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Kubota KX1213 Parts – New and Aftermarket

Kubota KX1213 parts

Replacement parts for the Kubota KX1213 may be needed at any point in its lifetime, either as replacement parts in a routine service, because a part has become defective or simply because of old age!

Parts can normally be obtained either from Kubota itself, or from a third party supplier. Continue reading

Kubota U55 Mini Excavator – Specs, Prices, Attachments, Parts

Kubota U55

The Kubota U55 is one of the most popular mini excavator is on the market, both for sales and rental. It combines Kubota’s reputation for building small but incredibly powerful agricultural machines.

It is a mini excavator that has a high torque engine. This controls the timing and the amount of fuel injection in very specific ways, which creates less engine noise and much fuel efficiency. Continue reading

Kubota Forklift and Pallet Fork Attachments

A Kubota forklift tends to be a skid steer loader or compact track loader that have had dedicated attachments, normally pallet forks, that turn them into incredibly flexible and powerful forklifts.

Kubota do not make a dedicated forklift as such, but a number of their engines are used by other manufacturers, such as Viper or Yale. Continue reading

Kubota Excavator – Prices, Specs, Attachments, Parts

Kubota Excavator

Kubota make a range of excavators, the most powerful of which is considered to be the R 30 series, detailed below, which they also refer to as their wheel loaders.

They are incredibly powerful and efficiently designed, are fitted with quick couplers and auxiliary hydraulics, meaning they can operate a significant number of different attachments efficiently and quickly. Continue reading

Kubota Snowblower Guide

A snowblower is a machine that clears away unwanted amounts of snow from affected ground, and is often quite literally a life saver in certain parts of North America.

Kubota make a wide range of attachments and implements that can be used on a number of their tractors, that turn them into very effective snowblowers and snowblades. Continue reading

Kubota Skid Steer – Prices, Specs, Attachments, Reviews

Kubota Skid Steer

A Kubota skid steer is an incredibly powerful, yet easily manoeuvrable, piece of agricultural machinery, that can be used with a wide range of attachments to perform numerous industrial and agricultural work, on commercial lands, job sites or farms.

The skid steer is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, with lift arms immediately beside the driver’s cab, with the pivotal points being situated behind the driver’s shoulder. Continue reading

Kubota Mini Excavator – Specs, Prices, Rental, Attachments

Kubota Mini Excavator

Kubota make a wide range of construction equipment, a large part of which they describe as compact excavators, commonly referred to as mini excavators.

Although described as mini, the excavator are anything but in many ways. They combine Kubota’s legendary ability for small-scale adaptability, with a combination of powerful engines and load capacity.

The kubota mini excavator ranges from the K008, through to the U55. There are differences in terms of horsepower, engine, size and bucket capacity.

The important thing when considering which excavator to buy is the type of job it is be used for, the type of land to be used on, and how often is to be used.

Buying any type of construction equipmentis an important investment, whether it is new or used, and consideration should be given to a rental option instead.

Kubota Mini Excavator Price / For Sale

All prices come with a warning, they are a guide price only.

Any list price for any excavator should be negotiable with a dealership, and different dealerships will have different levels of discounts. Things such as attachments, servicing and maintenance plans, trade-ins, credit history etc can have an effect on the final price paid.

The current guide price of a Kubota K008 is between US$22/23,000 through to a Kubota KX080 which was an MSRP of approx US$ 114000, according to a main US Kubota dealership.

The variation in prices reflects the different power and versatility of the excavator involved, and  there is also a huge range of used mini excavators available.

These can be purchased through a number of online websites, many of them auction type, through Kubota dealerships and through private sale.

When buying a used Kubota mini excavator, the same  care should be taken as when buying any used vehicle or truck.

Check the age, the hours used, the type of work that has been used for, the type of land it has been used on and its general condition. If it is possible to obtain servicing and maintenance history, that obviously helps.

Kubota Mini Excavator Rental

There is a large Kubota mini excavator rental market, available from dealerships, and also from stores such as Home Depot. A large part of the reason for this is that many excavators are used either for one-off jobs, or on an occasional or seasonal basis.

While the rental market can be ideal for some people, there are normally quite strict restrictions on usage, condition and liabilities while the excavator is in the care of the user. Just make sure to read the small print.

Kubota Mini Excavator Models

Kubota K008

Kubota KX018

Kubota KX71

Kubota KX91

Kubota KX033

Kubota KX040

Kubota KX057

Kubota KX080

Kubota KX121

Kubota U17

Kubota U25

Kubota U27

Kubota U35

Kubota U55

Kubota Mini Excavator Craigslist

Many people like to use craigslist, in part because it offers services very easily by specific location this is the ideal for rentals, and can be useful as well for sales.

The only downside for sales is that this limits the number of excavators available, unless the purchaser is willing to go out of state. If this is the case, just make sure there is clarity about delivery and shipping costs.

Remember that craigslist is a completely open market, and treat it with a degree of caution as such.

Kubota Mini Excavator Specs

There is a huge variance in the range of Kubota mini excavators, and when deciding which one is most appropriate to buy or rent, study of its specifications is crucial. These involve the following areas:

  • Engine – output and displacement

  • Dimensions – overall length, height, width and ground clearance

  • Hydraulic system – pump capacity and auxiliary hydraulic flow

  • Drive system – travel speed, traction force, caller length etc

  • Swing system – swing speed, boom swing angle

  • Blade – dimensions, lift above and below ground

  • Lifting capacity

  • Working range

Kubota Mini Excavator Sizes

The physical size of the excavator itself can often be an important consideration, despite the specific work is intended to be used for.

The K008 is ideally small enough to be used for some internal building work as well as external, and can fit through most standard doorways (sometimes with a bit of a push) and has a foldable ROPS to help you do this.

Apart from the physical size of the mini excavator, its size in terms of horsepower and lifting capacity are also factors that need to be taken into account and judged depending upon the type of work that will be used for.

Kubota Mini Excavator Attachments

Kubota make a wide range of different excavator attachments, most of which are listed below. Quick couplesr are ideal for attaching and detaching implements, using either a two hole quick coupler, a three hole quick coupler or an hydraulic quick coupler.

These can generally be broken down into the following general areas, with a more detailed list below :

  • Blades

  • Booms

  • Breakers

  • Brooms

  • Buckets

  • Carriers

  • Cutters

  • Forks

  • Graders

  • Grapples

  • Grinders

  • Hitches

  • Landscape rakes

  • Planers

  • Posthole digger’s

  • Pullers

  • Rippers

  • Seeders

  • Silage defacers

  • Snowblowers

  • Snow pushers

  • Tillers

  • Trenchers

and  a more detailed list below

  • Hydraulic thumb kit

  • Hydraulic breakers

  • Flail brush shredder

  • 24 inch frost ripper

  • Grading blade

  • Solid trinr grapple

  • Excavating rake

  • Vibratory Compactor

  • Compaction wheel

  • Hydraulic auger

  • Travel alarms

  • Canopy light kits

  • Strobe light kit

  • Mirror kit for cabins

  • Block heater kits

  • Steel track kits

  • Wide steel tracks/dozer blade extension kit

  • Additional counterweight kit

  • Brush guard kit

  • Two-way service support kit

  • Seat Belt kits

  • Travel pedal kit

  • Radios


Kubota Mini Excavator Buckets

Buckets are a crucial element of all excavator work. Kubota mini excavator buckets come in different sizes, depending upon the excavator being used.

  • Trenching buckets – two types :

  • Pin on trenching bucket 8 inches/36 inches

  • Quick attach trenching bucket 9 inch/36 inch

  • Ditch cleaning/Grading buckets -pin on and quick attach, 36 inch/60 inch

  • Tilt grading buckets, quick attach – 36 inch/54 inch

  • Cemetery bucket – 36 inch

Kubota Mini Excavator Weight

How much  a mini excavator weighs is an important consideration in a couple of main respects.

Firstly, transportation. The weight of the excavator may not determine which one is bought or rented, but should be a consideration of how the excavator is transported to and from any workplace where it is to be used.

Obviously, the heavier the machine, the stronger the trailer or truck loader carrier that will be needed. Using any traler or carrier that is not specifically designed to carry such weights is likely to result in significant damage to the excavator, the trailer, and possible injury to anyone driving such a load.

As a guide, Kubota list the operating weight of an excavator in its specifications chart, as a guide only, and including an estimate operators weight. This should give some indication of the type of transportation needed.

The other consideration is the type of land used on. Any heavy excavator needs to be used on land that is sufficiently hard that provide a reliable and safe surface is. Also if the land is not flat and has significant slopes or hills, then there is specific guidance of angle it is safe to use the excavator on such land

Bear in mind that the risk of turning over an excavator can be quite high, and this risk increases significantly when it is used on land that is not flat.

Kubota Mini Excavator Controls

If not familiar with a Kubota mini excavator, then it’s important to spend time familiarising oneself with the different controls that are available to any operative when using the machine.

It is best to consult the operating manual which gives detailed information on all the different types of controls and what they do.

Kubota make a point of putting all the important controls within easy reach of the operative, making them clear and easy to understand, and building in important types of safety features .

The controls may give a choice between ISO and SAE control patterns. They are likely to show a coolant temperature gauge, and possibly other technical information the operative requires

There will be controls allowing for changes in speed of travel, and controls allowing for adjustable track width and control of the blade.

There will be controls, normally pedal operated that allows for operating the boom and its swing.

Kubota Mini Excavator Parts

Below are listed some of the main parts that are often needed for a Kubota mini excavator, some of which can be aftermarket parts, depending upon the warranty, and others will need to be manufacturer made parts :

  • Sprocket

  • Roller aftermarket final drive

  • Case Idler

  • Tension idler

  • Undercarriage with tracks

  • Rubber tracks

  • Track and sprocket combo

  • Bottom track roller

  • Steel tracks and rubber pads

  • Steel track group with rubber pads

  • Loader rubber tracks

  • Bottom track roller

  • Upper roller

  • Aftermarket drive motor

  • Replacement tension idler

  • Front idler

  • Other carrier roller

  • Lower roller

Kubota Mini Excavator Reviews

There are lots of reviews of Kubota mini excavators available online, but it is a good idea to have a sense of which one person is most interested in before getting into detailed reviews.

You Tube is often quite a good place to start, as there is a mix of dealership and personal videos available.

Dealership videos are good in a show the excavator at his best, and personal videos are also good because they give someone to individual experience, both good and bad.

Equally there are a number of discussion forums online as tractor by net, and other tractor sites, which have sections on construction equipment.

These are normally carry detailed discussions relating to all types of construction and excavator equipment. If there are likely to be any significant issues with an excavator, they are likely to be flagged up here.

When looking at reviews, it is important to distinguish between real and actual problems with the excavator itself, comparisons between the Kubota mini excavator and other models, and problems that an individual may have had because they chose to buy or rent the wrong model.

It can also be helpful as a given insight into how helpful a particular dealership was or is, although they are not normally named.





Kubota Backhoe : Parts, Attachments, Prices

Kubota backhoe

A backhoe on a Kubota tractor refers to what is essentially a digging arm that is used for a variety of different types of excavation work. The Kubota range of backhoe tractors are referred to as their TLB range, which stands for tractor loader backhoe.

This can include the Kubota B26, the Kubota L47 and the Kubota M62

A backhoe would normally be associated with an excavator, although Kubota had engineered a range of highly efficient tractors that can also carry a wide range of different types of backhoe and do different types of excavation work.

The backhoe on a Kubota tractor is known as a curved backhoe boom and is specifically designed to help avoid certain large obstacles such as rocks went digging with the boom. It is also designed to allow ease of manoeuvrability when placing the contents of the bucket in the center of a truck bed.

Kubota backhoe – design

A Kubota backhoe has been designed to specifically protect and display the various hydraulic hoses connected from the tractor through the arm. The design is intended to keep the various houses is safe and clear of other obstacles as possible.

Also they are much clearer to see thereby making it easier to see if there are any problems or they need repairing anyway.

The Kubota backhoe hydraulic cylinders are chrome plated, the primary advantage of this being that they are less prone to rust.

This can be a major issue for all types of agricultural equipment, especially on a Kubota TLB where the nature of the work means it is likely to be done in all weathers and in all types of terrain.

Kubota Backhoe – features

A Kubota TLB has what is known as a 20.3 angle of departure, which effectively means that the TLB backhoe stays relatively clear of the ground all the time.

This is really important from a practical point of view, because it allows easy or easier manoeuvrability from the backhoe and bucket to various trailers, and also when moving the TLB and its backhoe from one job to another.

One of the best features of a Kubota TLB tractor is that it has a reversible seat. When doing work of this nature a reversible seat is absolutely crucial.

It allows the operative of the TLB backhoe tractor to physically manoeuvre themselves into such a position that they have total visibility and control over the work they are doing with the backhoe.

The Kubota range of TLB’s will also include an important range of stabiliser lifting capacity.

This is a really important feature of increasing balance and making sure that the TLB is as stable as it is possible to be. Given the nature of excavation work and the nature of the type of terrain that a TLB be is likely to be used on this is very important.

Kubota backhoe – attachment

People sometimes think of attachments almost as optional extras. In a sense they are, but with a Kubota backhoe, this can be a slightly misleading impression.

The backhoe is an integral part of any tractor, and its design and usage is carefully linked to the overall design, maintenance and functioning of the tractor itself.

A backhoe will have very specific capabilities, including a specific weight, a transport height, a digging depth, a leading height, a bucket rotation, a bucket force and a dipperstick force.

Kubota backhoe price

If buying a backhoe as a separate attachment, it is important to make sure that it isn’t the right hitch, as some can be three-point and some can be four point.

It is also worth checking the size of the bucket that is wanted. Some packets can be 8 inch, some 10 inch, some 12 inch with some going up to 38 inch.

Prices for a backhoe can range from US dollars 5000 up to  US$14/15 000.

The price of a bucket can range from about this dollars 600 for a 10 inch bucket through to US$1 500 for a 38 inch bucket.

If buying online,  make sure that shipping costs are included in whatever price is quoted, avoid these can add a significant amount to the overall paid.

Kubota backhoe craigslist

Many people look to buy a variety of  kubota attachments including a backhoe on craigslist. In part, this is because it is very easy to use, and in part because it is easier to see what is available to buy on a geographical basis.

This can make transportation and cost of transportation of items a real deciding factor.

The only caution against craigslist is that it is an open marketplace, and there is no guarantee about the seller or the condition of the attachment being brought.

It can sometimes be a better deal to buy through an authorised dealer or online site like Tractorhouse, which have a reputable following, many of which include free shipping in all their prices.