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Kubota RTV and Utility Vehicle Guide

A Kubota RTV is what Kubota refer to as a utility vehicle, and can be thought of as a very small type of truck that can be used in addition to a Kubota tractor or Kubota construction vehicle, that can benefit a wide range of individuals and individual users.

A Kubota RTV will be available from any Kubota dealer, and it is a good idea to consider combining the negotiation of purchasing a Kubota tractor with any Kubota RTV that you may be thinking of buying at the same time.

The current range of Kubota RTV vehicles is as follows

RTV 400Ci

RTV 500



Aside from the purchase price of the Kubota RTV, there is likely to be consideration in terms of what it can be used for and why it is needed. A lot of this will depend upon the type of work that anyone thinking of buying one is considering using a Kubota tractor for as well.


The type of work that any type of tractor is normally used for can be thought of in a variety of settings, that tend to go from small holdings such as small farms through to large agricultural or industrial developments.

Kubota RTVs can be used for the development of a rural lifestyle, and can have many functions for the benefit of people running any type of gardening or land center, or any type of grounds maintenance in either a home or a small farm.

In addition Kubota RTV’s are often used for a wide variety of estate management tasks, that can include towing and material handling, gardening, landscaping and working a vegetable garden.

It is best to think of a Kubota RTV in terms of how it is referred to as a utility vehicle.

Its usage will be in addition to effectively as a companion to a type of Kubota tractor that will be used in a variety of work or commercial settings.

Kubota Parts – How to Get Best Deals

Kubota parts and their availability, as well as costs, are an integral part of understanding the process of buying a new or used Kubota tractor or Kubota mower or Kubota RTV.

Many people will think about the issue of Kubota parts as simply being the cost or availability of spare parts in the event of the tractor or mower going wrong or needing regular servicing or maintenance.

To some extent this is true. Kubota tractors have a long life, and many people will see the buying of a tractor as a long-term investment, whether they buy it as a personal or commercial activity.

If you are purchasing a new Kubota tractor or Kubota mower, then it is a good idea to have some idea of the availability of parts, what they are likely to cost and what parts are likely to need replacing and at what intervals.

Much of this information can be gleaned from noticeboards and discussion forums online, as well as looking through what is for sale on eBay and other online auction sites.

Whilst Kubota may change their models and lines of tractors and mowers over time, the need for parts will continue for long after the particular model has been discontinued.

A lot of the ability to purchase spare parts for a new or discontinued Kubota tractor will depend on how easy they are to get hold of.

If Kubota has a commitment by way of factories and investment in the area or the country you live in, then it is very likely that they will be making tractors there for a while and there should not be much of a problem getting hold of parts.

Kubota Parts

If you are buying or purchasing a used Kubota tractor or Kubota mower, then it is a good idea to check up on available parts if needed.

This can mean parts in relation to mechanical and engineering parts of the tractor that may need replacing or renewing or routine servicing and maintenance.

It can also mean the availability of certain add-ons or attachments that can greatly enhance the usage of the particular tractor you think you’re buying.

Various tractor attachments and add-ons that Kubota make and are treated as Kubota parts are likely to only work on certain models of tractor, and this is something that should be taken into account when thinking of buying said tractor.

The other consideration regarding Kubota parts, is that if you are buying a new tractor or a new Kubota mower, then it is likely that the warranty and possibly the extended warranty will require you to always use manufacturers parts for all regular servicing or maintenance work.

If you do not use regular manufactured parts I.e Kubota, then it is likely to invalidate the warranty and possibly any extended warranty as well.

What are Kubota Garden Tractors ?

Kubota make a wide range of tractors specifically for residential and smallholding use that they refer to as Kubota garden tractors, or Kubota lawn tractors.

These types of tractors are also sometimes known as Kubota lawnmowers and Kubota ride on mowers. They come with a variety of different engine sizes and specifications, and a wide range of different models.

Kubota also make a range of garden tractors known as zero turn tractors or zero turn mowers.The main difference with a Kubota zero turn mower or Kubota zero turn tractor is essentially that they have two levers that control the steering as opposed to a single steering wheel.

This allows a considerable amount of manoeuvrability around tight areas of land, and allows the Kubota garden tractor to cut and mow land much more effectively in tight areas, rather than a traditional Kubota tractor.

Some Kubota garden tractors have a technology called glide steer, which is a technology unique to Kubota.

It allows more traditional Kubota garden tractors to manoeuvre tight areas of land and areas of land that are difficult to mow much more effectively.

Kubota Garden Tractors – Safety

Kubota garden tractors come with a traditional Kubota engine, with varying sizes of horsepower depending on which Kubota model of Kubota garden tractor you buy. Kubota garden tractors come with a new HST transmission, which allows you to control the Kubota garden tractor with a single pedal on the floor of the tractor, which makes it much easier to control.

Kubota garden tractors also come with hydrostatic power steering, which is an important feature of any piece of agricultural or industrial machinery. This is not simply about operator comfort, although that is important, but it is about safety in terms of reducing driver or operative fatigue.

Driving a Kubota garden tractor can be hard work, not simply in terms of the physical use of the machine, but also in terms of manoeuvring a lot of different types and terrain differentials of land.

Kubota garden tractors will have different sizes of mower decks, but whichever model of Kubota you buy, they are designed to be easy to raise and lower, depending on the type of land that the Kubota garden tractor is being used on.

It is also possible to buy a mulching kit, that is an option on a number of Kubota garden tractors.It is also possible to buy a catchall grass catcher as an optional extra.

This grass catcher sits behind the driving seat of the Kubota garden tractor, and allows you to collect a significant amount of grass in it before you have to stop mowing.

The operative area of the Kubota garden tractor has been designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for whoever will be driving it.

There is a significant amount of legroom available, as well as a number of design features such as a hydraulic mower lift lever, an easy reach cutting height adjustment dial, a comfortable height back seat and cruise control as an optional extra on some models.

Kubota Garden Tractors –  Zero Turn

All the driving information and levers that are needed on a Kubota garden tractor are designed to be easily used and accessible without any real strain on the operative. This is important when the tractor is being used for a significant period of time, as is likely to be the case with a Kubota garden tractor.

Kubota garden tractors can also be what are known as a zero turn tractor.A Kubota garden tractor that is also a zero turn tractor will have two operation levers instead of one single steering wheel.

The operator will control each lever with one hand, and can move them backwards and forwards. This effectively allows the operator of the Kubota garden tractor to manoeuvre much more easily around tight areas of land such as trees, flower beds or any piece of land that is difficult to access in a safe and easy manner.

Kubota Garden Tractors – Kubota BX series

Kubota make a wide range of tractors that can be used for a variety of different work.

The term compact tractor tends to refer to tractors that are used for a number of applications that could be considered smaller non-agricultural or industrial work. This normally refers to using the tractor for a lawn or garden, for like material handling, or for towing of other small vehicles.

Kubota compact tractors can also be used very effectively for grounds maintenance, for gardening or small plot of land landscaping, for various types of large or semi large vegetable gardens, and the various types of home and commercial use.

The Kubota BX series consists of three main types of estate tractor that are used in various types of smallholding work. But Kubota BX 1860, the Kubota BX 2360 and the Kubota BX 2660. Always three Kubota tractors are what would be termed Kubota compact tractors and range in engine size from 18 hp through to 25 1/2 hp.

The Kubota BX 1861, 18 hp Kubota diesel engine, is two range HST, is either two wheel drive or four-wheel-drive, and has a category one three-point hitch. All Kubota tractors run on their own Kubota diesel engines, and these have a distinct advantage over gasoline engines.

There are two main advantages. The first is that diesel engines, especially Kubota diesel engines offer greatly increased torque over gasoline engines and give the tractor a much greater pulling power.

This is especially important when looking at compact tractors, because often they usage means that you need relatively quick bursts of power to go round organ pieces of land or up or down slopes or hills.

Kubota Garden Tractors – ZG Series

The other advantage of a diesel engine, is that according to Kubota they used typically between 20 and 30% less fuel than a similar gasoline engine. Apart from the obvious financial advantage, and other advantage is that the fuel does not have to be replaced if the tractor has been stored for a long time and not used.

This is particularly common with compact tractors which tend to be used either winter or summer and and often exclusively only five a winter or summer. They are sometimes used for winter clearance of snow another garden hazards, or they are used in the summer four different types of smallholding or small agricultural work.

The Kubota BX 1860 has an 18 hp diesel engine. This tractor also features four-wheel-drive which gives it added strength and traction which is essential when dealing with any type of frontloading work or for when using other specific attachments or implements. BX range also have quarter inching valves.

This means there are increments of one quarter of an inch at the lower link end which allows for a much greater degree of being able to control any implements that are being used on the tractor. Often using various implements mean a degree of sophistication and delicate work that being able to use a quarter inch valve makes much easier.

Another feature of all the Kubota BX series tractors is the attention to detail that has been paid to the practical side of using these tractors for a small farm or small agricultural or landholdings work.

These tractors have been fitted with extremely effective halogen headlights, which are a way removed from lights that tractors of old used to have. The reason for this is fairly self evident that these tractors tend to be used often at very early in the morning or very late at night when the light is either coming or going.

This means that it is a time of day when it is easier to miss things, why have accidents or not do the job as efficiently as you would like to. Good headlights allow a fastly improved and safer working environment.

The Kubota BX series also have standard front four position valves. This is another piece of attention to detail that Kubota have made with all air tractors, which allow the driver or operator to attach frontloading and other front mounted implements safely and easily to the tractor.

This is the sort of thing that make driving these tractors much safer and much easier than a lot of others. Kubota have even gone to the trouble of colour coding the levers to ensure that they are easier to see and make sense of.

The Kubota BX series radiators have what is called a reverse air flow system of cooling. What this in effect means is that air is taken from underneath the operator drivers area, i.e.

Of the tractor and is put forward towards the front of the tractor and expelled from the tractor underneath the hood.

This has the dual effect of reducing the chance of overheating in the tractors engine, and also means that the operators cab is considerably cooler than it would be otherwise.

Kubota have also put a lot of work into designing the cab area of the tractor. This is the area where the operator or driver will spend often a considerable amount of time and much detail has been looked at and make comfortable.

There is a high back and reclining seat area designed for maximum comfort for the operator. There is hydrostatic power steering which makes the tractor considerably easier to use and steer. There is an optional extra to have cruise control fitted on the tractor.

Some people find this an attractive option, other people feel that cruise control can sometimes be a bit dangerous because it automates function of the driver having to be aware of what speed he is doing in the tractor.

With the low level of speeds of these tractors can achieve in comparison to a car, cruise control its probably going to be safe enough for most people, and a significant benefit to others.

There is also the obligatory hand rail which allows the operator to climb up and climb down from the tractor with a greater degree of safety, there is a very thoughtfully designed cupholder to allow for the morning caffeine intake, and there is a very clear and simple instrument panel that gives the driver or operator of the tractor a lots of valuable information in a very easy to read manner.

Kubota also make a range of garden tractors known as zero turn tractors or zero turn mowers.The main difference with a Kubota zero turn mower or Kubota zero turn tractor is essentially that they have two levers that control the steering as opposed to a single steering wheel.

This allows a considerable amount of manoeuvrability around tight areas of land, and allows the Kubota garden tractor to cut and mow land much more effectively in tight areas, rather than a traditional Kubota tractor.

Some Kubota garden tractors have a technology called glide steer, which is a technology unique to Kubota.

It allows more traditional Kubota garden tractors to manoeuvre tight areas of land and areas of land that are difficult to mow much more effectively.


Getting Great Deals From Kubota Dealerships

Finding a Kubota dealer is relatively easy nowadays, finding the right dealer that will give you the best deal is also fairly easy, but does require quite a lot of work and research.

The first and most important thing is to have some sense of what type of Kubota tractor you are interested in buying, and whether you are thinking of buying a new or a used tractor.

If you are thinking of buying a new Kubota tractor, then inevitably you will need to buy it from a Kubota dealer, which is not necessarily the case if you are buying a used Kubota tractor.

However, whatever dealer you buy it from the principles in terms of getting the best deal on the same.

Deciding what type of Kubota tractor or garden tractor or Kubota RTV you are thinking of buying is best determined by first of all thinking about what type of work you want it to do, and then looking at the various models such as the Kubota B, Kubota BX or Kubota L range of tractors and see which is most likely to be the right model for you.

The Kubota website for your country is likely to give you an indication of what models are available and at what cost.

Kubota Dealers

Bear in mind that the price quoted on the website is likely to be similar to what is referred to in auto sale sterms as the manufacturers recommended retail price.

The process of buying a Kubota tractor should be thought of in many ways as being similar to that of buying an auto.

A Kubota dealer will have a lot of flexibility in terms of how they can help you and in what ways.

It is in their interests to develop you as a long-term customer and that should be reflected in what they are prepared to help you with.

If they do not appear as helpful as it should be, then find another Kubota dealer.

Anyone thinking of buying a Kubota tractor or Kubota mower would do well to get a quote from Kubota for some type of credit or finance arrangement.

They would also be well advised to get alternative quotes from banks and other finance institutions. They can then compare the cost of credit on a like-for-like basis.

Kubota often offers special deals via their company website, and these should be encouraged by the local dealership.

A Kubota dealer will most likely also be able to vary the terms and conditions to your benefit depending upon your credit score rating.

Negotiating with a Kubota dealer is best done online or by phone initially, with a follow-up visit to the dealership in person if necessary. Negotiating online or via the phone puts the customer in control of the process in a way they are not if they visit the dealership.

It is possible to negotiate on the price of the tractor, as well as on other issues such as servicing and maintenance costs and transport of the tractor to and from the dealership in order to facilitate such servicing.

Other possible areas of appreciation can include additional costs such as documentation fees and cost or benefit of any extended warranty that may be available.

Kubota Insurance – What Credit Score Is Needed ?

Any type of Kubota credit, whether it be finance or leasing, will be offered to an individual or not depending upon whether the credit agency involved and in this case Kubota as well deem the individual to be a suitable credit risk or not.

The process involved in establishing this is quite a complex one, although the end result often makes it seem slightly over simplistic.

This means that anyone who applies for credit of any type with any institution is effectively checked by a credit agency, of which nationally there are normally two or three.

They will do a thorough background check on the individual and their financial commitments and obligations and produce a report that assesses the credit agencies view of their financial suitability for credit.

The credit agency initially undertakes what is known as a credit report on the individual.

This involves collating a large amount of information relating to the individual’s personal history and their credit history.

The information collected with regard to their personal and life history relates to information such as their name, date of birth, their current and previous addresses, their current and previous telephone numbers.

Also collected information relates to their Social Insurance Number or their Social Security number, their drivers license and their passport. Information will also be collected concerning their current employment and all previous employment and any financial information that may stem from that area.

The credit agency will also collect information on the individual’s credit history.


This relates to a scan of public records for things such as bankruptcy.

Their banking history also be analysed including their level of overdrafts and whether they were authorised or not, whether any bank accounts have been closed due to lack of funds or overdrawn checks.

Any current and previous loans and mortgages will also be checked, specifically with a view to see how much was lined on whether it was appropriate and whether there were or are any problems regarding repayment terms.

Lines of credit will also be analysed to see what type of credit has been granted and in which specific areas. Also all types of credit cards and any store cards also be looked at along the same terms as well as any telephone or Internet payment problems.

Specifically there will also be a focus on what are known as pay day loan applications, which anecdotally are known to have an adverse affect on an individual’s credit score.

Once the credit agency has assembled this information relating to an individual’s personal life and their credit history they use the information to evaluate the individual and work out what they deem to be a credit score.

This credit score is essentially a single number, although it may be a triple digit number, that is set as a value between a range of two other numbers or values.

As an example, an individual may have a credit score of 50, set between a range of 1 and 100. this would indicate that the individual has an average credit rating.

In practice credit agencies use a much greater range of values as this gives them a much greater specificity of where to put the individuals credit score and accurately reflect their credit rating.

Credit agencies work out a credit score specifically on the basis of the history of the individual.

This applies to their payment history on all credit loans mortgages has been taken out, they use of available credit, their length of credit histories and what types of credit they had used.

A credit agency will also take into account the number of enquiries or credit applications that have been made and when they have been made.

After this process has been gone through, the credit agency will come up with a specific number that indicates their view of the creditworthiness of the individual.

This number will then be used by Kubota to decide whether or not to offer credit by way of finance and leasing to an individual, and if so on what terms and conditions.

Kubota may decide to offer credit to someone with a poor credit history but by increasing the size of the down payment and the interest rate charged to reflect a greater risk. Alternatively they may decide to deny credit, and suggest the individual seeks help elsewhere.

Many dealerships will also offer advice for people with poor or bad credit histories and some will have links to specific financial institutions who may be able to help.

A good dealer will go the extra mile to help an individual get credit when Kubota itself not able to offer credit because they view the individual to be a bad risk, but still want to sell them a tractor.

Farm Insurance and Agricultural Equipment Guide

Anyone who owns or rents a farm or a branch of any size or description, and effectively runs it as a commercial business, needs to have specific areas of insurance directly tailored to their needs.

A farm is essentially a mix of a home and a business, both in terms of buildings, plant and machinery, agricultural vehicles and in terms of workforce.

Specific risk assessments ideally need to be done on all areas of the business, in order to establish levels of risk and which ones are and are not covered by an insurance policy.

This is a general guide to some of the principles that may be helpful when assessing the need for farm insurance.

Farm Insurance – Buildings

As a farm or a ranch is both a home and a business, all buildings and all land including all outbuildings, whether used or not, and any area of land connected with the property at all needs to be included.

Farm Insurance – Crops

Some type of crop insurance may be essential. Check if there are any government schemes available first, and that check what type of risks your policy will cover you against, i.e. hail damage. This is one example

In a lot of insurance policies will offer some type of cover for damage of crops prior to harvesting, which effectively cause severe business interruption. Many policies will exclude cover once crops have been harvested and for various other reasons.

Farm Insurance – Engineering Insurance

Insurance against damage to plant and machinery is essential. Levels of cover differ.

There are normally limitations are stored is determined as plant. A pressure plant is normally defined as a plant that contains a boiler plant, a plant subjects to steam pressure and a plant used to contain fluids under pressure.

Make sure that storage tanks are also included. Also crucial to make sure that clearing up and spillage costs are included, as well as that of debris removal.

Farm Insurance – Deterioration of stock

This area of agents is designed to cover the value of stock that is damaged by risks such as a breakdown in a refrigeration unit or a temporary loss of access to public utilities such as water/electricity or gas resulting in damage to stock.

Makes sure the sums insured for the saleable value of the stock, otherwise under insurance will apply.

Farm insurance – livestock insurance

This type of insurance cover is normally restricted to two main areas, that of death or slaughter on humane grounds, when caused by an insured peril or theft.

The insurance company will normally insist on a strict ‘poultry warranty’ in the policy which stipulates checks on conditions in which poultry are kept, such as electricity supply, extraction systems, temperature variation and mains alarm systems and standby or backup generators.

Farm Insurance – Livestock in Transit

This is designed to cover the cost of livestock fatally injured in any motor accident.

There are likely to be local/national rules concerning the transportation of livestock, and you must make sure these are adhered to. Also make sure that insurance policy covers subcontractors, veterinarians fees and debris removal.

Farm Insurance – Livestock Herd Diseases

This is normally designed to cover you if livestock to be humanely destroyed as the direct result of a specific disease.

The diseases will normally listed or spelt out in the policy, and often include Tuberculosis, Brucellosis and Foot and Mouth.

Farm Insurance – Business Interruption

Any of the losses covered under a farm insurance policy can have a serious knock-on effect in terms of not simply making a business unprofitable, but of interrupting or stopping the business functioning at all for periods of time.

The insurance should provide some cover for this, but will be very specific in terms of what it deems business terminology

Farm insurance – Contractors All Risk Insurance

This area of the insurance policy is designed to give you maximum cover where you are effectively operating as a contractorEither on your own property, or on soils as property or anywhere within the specified geographical limits of the policy.

Farm Insurance – Goods in Transit

This is separate to livestock in transit, and is designed to provide cover for any goods that you may need to move around the locality or nationally, by the doing it yourself or with a subcontractor or haulier.

This area of insurance can be extremely expensive, simply because it is notoriously high risk. The insurance policy is likely to specify exactly what it considers to be high-risk items, and impose strict limits on the value and number of such items can be carried.

There are also likely to be stringent comments regarding security and anti theft measures regarding the goods.

Farm Insurance – Liability Insurance

The type and levels of liability joint required will vary significantly depending upon the nature of the farm and its business. There are a few general areas should be considered.

Farm Insurance –Employer liability.

It is important that as an employer you are fully aware yourself of any local national legal requirements concerning health and safety conditions at work, and make sure that these are fully implemented.

There are quite often specific conditions relating to a farm, as opposed to an industrial complex, and it is crucial is understood. On top of this, as an employer you will need to have specific employers liability insurance.

Make sure all employees including family are included and covered, as well as any subcontractors you might use.

Farm Insurance – Public and Products Liability

Public and product liability insurance often goes together.

The important thing to realise with product liability pretty is that you need to have it in relation to any goods that you have any connection with irrespective of whether you actually produce them are not.

This means that you need products liability insurance in relation to any goods that you store, repair, label test or process or you transport.

Kubota Insurance

Kubota Insurance is needed to protect tractors, atv’s and other pieces of equipment from a number of risks. These mainly include liability claims in the event of damage to property or bodily injury, collisions with other vehicles or objects and replacement cost for a vehicle

Kubota Insurance can be best arranged with Kubota itself, through KTAC Insurance.

Arranging insurance for a Kubota tractor can sometimes be done to an individual’s home owners insurance policy, depending upon the size of the tractor and whether it is being used for domestic or business purposes.

Insurance companies vary quite widely as to whether they will provide cover or not. Those that do provide cover all willing to extend a policy normally provide fairly restrictive coverage.

Normally a much better alternative is Kubota’s own dedicated website KTAC , known as KTAC Insurance, which provides a much better and more inclusive range of insurance products, and will normally be a requirement of any credit arrangement made, either with Kubota Credit Corporation or any other credit agency.

Kubota Insurance, KTAC Insurance – Cover

The Kubota insurance website gives a brief indication of the type of perils it will insure against :



Glass Breakage

Falling Objects







Roll-Over (upset)


Water Damage

This is a fairly generalised list, but should give an indication of the type of cover that is available.

Kubota Insurance – Risk assessment

Anyone owning a Kubota tractor would do well to do a risk assessment of their home and environment, whether as a formal or an informal process, before deciding on any KTAC Insurance .

Anyone who uses a Kubota tractor simply as a domestic vehicle will have different risks and therefore different insurance requirements to someone who uses a Kubota Tractor in any type of commercial setting.

Any risk assessment of a Kubota tractor for KTAC Insurance  purposes would do well to focus on certain areas of operation, mainly the cost of replacement cost of the tractor itself and public and employee liability, and make sure these risks are covered under the insurance policy itself.

Kubota Insurance, KTAC Insurance,  – Specific policy areas :

Damage to or theft of the tractor and where it is located

Liability to the public

Liability to any employees if a commercial operation

Who is authorised to use the tractor

Where the tractor is authorised to be used, i.e. on privately owned land, on public roads and /or on neighbouring or adjacent farms

Trailers – what is specified as a trailer, i.e. an articulated trailer unit, what is not specified, and for usage and on what types of terrain the trailer is covered.

Whether the tractor is covered or not when it is in possession of a third party for purposes of servicing and repair, including transit thereof to any third party dealership or similar.

Goods in transit insurance – really important to know what is and is not covered on a domestic/commercial basis, this can affect general wear and tear of products, business interruption and certain aspects of any liability insurance policy.

Whether or not any legal protection costs are included in the policy

Whether or not tree filling or tree haulage is covered if appropriate

All accessories or attachments that are likely to be used on any Kubota tractor for any purpose or insured at all times.

Kubota Insurance, KTAC Insurance  – Tractor Safety

Kubota Tractor safety is a huge issue both in terms of any individual’s actual safety and in terms of risk assessment and subsequent insurance costs.

There are three main areas of safety that are key to KTAC Insurance .

To make sure that any operative of the Kubota tractor has fully studied and understood the instruction manual that comes with the tractor, especially how to stop it in an emergency, and all the emergency procedures recommended by the manufacturer.

That any operative of the Kubota tractor is fully qualified and capable of driving an understanding of mechanics of the tractor, especially when effecting KTAC Insurance.

This is especially important where a Kubota tractor is used either in a domestic setting or on a family farm, where there may be a temptation to let someone who is a younger member of the family use the vehicle.

Capability of driving any type of Kubota tractor should be carefully assessed and if in doubt as to what age is appropriate check with the manufacturer or local law enforcement.

The Kubota tractor itself should always be fitted with a Roll Over Protective System (ROPS) and a seat belt which should be worn at all times.

On all modern Kubota tractor a ROPS will come as standard, but may not be fitted to some older models or Kubota tractors that were bought on the grey market.

Kubota Insurance, KTAC Insurance   – Accident Prevention

The main causes of accidents when using a Kubota tractor tend to be threefold, which is why KTAC Insurance is needed.

The most common type of accident tends to happen when a Kubota tractor is being used too close to a verge or is being used at such an angle that the tractor becomes unstable and tips over.

A Kubota tractor should only ever be used on land that is relatively flat, and on land presents no possibility of the machine tipping over onto its side. A Kubota tractor should also never be driven backwards for the same reasons.

Another major cause of accidents is when the Kubota tractor hits an individual or object because the environment in which the tractor is being used has not been secured properly.

It is essential when using any type of tractor to make sure there are no individuals or noticeable objects that could come into contact with the tractor and cause damage or fatality to the individual or the tractor itself.

The other type of accident tends to happen when the operative of the tractor leaves the vehicle and either hasn’t turned it off properly or put it in its designated parking mode, resulting in some type of runaway tractor that can obviously cause immense damage.

Kubota Insurance and Farm Insurance

If a Kubota tractor is being used on a farm or ranch, or in any type of agricultural or commercial setting then it is possible that it will need to be included as part of an overall farm insurance policy.

When this is the case it is advisable to specify the tractor or tractors so they are listed individually, along with any attachments or implements associated with such tractors. It is also a good idea to list any manufacturers details as well.


Used Kubota Dealers

Buying a new or used Kubota tractor is an investment that is worth taking a bit of time and trouble over, and doing some research into, in order to reduce risk, and maximize benefits .

Used Kubota Tractor – Why Kubota

Kubota is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of agricultural machinery around today.

That matters quite a lot when you are buying any tractor, but especially a used Kubota tractor. Most people buy thing by brand loyalty. Kubota has established itself as a major player over time by the quality of its machinery, and its wide network of dealerships across the world, as well as it reputation for quality servicing and maintenance of a used Kubota Tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor – Kubota dealers.

Virtually any company need agents to sell its products, whether its toothpaste or tractors.

Kubota as a company pretty much survives on its network of dealers, so it is in everyones interest to make sure that the dealership is effective in attracting and retaining a loyal customer basewhen buying a used Kubota tractor

This should apply both to the quality of used Kubota tractors and other machinery sold , and also to the after sales service that will hopefully look after you once you have bought the used Kubota Tractor.

Used Kubota Tractor – Network of Kubota dealers

Finding a Kubota dealer shouldn’t be a problem in todays age.

If you type in Kubota to any search engine you should be able to find a network of Kubota dealers from the company website that is applicable to your countryfrom whom you can buy a used Kubota tractor

That is a really good starting point. Any dealer will inevitably offer deals either on the price of a tractor, and or possibly deals on servicing and maintenance once you have bought the tractor from them.

A Kubota dealer should also offer a decent warranty, dependent on the age and condition of the used Kubota tractor itself.

Bear in mind that Kubota offer a lot of other machinery than just tractors, and a Kubota dealer will have access to much of that and be in a really good place to offer advice and guidance if you want information on or are looking to buy another used Kubota tractor.

Used Kubota Parts

Kubota make a wide range of tractors, the majority of which are designed to last for many many years, meaning as such there is a big market for used Kubota parts, both in terms of buying used Kubota parts for a Kubota tractor.

There is also a big market in terms of people who have a Kubota tractor and effectively use it to sell used Kubota parts, because they do not wish to use the Kubota tractor any more.

Used Kubota Parts – Kubota BX tractors

Kubota tractors start with the popular BX series

Kubota BX1870

Kubota BX2370

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2660

Kubota BX2360

Kubota BX1860

Kubota BX 25

Kubota BX 25D

Used Kubota Parts – Products and support

When looking at used K parts, there are a number of products that tend to be classified under the used Kubota part banner. These are used Kubota parts – lubricants, used Kubota parts – filters, used Kubota parts – paints, used Kubota parts – batteries, used Kubota parts – belts, used Kubota parts – rubber tracks and used Kubota parts – workshop tools.

Used Kubota parts – Lubricants

The area of lubricants when referring to used Kubota parts is in the main referring to all types of oil and fluid that are used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

These in the main refer to hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, grease and brake fluid. Kubota recommend that only official Kubota oils and fluids be used in all types of Kubota tractors and machinery.

In the main these fluids will be used when either servicing a tractor or doing regular maintenance work. If such work is being done by a recognised Kubota dealer, very his good to ensure that they use Kubota parts.

Used Kubota parts – warranty

Every new Kubota tractor and other piece of Kubota agricultural machinery will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, possibly an extended warranty and possibly a dealership warranty of some description.

It is likely to be a condition of any warranty that only recognised manufacturers parts and products are used in the servicing and maintenance of the Kubota tractor. This is certainly true in the event of any replacement parts that need to be used.

It is worth checking with the terms of the warranty to see if used Kubota parts are specifically excluded or not. If in doubt it is worth checking with a Kubota dealer to see if they will use K parts, and whether or not they specifically include or exclude used Kubota parts as being in violation or not of any warranty.

Used Kubota parts – buying

The availability of used Kubota parts has increased considerably with the advent of the Internet, and it is now possible to buy virtually any used K part anywhere in the world.

With most types of day-to-day Kubota products such as filters and paints this is unlikely to be much of an issue.

Where it becomes an issue with buying a used Kubota part is when it relates to something like an engine rebuild, where the cost of the used Kubota part is an important feature in the cost of the repair or maintenance work.

In this instance the cost of the used Kubota part could determine whether the work is done left and a new Kubota tractor purchased.

If you are doing the work yourself, then you need to be aware that used Kubota parts, whatever you buy them from need to be specific to your make and model and year of manufacture of your Kubota tractor.

This information will be key to your knowing that the used Kubota part that you are buying is appropriate to your tractor.

If you buy used Kubota parts online either via an auction such as eBay, or some other site, you might well have serious problems if it turned out to be not appropriate for your particular Kubota tractor, especially if you have failed to recognise or not identify correctly your make and model.

This information can be obtained by looking at the relevant place on the tractor itself, or if necessary by contacting your local Kubota dealer and asking their advice.