mowers, prices and any problems there may be should be further investigated.

EBay – whilst many people think of eBay is purely an online auction house, it is also a place where people will effectively post reviews of all types of machinery.

Doing a search for any Kubota Zero Turn Mowers  will give some sense of which ones are available, at what price and what issues or problems there have been redacted the type of make and model over the years

Kubota Zero Turn Mower Price Comparison.

When talking about price comparison with Kubota Zero Turn Mowers, there are two things to be considered.

One is a price comparison with other manufacturers of zero turn mowers, and more importantly,  comparison between different types of Kubota Zero Turn Mowers which can be obtained through different Kubota dealerships.

It is worth remembering that every Kubota dealership is a separate business, and as such is willing to try and make special deals to obtain your business.

It is also worth remembering that you do not necessarily have to do servicing and maintenance and long-term repair work with the Kubota dealership that you buy the mower from.

This means that you could buy the Kubota Zero Turn Mower from a dealer quite a way a way, if you can sort out transportation costs, and then deal with servicing and maintenance with a local Kubota dealer.

Every Kubota Zero Turn Mower will have a manufacturer’s recommended list price, and every dealer will be willing, or should be willing, to offer a significant discount on this list price.

In addition, a dealer is likely to offer other incentives and discounts to improve the price on offer. This may be because of the time of year that you are thinking of buying the mower, or because the dealership has an inventory issue that they are trying to deal with.

Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

Problems that people have with their Kubota Zero Turn Mowers tends to fall into a number of categories. Online reviews and discussion forums allow people to flag up individual problems they have with a mower, and whether or not these problems have been built with.

Quite often, the complaint is about bad customer service, either from Kubota itself, or from the Kubota dealership that the mower was bought.

While these complaints may well be valid, it is sometimes difficult to be entirely sure where the fauly lays, and should not necessarily be a barrier to buying a Kubota Zero Turn Mower.

It is also worth remembering that people do use online forums, discussion groups, Facebook pages etc to complain about problems that are perfectly valid, often out of frustration more than anything else.

The flipside of this, is that whilst his problems are perfectly legitimate, they can  present a slightly one-sided view, as people who are satisfied happy with theirKubota Zero Turn Mower tends not to post about them.

The main exception to this rule is on Amazon, where people do quite happily post reviews both good and bad of products. This presents a different problem, in that some manufacturers of certain products effectively commission people to write favourable reviews, and this has to an extent coloured the legitimacy of all reviews of all products on Amazon and other sites.

Other problems that people may have can relate to things such as the terms and conditions of a warranty, maintenance issues in terms of how to fix or service the engine or conservation parts of a Kubota Zero Turn Mower. Because the transmission of a Kubota Zero Turn Mower  is hydrostatic, quite often problems can occur if there is at in the system, and it effectively needs bleeding.

Understanding what the problems are can allow someone to either fix them themselves, or be specific with a dealership as to how to correct them.

Kubota Diesel Zero Turn

Some Kubota Zero Turn Mowers are diesel, often the border models with a significantly increased deck size. This is important, only in the sense that people need to be aware of the fact that the tractor or mother or run on diesel rather than gas. I

It can also be important for long-term usage. A number of years ago many governments encouraged car manufacturers and tractor manufacturers to go diesel, whilst nowadays trend is Ray much in the opposite direction. Many diesel-based machines are taxed very heavily as a way of discouraging them.

Kubota Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

A  number of Kubota Zero Turn Mowers  are termed commercial.

This normally indicates that these mowers are at the higher end of the range, both in terms of price and capabilities. It should also be noted that commercial zero turn mowers may have different locations and conditions relating both to finance and to warranties. This means that the usage of the mower may be conditional in relation to both these areas.

Any Kubota Zero Turn Mower  can be used for anything, commercial or residential, it is just important to note that its usage and intended for commercial purposes will have an implication for any manufacturer’s warranty, or any extended warranty may have been purchased.

Kubota Zero Turn Parts

Finding Kubota Zero Turn Parts is of itself relatively easy, but there are a few potential pitfalls to look out for. What is important is to make sure that the pot is specific to the year and model of the particular Kubota Zero Turn mower that you are looking for.

Also to be clear that the part is new not refurbished or used. A number of parts are likely to have been reclaimed from existing Kubota Zero Turn mowers, and on the whole these should be avoided. It is always much better to obtain manufacturers parts, which with the wide selection available online can often be bought at a significant discount.

There are a wide range of manuals relating to all types of different Kubota Zero Turn mowers, which can either be downloaded as a PDF, or bought for a relatively small amount. These manuals should include diagrams as to how and where parts can be fitted, and in the majority of cases will be enough for someone to replace an existing part on a mower if they are relatively sure about what they are doing.

If not, there are a number of online tractor and Kubota discussion groups, advice and help can easily be sought

Used Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

There is a significant market  in Used Kubota Zero Turn Mowers, ranging from online auction sites such as eBay, to online tractor markets, to local dealerships, to local ads etc. As with any second-hand good or vehicle, basic common sense applies. There is no magic wand around second-hand or used mowers.

The best advice is to treat the idea of a Used Kubota Zero turn Mowers same way that you would a second-hand or used auto. People take different attitudes as to what they are willing to buy and what they are willing to pay for it, and in the end it is really a trade-off between cost and risk of reliability or potential problems.

Kubota 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower

A Kubota 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower is pretty much at the top end of the size for a cutting deck, and is likely to be a type of mother used either for commercial purposes, or someone has a significant area of land they need to maintain, that can for a number of reasons present  a wide range of problems.

This type of mower should be investigated carefully, simply because it is quite a specialist type of garden tractor. It is important to know what types of attachments implements may be available to be used in addition to the Kubota 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower, and whether or not these are appropriate or the type of work that this garden tractor is likely to undertake.


Kubota Mowers – Lawn and Garden Tractors

Kubota Mowers/ Kubota Lawn Mowers

Kubota make a wide range of mowers and lawn tractors that can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Some machines are dedicated mowers, while others are Kubota Tractors that can have various attachments fitted to them that let them be used for work on different types of land. Kubota mowers are normally referred to as : Kubota Lawn Mowers. Kubota Lawn Tractors, Kubota Garden Tractors, Kubota Riding Mowers or Kubota Tractor Mower.

For Kubota Zero Turn Mowers, Click Here

With any Kubota lawnmower, there are a number of factors to consider when buying one. Any mower has to be a combination of being easy and comfortable to use, at the same time being practical and efficient in terms of the work needs to be done.

Kubota Warranty –

The warranty on any tractor or mower is really important, both in terms of the length of time or length of usage that is valid for, but also in terms of any conditions that may be applied to it. Most Kubota dealerships which sell mowers are likely to offer an extended warranty as well.

Extended warranties can sometimes be quite expensive relative to what they are offering, and should be looked at carefully to see if they offer good value for money, and if they are really needed on product.

Comfort – anyone using a Kubota Mower is likely to be sitting down on it for quite extended periods of time, and such comfort is an absolute necessity not a luxury. This applies to type and positioning of the seat, suitable back support, easy reach of controls and overall ease-of-use.

It is really important that all the controls, particularly that affect the cutting height of the deck within easy reach of the operative, and that they are easy-to-use and clear to understand.

Reliability – all Kubota Mowers are designed to be used in different types of land or terrain,  where proper manoeuvrability is a basic necessity of safety, as well as key to a efficient usage. Any Kubota mower needs to be reliable, and be able to be used in such a way as to be rugged and safe at the same time.

Kubota Mowers Prices –

Below are listed list prices relating to all the current Kubota Mower Models, as of April 2019, prices taken from the Kubota USA website.

These prices are indicative only, and should be not be taken as a fixed price. They may vary depending upon whether or not Kubota change them, any special offers or any local taxes or relevant additional costs, such as delivery, dealers fees etc.

There are two figures showing relating to prices. The first is the price the standard model, which will normally include the basics available such as a choice of different deck sizes and tires, and the second price reflects the cost of all the additional options and exterminated warranties  that are available for that particular model.

A list of all the different options and types of warranty that Kubota offer is listed at the end of the prices section.

Please note that different options available for different models of Kubota mowers, and each specific mower should be checked to see what options are available and at what cost, and special considertaion allowed for commercial Kubota mowers, such as Kubota Zero Turn Mowers  .

Kubota Lawn and Garden Tractors – Prices

Kubota T1880 –  US$ 3699 / $7918

Kubota T2080 –  US$ 4399 /  $8583

Kubota T 2380 – US 4999 / $ 9063

Kubota T 2090 – US$ 3889 /  $48234

Kubota T2290-  US$ 4489 /  $8834

GR 2020 / GR 2120 –  US$ 9640 / $17730

Kubota Commercial Mowers / Stand On Mower / Walk Behind Mower – Prices

Kubota SZ Series Commercial Stand On Mower $9299 / $ 10052

Kubota WG14 Commercial Walk behind Mower $3923 / $ 4782

Kubota WG^ Commercial Walk Behind Mower $ 1278 /  $1728

Kubota WGC6 Commercial Walk Behind Mower $1436 / 1886

Kubota Front Mount Mowers – Prices

Kubota F2690EFront Mower $ 17313 / $48082

Kubota F2690 Front Mower $ 20004 / $ 47868

Kubota F3990 Front Mower $ 55374

Kubota Mower Options and Accessories –

These differ depending on the model chosen, and differ for all different types of Kubota  Mower such as Kubota Lawn Tractors, Kubota Garden Trcators, Kubota Lawn Mowers, Kubota Riding Mowers and Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

Mulching Kit

Grass catcher /  hydraulic valve /  hydraulic valve for implements without catcher /  hydraulic valve for implements with catcher / grass catcher control moment

Work lights kit

Tow hitch

Extended warranty – one year, two years

Operator controlled discharge chute /  Chute block plate – stand on

Suitcase weights – front and rear

Seat suspension kit

ROPS organiser /  striping kit

Maintenance lift kit

Tuff top canopy /  deluxe fibreglass canopy kit /  sunshade canopy kit

LED work lights

Halogen light kit

Hitch kit

Side discharge/rear discharge

Stamped deck/fabricated deck

Spark arrester muffler kit

Front push blade

Cold start kit for hydro units

Walk behind discharge block off plate

Walk behind grass capture adapter kit

Walk behind mulching kit

Front/rear turf tires

Remote hydraulic Hose Kit

Mower deck size

Debris blower

Cab Enclosures

Cab accessories –  Cab Heater,  rear LED work light kit, roof mounted LED strobe light kit, interior rearview mirror

Cuise control kit

Turn assist brakes

Engine tachometer

Hazard light kits

Front blade/rubber cutting edge

Sweepers – Rotary Broom sweeper

Side Caster wheel kit

Dust deflector kit for Rotary sleeper

Dust deflector kit


Electric  chute deflector kit for front and rear snowblower

Drift cutter kit for front mount snowblower

Kubota Mowers Reviews

There are almost so many reviews of Kubota Lawn Tractors and Kubota Garden Tractors that it is difficult to know where to begin.  People have differing ideas as to how impartial or important reviews can be, but with a bit of subtle guidance a lot can be learnt from all of them.

You Tube – a lot of Kubota mowers are reviewed on you Tube, especially Kubota Zero Turn Mowers, normally by dealerships or by dealership staff who have an interest in promoting them.

This means of course that they are likely to be promoting Kubota lawn and garden tractors, rather than independently assessing them. Most Kubota dealerships are fairly upfront about this, and there is a lot that can be learned from these videos.

First thing to realise is that you’re not going to be told any of the less popular or unliked things about any of these mowers.

What you will learn about and more importantly be able to see in action is how these mowers tend to work when they go really well. That should give you a sense of seeing them in action, when they are at their best.

Some of the reviews can be quite long, but at least with a video you can jump forward and skip through parts that do not interest you.

Consumer Reports –  there are a number of websites that use the word consumer in them, and some are independent and some are not.

If you can find a completely independent body or association that independently test’s and evaluates Kubota lawn and garden tractors, that should be able to give you a fairly healthy idea of the pros and cons of the machines.

Some consumer websites ask for feedback and reviews from people, and what you tend to find on the sites is that you get purely negative feedback. That feedback is valuable in its own right, but can often give a one-sided view of the problems that people have with kubota mowers.

They do flag up problems that can exist, and these can be taken into account when deciding what type of Kubota lawn or garden tractor to buy.

On the whole, people do not tend to publish favourable reviews on these websites, although some do, it is often difficult to evaluate whether they are genuine reviews or promotional.

Amazon –  people buy many Kubota lawn and garden tractors on Amazon, and it is a place where people do leave a sizeable number of reviews.

Amazon uses a system of verified and unverified reviews, the verrified reviews being left by people who have actually bought the product, as opposed to unverified reviews which are left by people who have not bought the product, at least through Amazon, although they may have bought it somewhere else.

Whilst the problem of genuine versus promotional reviews remains an issue even on Amazon, as a company it sees it as a duty it takes  fairly seriously, and tries to weed out reviews they believe to be fake.

The value of these reviews is largely that they can highlight issues which can then be taken into account when considering what lawn or garden tractor to buy, and raised with Kubota or a Kubota dealership prior to purchase.

Discussion forums –  some people have rather forgotten about discussion forums with the advent of social media, but they contain a rich supply of information that is normally fairly authentic, whilst at the same time, contributed by people who genuinely like their products.

There are many discussion forums for kubota lawn and garden tractors, and the most popular ones will appear in any search on Google or Bing. You can normally browse through the forums and the various threads without having to register or login.

If however you want to participate in a discussion, or ask questions then you are likely to have to register. This is normally a very simple process that requires you to supply a user ID and password, and normally authenticate with an email verification.

Members of these discussion forums welcome and like new members, and like to be involved in problems or issues that are bought to them. This is still one of the most genuine areas of the internet, and somewhere you are likely to find the most valuable information you need on any Kubota lawn or garden tractor.

Used Kubota Mowers, and Where to Buy

The pros and cons of buying a used Kubota mower are pretty similar to those of buying a used car or truck. Given the costs of some top range garden tractors/lawn tractors the costs and risks could in fact be even greater.

The basic premise is that if you buy a used Kubota lawn or garden tractor from a Kubota Dealer, you are likely to pay a premium, but you are also likely to have a vehicle with some degree of pedigree, service history and mechanical worthiness.

A Kubota dealer should do a full check on any mower they are selling, and should be able to provide some degree of service history, as well at hopefully giving you some idea of where and how the vehicle has been used.

Similar to wanting to know how a car has been driven, knowing on what type of land or terrain the mower or tractor has been used is really important. This will give you some indication of his condition, and whether or not the price being asked is a realistic one.

Price aside, even if you get a used mower at a reasonable cost, is likely to be a false investment if it does not function properly, resulting in additional costs for maintenance and repairs, and potentially being dangerous to use if certain parts of it are unsafe.

These are all potential risks, which can be verified or not depending upon the purchasers mechanical knowledge of a Kubota mower. If an individual is confident, then there is a wide range of lawn and garden tractors for sale.

People turn to eBay, AutoTrader, Craigslist as well at ads in local papers. The other option is to use discussion boards or forums online, where there is normally a vast collection of knowledge about all ranges of Kubota mowers, where to buy them and what to look out for in certain models.

Kubota Mower Parts -tbd







Kubota Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Guide

Kubota lawn tractors are also sometimes referred to as Kubota garden tractors, as well as Kubota ride on tractors and Kubota zero turn tractors.

A Kubota lawn tractor comes in five different series of tractor as defined by Kubota, each with a different horse power range and a different set of features and accessories.

A Kubota lawn tractor can also refer to some of the Kubota compact tractors, which can be used for a number of different uses on different types of land and for different work purposes.

When considering which type of Kubota lawn tractor to buy, it is first important to understand the type of land that the Kubota tractor is to be used on, and then assess the type of work that you want the Kubota lawn tractor to do.

It is important also to distinguish between a Kubota lawn tractor that is to be used for commercial or residential use, as there will be different purchasing options and issues to take into account.

When considering a purchase of a Kubota lawn tractor it is also important to note any leverage in power you might have concerning price, and use this to affect when negotiating issues such as servicing and maintenance plans, warranties and practical items such as transportation of the Kubota lawn tractor back and from its place of usage to the Kubota dealership where it is to be serviced or repaired.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – T series

T 1880

T 2080

T 2380

The Kubota lawn tractor T series have a number of features that are designed to make the use of the Kubota lawn tractor both safe, practicable and fun.

The Kubota lawn tractor comes with hydrostatic transmission which means there is a single pedal that controls both the speed and direction in which you are driving Kubota lawn tractor.

Apart from making it easier to drive, this is also an important safety function because it means you are left free to drive the tractor more carefully. Kubota garden tractor T series tractors also have what is known as a Kubota reverse awareness system.

This is a system designed to stop the driver of the tractor using the tractor in reverse. This is a very important safety feature. It is possible for the driver of the Kubota lawn tractor to override this feature manually, if circumstances dictate this is necessary.

It is a common feature of all Kubota lawn tractors, as standard with most other manufacturers, that they advise never to use a Kubota lawn tractor in reverse.The Kubota lawn tractor also has cruise control available, either as standard or optional depending on which model you buy.

This again is intended as a safety feature to make driving the tractor more safe, but if you feel uncomfortable using it, then do not.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – GR Series

GR 2020

GR 2120

The Kubota lawn tractor – GR series have a number of standard features that are typical on a Kubota lawn tractor.

They are also fitted with what Kubota described as revolutionary technology – Glide Steer. The idea behind this type of technology is that it allows these Kubota lawn tractors to cut grass in areas that are extremely difficult or tight to get to more effectively.

This is an important safety feature, as often trying to cut grass in very difficult areas can lead to situations where the Kubota lawn tractor could be used in such a way as to risk an overturn or other type of damage.

These Kubota lawn tractors also have hydrostatic power steering, a mower deck, an optional mulching kit and cruise control available for those who feel comfortable using it.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – GF Series

GF 1800E

GF 1800

The Kubota lawn tractor – GF series are a series of Kubota lawn tractors that are 2W drive, and come with an 18 hp K diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission and two wheel drive traction.

They have a hydraulic wet type multiple disc PTO clutch, and a multi-belt drive system. As with all Kubota lawn tractors there is a heavy emphasis on comfort and ease of use for this type of Kubota lawn tractors.

Tilt steering is available, meaning you can tilt the angle of the steering wheel to such an angle as is comfortable for the operator to use. There is also a high back seat, meaning that it is more comfortable to use the Kubota lawn tractor for longer periods of time.

Comfort is an important feature to consider when considering the purchase of a Kubota lawn tractor. Not simply because of the comfort itself, but also because if the operator of a Kubota lawn tractor feels comfortable, they are more likely to be alert and open to safe driving and usage of the Kubota lawn tractor, and less like to be proved any hazards or dangers that might otherwise occur.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – Zero Turn

Kubota make three series of zero turn Kubota lawn tractors. There are gas models, diesel models and propane models available.

They come in a range of different horse powers, and are equipped to do a significanly powerful job in terms of knowing lawn or cutting the most difficult types of grass or land terrain.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – ZG Series

ZG 124 E-48

ZG 127 E-54

ZG 123S-48

ZG 127S-54

ZG 222

ZG 227 L-60

ZG 327 P-60

ZG 332 P-60

ZG 332 LP-72

ZG 300 RP 60 R

The Kubota lawn tractor – ZG series are a range of Kubota lawn tractor zero turn mowers, that come with a Briggs and Stratton pro engine, have commercial hydro-gear transmission, have a 48 inch pro commercial deck and an optional LED light/steep suspension.

These type of Kubota lawn tractors, zero turn mowers, have two operational leaders that are used to manoeuvre the tractor, allowing it to cut more effectively areas that are normally difficult to reach, such as flower beds or mowing around trees or other difficult areas of land.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – ZD Series

ZD 200 ZD 221

ZD 323-60

ZD 323–P

ZD 331 P-60

ZD 331 LP-72

ZD 326 RP-60R

ZD 331 RP-60R

ZD 330 P-60

The Kubota lawn tractor – ZD series come with a standard Kubota diesel engine, a Kubota shaft drive HST, up to a 60 inch pro commercial deck and a number of other safety and operative features.

These type of Kubota lawn tractors have a high back deluxe suspension seat, which is designed to allow the operator of the tractor to use it for sustained periods of time.

This range of Kubota lawn tractors have adjustable armrests, support for a person’s lower back and an ability to adjust the person’s seat depending upon their weight.

Kubota Lawn Tractor – ZP 330 LD-72

Kubota Lawn Tractor – F Series

F 2680 E

F 3080

F 3680

The Kubota lawn tractor – F series are a range of Kubota lawn tractors that are designed to be rear wheel steer.

They come with a Kubota diesel engine, some with a two range Hydro stat.

One of their special features is that they have a significant increase in lifting capacity, which allows these Kubota lawn tractors to adapt and handle a number of accessories, such as a grass catcher, a snowblower or a rotary sweeper.

Kubota mowers are also often referred to as Kubota Lawn Tractors or Kubota Garden Tractors.

This is an important distinction, as Kubota mowers are effectively small compact tractors, sometimes referred to as ride on mowers, as distinct to handheld pull or push lawnmowers.

A Kubota mower should be thought of first and foremost as a small tractor, and Kubota make a wide range of specific small garden and lawn tractors for a variety of uses.

In addition Kubota make a number of tractors that they intend for use as a rural lifestyle accessory, which can also be considered as garden or land tractors, such as the Kubota BX and Kubota B range of tractor.

The specific type of Kubota mower such as the Kubota GR, the Kubota F, the Kubota X and the Kubota Z range of tractors are all intended for a variety of uses that are both residential and potentially commercial usable.

A standard Kubota mower will be intended for a relatively large amount of land that could be a private garden or some type of ground maintenance work.

Whilst it is likely to facilitate the mowing of grass or a lawn, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes as well.

The type of work that Kubota mowers do does to a certain extent depend on the type of attachment or additional parts that can be fixed to the Kubota Lawn Tractor or Kubota Garden tractor.


This is something that should be researched and analysed prior to the purchase of a mower, as well as the availability and cost of any attachment or part.

If someone is thinking of buying a used Kubota Lawn Tractor or Kubota Garden Tractor, then it is advisable to take certain precautions.

Whilst it can honestly be of benefit cost wise there are a number of risks involved, not least of all is knowing what type of work the Kubota tractor has been doing before.

The usage to which the tractor has been put determins to a large extent its condition both mechanically and from an engineering point of view.

If buying a Kubota mower garden tractor from a Kubota dealer, then it is a good idea to try and establish if the dealer sold the tractor in the first place, and if so they are aware of what type of work it was used for.

In any event the Kubota dealer should be able to establish its age and condition and its viability as an ongoing tractor.

The dealer should be able to offer some type of warranty, and should give you a basic understanding of costs involved in terms of any servicing and maintenance plans.

Anyone using a Kubota lawn tractor or Kubota Garden tractor should read the manual that comes with it thoroughly.

If buying a used Kubota tractor and there is no manual available than a number are available online that may relate to the specific model or one relatively similar.

There are a number of important safety considerations to be taken into account when using any type of garden tractor, most importantly that it should never be used on a slope of any type and should allways be used on flat land. Also that a Kubota mower should never be reversed and should always be driven in a forward motion.


Anyone looking to buy Kubota mowers might well need to arrange some type of finance or credit in order to buy or lease the mower. The process for arranging finance or credit Kubota mowers is fairly similar to that of arranging finance or credit when buying or leasing a new or used car or vehicle.

Kubota has its own credit arm, and whilst this is primarily focused on helping people to buy or lease a  Kubota tractor, it is still perfectly possible to apply for credit for a Kubota mower.

There are a number of steps in the process which can make the decision as to what type of Kubota mower to buy an easier one.

The first thing to do is to decide what you want to use the mower for, and whether or not it will be purely private and domestic, or whether there will be some element of commercial usage as well.


The question as to whether or not there will be any commercial usage may affect the credit application, as there will be additional questions concerning the nature of your business, and possibly any other people involved in running the business, and possibly any family connections as well.

The process of applying for credit with Kubota will be fairly similar to applying for credit with any other bank finances tuition such as a credit union. The applicant will need to submit a fairly detailed questionnaire and provide a high degree of information about themselves and their financial situation both past present and future.

Based on this information, but will decide whether or not to lend the applicant money to purchase the Kubota mower, if so how much, and on what terms and conditions.

Another important factor concerning Kubota mowers finance is that of insurance. It is important to check whether or not the mower will be covered under any home or renters insurance policy, especially where it will be covered for any liability damage in the event of an accident. This is especially important if the mower is to be used in any type of commercial activity.


Kubota Tractor– Lawn tractors

Kubota have a range of lawn tractors and garden tractors available, depending on the size of your garden or lawn. This can seem slightly confusing at times, but this post give s an overview of the range of lawn tractors and garden tractors available.

The term lawn tarctor and garden tarctor also really refer to ground maintenanace and smallholdings.

Kubota Tractor– BX Tractor series

Kubota have four tractors in the BX Series, the BX1860, The BX2360, the BX2660 and the BX25. Kubota would probably describe this range as a cross between amore agricultural tractor and agarden mower. All the BX tractors are fuled by the Kubota diesel engine, with engine sizes ranging from 18 through to 25.5hp.

All these tractors have hydrostatic power steering, very important when needing to use for any real length of time, and help reduce the stress and tiredness on any operator using them. Kubota make a selling point of having really comfortable cabin area, with the need sof eth operator thought through.

The BX series of tractors have high back recling seats, well padded, and a radiator that is positioned in the middle of the tractor, rather than at the front which is more normal in most tractors. This means that the airflow is moved towards the front of the tractor, helping to prevent overheating in the engine, and helping to kep the operator area cooler.

The BX series alo have really bright headlights, really important as a lot of outdoor work is doen ealry morning or late eveningwhen the light isn’t good.

Kubota Tractor – B tractor series.

The other range of lawn tarctors that Kubota make are the B series tractors.There are a number of models in tehis range : B2630/B3030/B3000 cab/B2320/B2620?B2920/B3200 and B3300SU

They have pretty much the same engine range as the BX series, 18/32hp, with the top end tractors more powerful. These tarctors are designed to be used for large scale ground maintenance and landscaping work on smallholdings,

These tarctors are also aime dat people who own vegaetable gardens and all types of nursery work. These Kubota tractors have some similar features to the BX series, but also the following : Hydraulic independent PTO, a powerful HST, mechanical cruise controland again really poewerful multi reflective headlights.

Similar to The BX series , these kubota tarctors have hydrostatic power steering, a three point hitch position control, and atiltable steering wheel.

Kubota Tractor– Garden Tractors.

Kubota make a wide range of garden tractors, which they refer to as garden mowers. All are aimed at a similar type of workload, but differ in power and engine size and certain other features. Residential mowing is the primary expectation of use, although commercial mowing is also catered for, as is grass catching and snow blowing.

Kubota Tractor – T series garden Tractors.

This is the entry level garden tractor or mower and has three models, The T1880, the T2080 and the T2380, ranging in engine size from 18 to 23 hp. All T series garden tractors have hydrostatic transmission as standard.

This means that a single pedal control both the speed and turning direction of the tractor. This makes operating it and using it much simpler and gives much better handling capability, especially in confined areas or where precision work is needed. There is an easy to use lever that raises and lowers the mower deck and a simple dial that adjusts the mowers deck cutting height.

Both these features are easily accessible by the operator in their control area. Cruise control comes as standard on the T2080 and T2380 which may sound a little dramatic, but actually is really useful when mowing large stretches of land at a consistent speed.

Kubota Tractor- GR series garden tractors.

The kubota gr 2020 and gr 2120 are more powerful residential mowers with what kubota describe as the ‘revolutionary glide steer’ technology. Engine size ranges from 20/21 hp, are fueled by kubota’s own diesel engine.

Both models have the HST transmission as standard which, like the kubota T series tractors makes steering and turning much easier and much safer. Both models have hydrostatic power steering as standard, hugely important for any long periods of work, or where working in tight ares or where you need very delicate movability.

There is a mulching kit which can be fitted as optional, which automatically feeds your grass clippings back into your lawn, making a healthier lawn, and making much less of a mess as well !

Kubota  Tractor – F series garden tractors

The F series of tractor contain three models, the F 2680E, the F 3080 and the F 3680. These are a more powerful range of garden tractor, aimed also at commercial mowing work, as well as residential.

They range in engine sizes from 25.5 to 36 hp and have four wheel drives. There are a range of implements available to use with these garden tractors, which make them incredibly versatile machines .

These implements include a grass catcher, a rotary sleeper, a front blade, a snow blower, a debris blower and a quick hitch.

Kubota  – Z series garden tractors.

The Z series garden tractors or mowers are kubota’s zero turn mowers , and area wide range of powerful machines available. There are two series of Z series mowers, the Z300 series and Z200 series.

The Z300 has about nine models available, and the Z200 series has a further three models available, which Kubota describe as compact models. They have slightly smaller engine sizes than the Z300 models, but are still hugely powerful zero turn mowers.

Kubota garden tractor implements

A Kubota garden tractor is often thought of as a sophisticated type of lawnmower, or as a bit of a toy that can be used to ride around a garden, mowing the lawn as you go. In a sense a Kubota garden tractor can be what ever you want it to be, but it is important to realise that it is first and foremost a piece of agricultural machinery not a residential appliance or toy. The term implements normally refer to accessories or attachments that can be fitted to a Kubota garden tractor that can either add to or significantly enhance the type of work that the tractor can do.

There are a range of different implements available for different types of Kubota tractors, some are interchangeable and some will only work on specific models. It is important therefore to have an understanding of what type of work you want the Kubota garden tractors to do before you purchase one and before you purchase any of the implements that you may wish to use on it.

The nature of the work determines the tractor and the implements not the other way around.

A Kubota garden tractor can be used at many different levels. There is a specific range of tractors back Kubota designate as a residential tractors which are what people commonly think of as riding lawnmowers or ride on mowers. In addition Kubota make a range of compact tractors that can also be used on land that would be designated residential or smallholdings and in effect for top as being a garden tractor.

Kubota garden tractor

A Kubota garden tractor can therefore be either a fairly typical residential garden tractor or lawnmower or can be used as a small tractor with relation to a small farm or smallholdings and the different types of work that go with it.

A Kubota garden tractor should at all times be used in a safe and effective manner. This means that whoever is operating or using the tractor should be fully aware of the range of controls and implements that the tractor uses, and should be especially aware of how to stop the tractor in an emergency.

There is sometimes a tendency to think that driving a Kubota garden tractor is similar to driving an automobile or truck or an atv. Whilst there are some similarities, driving a garden tractor is a very different experience both in terms of the agricultural machine itself, and in terms of the environment in which the tractor is likely to be used. Even when used on a commercial basis, it is likely that the tractor will be used when there are people, adults, children and animals in the area where the tractor is working. This poses real safety challenges, and anyone using a Kubota garden tractor should be fully aware of them and take relevant precautions.

What is Kubota garden tractor equipment?

A Kubota garden tractor can have a wide range of different types of equipment that can be fitted to it that can dramatically alter its capabilities and allow it to perform a number of different agricultural and industrial tasks, even on a small scale, depending on the type of land that the tractor is being used on, the type of work that it is being used for and whether or not the Kubota garden tractor is being used in a residential or commercial setting.

Kubota garden tractor equipment normally refers to a range of accessories and attachments that can be fitted to the tractor thereby enabling it to do different types of work. One such example is being able to adapt a Kubota garden tractor into a snow blower, thereby allowing it to perform a valuable type of work in the winter months when it is not being used as a residential or commercial lawn mower.

Safety is an important issue when ever using a Kubota garden tractor, and even more so when there may be different types of equipment attached to the tractor, either at the front or back. When using a Kubota garden tractor it is important to recognise the environment within which the tractor is being used.

Kubota garden tractor

This means normally, that prior to using the tractor, it is a good idea to clear away as far as possible any debris or general garden clutter that is likely to be in the way of the tractor. Failure to do this, can potentially mean serious damage to the Kubota garden tractor itself, as well as potentially a danger to anyone in the vicinity of the tractor. Kubota garden tractors, whether they are being used as a tractor or as a snowblower can potentially suck up objects from the ground and discharge them into the air, often at quite considerable speed.

This is sometimes an intentional part of the mechanical workings of the tractor, but it does mean that there is also a potential risk to any person or animal who is close by to the tractor at the time.

Whenever using a Kubota garden tractor it is a good idea to make sure that there are not people or animals or children anywhere near the land where the tractor is going to be used. Tractors are often a magnet for children who are fascinated by them and can wonder into the area where they are being used often unobserved. It is important for the operator of the Kubota garden tractor to be aware of this and to make sure that the environment is kept safe once the tractor is being used. Kubota garden tractors need to be recognised as pieces of agricultural machinery, not as residential appliances, and treated with the respect that goes with that accordingly.

Is a Kubota garden tractor a cheap lawnmower?

In a word no – a Kubota garden tractor normally refers to a ride on mower which is sometimes referred to as a tractor, a lawn tractor, a garden tractor or a riding lawn mower. A lawnmower is normally referred to when talking to and talking about a lawnmower that is used manually where the operator stands behind it and pushes or pulls it in the direction needed. This type of lawnmower is normally used in relatively small areas of land and garden.

A Kubota garden tractor is more normally used on large areas of land, both residential and commercial such as small farms or small holdings.

When operating a Kubota garden tractor it is important to be conscious of a number of safety factors can affect the operation of the tractor. One of the most important is not to allow any children to operate the tractor, although on some farms responsible adolescents in their mid teenage years may be considered suitable, but this is an area that should be treated with much caution.

Kubota garden tractor

A Kubota garden tractor should only be operated by a responsible adult who is capable of awareness of potentially dangerous situations and has the capability of knowing how to deal with them. This level of awareness is not always found in adolescence or teenagers, and a responsible adult should always be present to supervise any adolescent or teenager who may be deemed suitable to operate the tractor.

In addition a Kubota garden tractor should never carry passengers at all. There is sometimes a temptation or tendency to think of a Kubota garden tractor as something that can be played around with in the same way that a household accessory can be played with. It is really important to understand that first and foremost a Kubota garden tractor is a tractor and should be treated with the seriousness that any agricultural or industrial machine warrants.

It is also important to recognise the safety factors of any external environment where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used. This means that there should not be other people around especially children of any age in the vicinity where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used. This is especially important as children of all ages, like many adults, are fascinated by tractors and they wonder into an unsafe area without the operator of the tractor recognising that they are around.

The other important factor in terms of environment when using a Kubota garden tractor is to clear the work area of objects that could be damaged by the tractor or could damage other people if thrown up by the mechanics of the Kubota garden tractor – wires, rocks, stones etc.

The best Kubota zero turn mower

A Kubota zero turn mower is a type of Kubota garden tractor that is used on residential and small holdings as a particular effective way of cutting grass and of land maintenance generally.

A Kubota garden tractor can similarly be one of a number of small tractors used for general gardening and land maintenance work. Kubota recommend a number of residential tractors in their garden tractor range, and have a wide range of general tractors available that can also be considered at Kubota garden tractors.

The advantage of a Kubota zero turn mower as a type of garden tractor is in the name, that there is relatively little if any turning needed. This type of activity is especially useful on land or gardens where there are particularly tight areas that need maintenance or cutting. A more traditional Kubota garden tractor can be difficult to manoeuvre especially around things such as trees or land generally where it is difficult to access.

The issue of a zero turn mower is a key one when looking at and considering more general safety implications of a Kubota garden tractor.

Safe operation of a Kubota garden tractor is especially important, given that many people will consider a zero turn mower as more of a household accessory, rather than as a piece of agricultural machinery, and may not take the same safety precautions, or have the same safety mindset that they would otherwise have. There are a number of important safety factors to consider.

Kubota zero turn mower

It is important when using a Kubota garden tractor to understand the controls and instruments that determine how the tractor operates, especially understanding how to stop the tractor quickly and in an emergency. It is important for anyone operating the tractor to be a responsible adult, and to have enough awareness to be able to make decisions regarding themselves, the tractor and anyone else in the vicinity at short notice.

When operating a Kubota garden tractor or a zero turn mower, it is important always to wear well fitted belted clothing, such as a tracksuit or a boiler suit. Loose clothing should not be worn, this can include scarves etc. Then the issue of clothing with regard to safety of a Kubota garden tractor is actually very important and one that should not be taken lightly. If inappropriate clothing is worn, you can easily get caught in the mechanics of the tractor, potentially causing serious damage to the operator of the tractor and potentially to the Kubota garden tractor itself, and anyone else in the vicinity of where it is operating.